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I Saw it on House! by Fiona Lowe

As you probably know, every medical romance author loves a good medical TV drama. What you may not know is that most doctors and nurses also enjoy them too. Back in the day, when I worked in a hospital, I used to watch E.R. and try to make the diagnosis before the TV doctors!

So imagine my surprise when I read this article in the paper on Saturday.

If you’re stricken with a rare medical condition, you better hope your doctor watches the right television show.”

It turns out that a German man suffering from a mixture of symptoms, including fever, blindness, deafness and enlarged lymph nodes was confounding his doctors and he was referred by his doctors to a specialist.

It just so happens that Dr. Juergen Schaefer, from the Centre of Undiagnosed Diseases, is a HOUSE devotee. He worked out the problem within five minutes because he’d seen it on HOUSE!! How cool is that?

Apparently, post hip replacement, cobalt was leaking into the man’s s blood supply from small fragments of his ceramic hip.

To read more about it, you can click HERE…there’s a video!

So what’s your favourite medical TV show and has it saved a life?

(PS Who thinks Hugh Laurie is a hunk? Also he is a musician…great jazz CD)

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19 thoughts on “I Saw it on House! by Fiona Lowe”

  1. I loved House! And I always shivered when I heard Hugh Laurie’s real voice when he did promos for the show!

    One of my favorite (old) shows was Quincy with Jack Klugman. Don’t know why, but I had such a crush on that man when I was younger.

    I also loved watching Mystery Diagnosis with my daughter (they had it on when we were in Brazil, although they’d translated it as Enigmas of Medicine). It was always fascinating when the person finally found that *one* special doctor who could sift through all the symptoms and come up with the correct diagnosis. It really is like putting together a puzzle and not being able to see the whole picture until that final piece drops into place.

  2. Wow! That’s pretty amazing, Fiona! 🙂
    I wasn’t much of a devotee of House cos the lack of nurses or any other medically related staff just seemed too unbelievable to me. But House is a fascinating character and the dynamic with Cuddy is what kept me giving up on it completely.

    Love Medical shows too. Was a huge fan of ER. Loved Chicago Hope. Grey’s is my current fav. Really loved Nurse Jackie.My mother was horrified that they’d have a show about a drug addict nurse but I loved that a nurse was center stage and she was *real* not some angelic vision of what people like to think nurses are.
    I also really loved Mercy – another messed up nurse (PTSD) who was the star of the show but they moved that show around so much here in Oz I lost track of it 😦

    1. Oh, yeah Mercy. I loved the first part of it but then it got crazy silly cos they kept sending this PTSD nurse back into traumatic places to the point where one of the doctors in the show on hearing the same nurse was stuck in a collapsing building said, “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I felt the same!

      Lost contact with Nurse Jackie but loved the first two series. Right now I need a new medical show!

  3. Fiona, I smiled when I read your comment about trying to make a diagnosis before the TV doctors. It’s something I do too and I suspect that most Medical Romance writers do it as well. There’s nothing like testing your knowledge!
    I always enjoy Casualty and used to enjoy Nurse Jackie when it was on. I never really got into ER or House (sorry but Hugh doesn’t do a thing for me, no matter which accent he is utilising at the time!) I tend to record a lot of “real life” medical dramas, thinking that I may find them useful. However, I rarely get round to watching them. That’s something else to add to my ever expanding “to-do” list.

  4. Great story. wish it happened more often. I enjoyed House for one or two seasons, then his personality drove me nuts. The guy would have lost his license and have been kicked off every hospital staff. Anyway, I digress. I really liked a show last year called Monday Mornings, which was a hospital based show with all main characters being doctors. Really loved it, but apparently it didn’t have enough viewers and it got cancelled. Sigh. It was good. Really good.

  5. Fi, I love watching any medical shows but sadly my doctor husband thinks they’re all a pile of rubbish and can’t bear to watch them because they get the x-rays upside down or use the stethoscope wrong- so I have to sneak watch them on my own 🙂

    Personal faves used to be ER then Grey’s but I kind of opted out around season six, I liked the spin off Private Practice but since it hasn’t been shown here for a while I’ve lost track. I never did get into House- must look it up.

  6. Amazing story, Fiona. I used to enjoy ER, and also House – I was a little slow in getting going with House, because I’m a Black Adder fan, and at first it was difficult not to see Hugh Laurie and think of The Prince Regent. (Had a rather sneaking wish for Rowan Atkinson to turn up as one of House’s patients, in the guise of a present-day Blackadder.)

    I’d recommend Hugh Laurie’s jazz CD, too – great stuff.

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