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Readers’ Letters

by Susan Carlisle

I have to admit that I have a difficult time writing Readers’ Letters. Maybe it is because I’m so long-winded that I can’t get all I want to say into a few short paragraphs. Anyway, for my most recent release The Rebel Who Stole Her Heart I didn’t have that problem. I used part of my Readers Letter to share about two important people in mine and my son’s life. Here is the letter:

Dear Reader,9780373069385

                I’ve always been fascinated by the attraction between two people. So many times men and woman are complete opposites and still find that special spark. A good-looking man and an unattractive woman, or the reverse, the introvert and extrovert, the super popular person and the one in the corner. The person who loves adventure and the one who prefers to watch TV. It amazes me how humans manage to pair off.

                These extreme differences are what I explore in Michelle and Ty’s story. They couldn’t be more dissimilar but yet they fit, complement each other as if they are puzzle pieces finding their spot.  What made writing this book especially fun was watching the two characters squirm as they find that they truly do belong together.

                I would be remiss if I didn’t mention and thank Dr. Bruce Miller who is an anesthesiologist extraordinary. Much of Ty’s doctoring skills and sensitive  interactions with patients I’ve witnessed firsthand by knowing Dr. Miller. I also have to say a big thanks to Dr. Kirk Kanter, a heart surgeon with a big heart. There is none better in the world. Through him I received amazing technical assistance that helped Michelle’s world become real. All doctors should be as good and as dedicated as these two men are to their patients.  

                I hope you enjoyed reading Michelle and Ty’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love to hear from my readers. You can contact me at www.SusanCarlisle.com

Dr. Miller was my son’s anesthesiologist and Dr. Kanter his heart surgeon for over 21 years.

Do you know a doctor or someone who deserves to be pointed out publicly for what they do for others?


9 thoughts on “Readers’ Letters”

  1. Love your Dear Reader, Susan. Given I have just got new glasses today, the doctor who comes to mind is the great Fred Hollows who restored sight and his foundation under his wife’s direction, continues to restore sight to millions around the world with cataract surgery.

    1. Fiona,
      I think you have made a great choice. We take sight for granted until we start to lose it or it is gone altogether.

  2. What a lovely Dear Reader letter, Susan. All the more touching too because it was obviously written from the heart.
    I’ve had occasion to see a number of doctors over the last few years and I have to say that they have been just brilliant – kind, caring, supportive and , most important of all, willing to listen. No wonder I love writing Meds so much with people like that as role models.
    I hope your son continues to enjoy good health,

    1. Jennifer,
      I’m always encouraged by stories of great and caring doctors. I like to think they do their jobs for the love of people instead of the love of money. My son will celebrate 23 years with a heart transplant tomorrow.

  3. Lovely letter, Susan.
    My son-in-law is still a resident, but he has the biggest heart and I’m sure his patients know that. He learned to speak Spanish fluently so he can communicate with his patients, and one lovely grandma-aged lady crocheted a beautiful sweater recently for his newborn daughter.

    I love that you publicly gave kudos to the fabulous doctors in your and your son’s life. They literally did make all the difference in the world!

    P.S. I find some Dear Reader letters easier to write than others. Back in the day, we didn’t have to write on unless the book was going to US. That was our clue that our book would cross the pond. 🙂

  4. Lynne,
    It does sound like your son-in-law will make a wonderful doctor. I’m sure many families will benifit from his care.
    I have improved on the Readers’ Letters the more I do. I find that if I write a sentence or two while I’m writing the book they aren’t as hard to do in the end.

  5. Susan, what a lovely tribute to your son’s doctors. I’m going to try out your suggestion of writing a sentence or two of my Readers’ Letter while I’m still writing the book, as I sometimes find them difficult, too.

    I’d like to say a public thank-you to the carers who helped look after my Mum. I dedicated my fifth book to them, and said then that they ‘prove daily that no kindness it to great to attempt or too small to bother with’.

    1. Annie,
      That is a lovely dedication. I know a number of nurses that I feel that way about. They managed to make the really bad livable.

  6. Oh yes. Many doctors I could thank. Firstly to Dr. Kornecki and the staff at the PCCU in the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario. They saved my middle guy’s life. He had two holes in his heart when he was born. He was on a vent for a month with high pulmonary blood pressure which they had to bring down.

    When I took my son to his year check up at the hospital to check on the holes, he was toddling around and Dr. Kornecki came in and stopped, looked at my son and smiled the biggest grin. This man rarely smiled when working in the PCCU. The smile, I’ll never forget.

    And when my youngest was born with pneumonia because of fluid in his lungs during a routine C-section he went to the PCCU for a week because he needed antibiotics, well when my middle son came in (He was 5 at the time) all the nurses would not stop fussing over him. They remembered him. They gave him stickers and hugs and treats. He didn’t remember them, but he wasn’t going to turn down all that attention! LOL

    I think they like to see a kid win one. 😉

    Great dedication, Annie! I’m seriously trying not to cry here.

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