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Deadline, school hols, exciting times in London, research trip…

Amy had it dead right in her last post about screaming deadlines. I’m on one at the moment. (This is my sports medicine book – the follow-up to Plague Squirrels… though obviously I didn’t tell my ed about my working title until a week after she’d accepted the book! And I’m expecting revisions back on my Christmas book this week, too…)

And it’s school holidays, so I don’t know what day it is (and that’s why I’m late with this post. Kate Tardy. I’m so sorry).

And it’s coming up to my son’s A levels, so I need to be super-calm, getting him to revise effectively and take proper breaks, and listening when he has a confidence wobble and reassuring him. (Exams are definitely worse when your children are taking them. I’m one of those weird people who actually like doing exams so I’m not really nervous, but I’m a total wreck on behalf of the kids!)

So what would be the worst thing I could do right now? Book a research trip. Where I get all excited and I start looking up stuff. And getting even more excited.

Oh, wait – first – I haven’t bounced and fizzed on here about how brilliant last month was! Please indulge me here for some immense showing-off (it’s not boasting, more that I’m so thrilled that I can’t stop talking about it – though someone’s going to stick gaffer tape over my mouth, one of these days, to shut me up!). Basically I had a fab day in London, had lunch with Caroline Anderson and Liz Fielding and Louise Allen and our eds, and then went to the RNA Awards. Darcey Bussell was presenting the RoNA Rose award, and I happened to have two books listed. Nobody who’s ever had two books listed has ever won, so I was all prepared to cheer someone else.

But then this happened. (Picture courtesy of the RNA.)

Darcey Bussell presenting the RNA Award to Kate Hardy

(And yes, I am wearing a dress. First time since my wedding day. And a tiara.) (There’s also me giving my acceptance speech, totally overcome and close to tears – courtesy of lovely Fiona Harper – over at the Mills and Boon website – http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/rona-kate-hardy-acceptance-speech)

And this. (I am so thrilled with this. I’ve never had a trophy to keep before. It’s got my name on it!)

RNA 2014 22 star

And I also got a cheque. Which means we can afford a holiday this year (don’t believe what you hear about authors rolling in money – it’s a bell-shaped distribution curve, and sadly it’s strongly slanted towards the peanuts end rather than the ‘let’s buy matching Ferraris’ end). So we’re having a research trip to Prague.

So excited. The city of a thousand spires and lots of bridges. It’s going to be so romantic and wonderful. For anyone who’s visited Prague, is there anything we really must see, or a place with really wonderful food (particularly ice cream) that we can’t miss? Very happy to hear all recommendations!


17 thoughts on “Deadline, school hols, exciting times in London, research trip…”

  1. Kate, congratulations on winning the RoNA Rose Award! And a trip to Prague sounds like the perfect way to spend your well-earned cheque!

    I’m afraid I can’t give any recommendations, as I haven’t been to Prague 😦 But may I recommend that your dress goes into your suitcase? (Along with the tiara, naturally.) You look just wonderful!

  2. I love good news, Kate Tardy – so please don’t stop short on my behalf. Loved the pictures. Also, I hope you’ll keep us posted on the upcoming trip to Prague. I don’t foresee Prague in my future, so let me visit vicariously through you.
    And thanks for being realistic about what writers earn for books. :/

    1. There will be lots of photos, I can promise you that 😉 And yes, I think we need a little realism 😦

  3. Congrats again on your award. The tiara is awesome! You looked beautiful and I’m SO envious you met Darcy Bussel (I may have butchered her name there).

    Prague, how absolutely cool!

    Walt Disney World is what we’re working for next year. Time to take the kidlets.

    1. Thanks, Amy! Darcey was utterly lovely – really sweet, really stylish, and I had a real fangirl moment 😉 Have a wonderful time at Disney!

  4. Pam,
    I’m so proud of you. You more than deserve the recognition. As for Prague, I’ve never been there but hear it is wonderful. I’m counting on a report of all you do. I have it on my list of places to see.

  5. Kate, you are such an inspiration- huge congratulations on the RONA award and for meeting Darcy and for wearing a dress- you looked absolutely lovely, so you should wear them more often. And tiaras. All the time. Why not?

    I haven’t been to Prague either- so have a wonderful time and do come and show us lots of photos so we can feel like we went with you xxx

    1. Thank you, Louisa! (And that tiara is coming out next time I have a bad I-can’t-do-this day…) Yup, lots of photos is definitely the order of the day 😉

  6. Kate, congratulations on your richly deserved win! Ditto everything Louisa said – you looked lovely in that dress.
    As for Prague, well it’s been so long since I went there that I’m not sure any recommendations I gave you would be valid! My advice is to just soak up the wonderful atmosphere for a day and then get down to the research. One thing I am certain of is that you will enjoy it.
    Good luck to your son and as for you, well drink plenty of chamomile tea for your nerves in the run-up to those dreaded exams. Hopefully, you will both survive them!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I’m really looking forward to our break. My poor son is revising right now, in between going to the cinema with his mates, and his mates coming round for games and a sleepover.

  7. Kate,

    I went to Prague 12 years ago at Christmas time.. Very cold, but beautiful and not crowded! I went to a lot of Italian restaurants b/c my traveling companion was vegetarian and they were some of the more reliable places for vegetarian dishes at that time. I also remember the food was very cheap, but this was some time ago!
    The tourist attractions that really stick out in my mind is Charles Bridge and the walk up to the Prague Castle.

    1. Thanks, Jill! I will definitely do those two. I’ve been looking up cafes and the food seems to be very similar to Vienna – only much cheaper! (I think we are going to have to do a lot of walking to burn off all the stodge – but I love dumplings. Almost wish we were going in the winter!)

  8. Squeee!!! Still so excited for your Kate over your win. And you look soooo amazing!
    Never been to Prague but its a place that’s high on my to-do list along with Budapest. Very jealous that you’re so close to some amazing places!

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