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Welcome to 200 Harley Street. Glamorous. Thrilling. Emotional.

Last year, following the success of the Sydney Harbour Hospital series, eight of your medical authors toiled away on a fab, new, editor-led, medical continuity set in an exclusive plastic surgery clinic on London’s famous Harley Street.


These are the opening paragraphs of the bible sent to us by the medical editorial team.

“Welcome to 200 Harley Street, the luxurious premises of an exclusive plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic in the world-renowned Harley Street, in the heart of London’s glittering West End. Owned by two very different brothers, Leo and Ethan Hunter, 200 Harley Street undertakes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Playboy Leo handles the rich and famous clients, enjoying the red carpet glamour of London’s A-list social scene, while brooding ex-army doc Ethan focuses his time on his passion – transforming the lives of injured war heroes and civilian casualties of war.

The Hunter Clinic’s reputation for excellence has attracted only the top surgeons, who specialise in post-cancer reconstruction, paediatric plastic surgery, hand surgery, facial reconstruction, burns and microsurgery, as well as cosmetic procedures. They are supported by a dedicated team of skilled, highly professional nurses.

Linked to the Princess Catherine Hospital (Kate’s), favoured by royal families around the world, and The Lighthouse Children’s Hospital, consultations and operations are carried out both at the clinic and the hospitals.

Emotion and drama abound against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most glamorous cities, as Leo and Ethan work through their tensions, find women that will transform their lives and their emotional landscapes, Europe’s hottest royal, Prince Marco is brought in for an operation himself, and the woman who tore the brothers apart makes a spectacular return!”

You can see why all eight of us loved working on this, right? 🙂 Who can resist the lure of such a great setting and such a diverse range of characters?

The first two books release in April. Carol’s has the US cover. Scarlet’s has the UK cover – pretty glam, aren’t they?


The full schedule is –

April – 200 Harley Street: Surgeon In A Tux by Carol Marinelli

April – 200 Harley Street: Girl From The Red Carpet by Scarlet Wilson

May – 200 Harley Street: The Proud Italian by Alison Roberts

May – 200 Harley Street: American Surgeon in London by Lynne Marshall

June – 200 Harley Street: The Soldier Prince by Kate Hardy

June – 200 Harley Street: The Enigmatic Surgeon by Annie Claydon

July – 200 Harley Street: The Shameless Maverick by Louise George

July – 200 Harley Street: The Tortured Hero by Amy Andrews

I hope you all pre-order, buy, enjoy, review and tell others because it’s a truly special series!

Before I go, I’m curious to know, what have been some of your favourite continuity series – doesn’t have to be medical, doesn’t have to be Harlequin. And why? And also for those dedicated medical fans, what setting/scenario would you like to see explored in future medical continuities?


27 thoughts on “Welcome to 200 Harley Street. Glamorous. Thrilling. Emotional.”

  1. Wow! Both covers are wonderful – absolutely love the new look of the UK cover! Can’t wait to dive into this new series!

  2. Oh, I’ve been wondering what kind of treatment the UK covers would have, and I wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait to see mine in May! I was honored to be invited into this continuity and loved working with all of the wonderful authors involved. Getting excited now!

  3. Love the medical series, so glad one of my local libraries carry it since they don’t carry at book store. I liked I think it was called Pengally Bay. The series where Nick and Kate are woven through the series till they have their own story in Wedding of the Year by I think Caroline Anderson

    1. Huh, you know what, Fiona, I never thought of Anne of GG as a series but of course, it was! In which case it was probably my first too 🙂 I read a few cherry Ames and Sue Barton books as well.

  4. Great covers on the books, Amy. I can’t wait to read the whole series. Something to look forward to.
    I am completely hooked on Rebecca Shaw’s The Village series. We’re up to bk 16/17 I think and I just love them. Very quirky, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but they definitely make you want to read the next one!

  5. My first series were probably Trixie Belden, the Little Women series and then Narnia. I love the idea of a series because if you love a book you want it to go on forever. Loved Anne of Green Gables, The Williamsburg Chronicles and the Chronicles of Jalna. Sadly I didn’t finish the last two medical continuities I started.

    1. Hi Fiona. I read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in primary school – don’t think I read any more of the books although I did enjoy it.
      Shame about those medical continuities, maybe 200 Harley St will be more up your alley.

  6. Hi Amy, those covers are gorgeous! I can’t wait to read all the stories and it was such a privilege to work with the wonderful authors on the team.

    I love getting to a happy ending, and knowing that there are more stories still left to read. It’s the best of both worlds. I like to save all the books up, then take the phone off the hook, rip the internet cable from the wall and just enjoy them all together!

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