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Welcoming New Medical Author Lucy Rider

LucyI would like to introduce you to Lucy Rider who has joined the Medical authors. She has agreed to share a little about herself so be sure and say hello. Welcome Lucy.

I discovered Medical Romance when:  

I was at boarding school.  I’d been punished for some offense or other—I was a bit of wild child rebel—and had been excluded from a movie outing.  One of the older girls gave me a medical romance to read to keep me busy as I was the only kid in the hostel at the time.  Do you know how creepy those places are at night?

I wrote my first story when:

As soon as I could write.  I’ve always had an active imagination and used to spend hours in my head with fantasy characters and plotting all kinds of wild improbable adventures.

Where do you live?

I live in South Africa with my two human daughters and one canine daughter.

My best trait is:

My sense of humor.  I keep my colleagues in stitches but often get into trouble from people who don’t know me because they don’t understand my humor.  It’s pretty irreverent so I can understand if I offend people occasionally. That’s okay too because some people are easily offended by anything.  My teenage daughters sometimes think I’m ‘random’ – whatever that is.

 My worst trait is:

I’m HUGELY impatient with stupidity. I can’t take it in any form—especially people on the road.  I’m pretty vocal about idiots on the road.

 Five things on your bucket list:

I want to take my daughters to see the Aurora Borealis.

Stay at home and write full time.

Meet Janet Evanovich.

Spend an entire summer on a Caribbean island.

Buy a dishwasher – don’t know where I’ll put it but I’m sick of doing dishes.

Bev's book  Resisting Her Rebel Hero will be released on April 1.


13 thoughts on “Welcoming New Medical Author Lucy Rider”

  1. Lucy,
    Please let me stay on that island with you for the summer. I promise not to talk and do all the cooking. Welcome to the group we are glad to have you.

  2. Hi Lucy – it’s great to learn more about you. I have detected your sense of humor in the medro authors’ lounge. 🙂 Love your new book cover and wish you great success with your first Medical Romance.

  3. Welcome to the insane asylum, Lucy! We’re mostly the harmless kind of crazy around here, but I have a feeling you’ll fit right in 😀 I mean that in the nicest possible way!

  4. Congratulations on your sale, Lucy and welcome! Use the advance to buy a dishwasher. Now! Today! 😉
    Fiona who has had a dishwasher for a very long time and knows that you need one.

  5. Welcome, Lucy!! It’s great to have you here, and I’m excited to be paired with you in the 2 in 1! I agree with Fiona – get that dishwasher now! Your hands are working too hard on these books to be dishpan dry! 😉 Congratulations on your great cover!

  6. A little late, Lucy but welcome! Great place to see the Aurora is Canada, but not where I am sadly. I’ve seen it once in my life and it’s amazing. Good bucket list item. 🙂

  7. Wow, ladies. You won’t believe it but I’ve only just discovered this section (I’m blushing). Thank you all so much for your warm welcomes. LOL. It’s great to know ‘I am not alone’ and that I’m not the only lunatic around Amalie (big grin). Looks like I have to brush up on my social media skills and get with the programme.
    Susan, I hate cooking so you’re on for kitchen duty. Unfortunately the advance went on a new fridge and school stuff for the kids – there’s always something, isn’t there? Hopefully it’ll be the next thing on my list. After a new laptop – which I promised myself.
    it’s absolutely great to be part of this illustrious group.
    Good luck with all your next releases and deadlines. I’m busy finishing off book 2. I have titled it Someone like You – what do you think it will change to? Hahaha, can’t wait to find out.

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