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The Fiercest Easter Egg Competition in the World

 I do this every year. Spend the best part of a week helping my kids make decorated eggs for the Sunday School competition.

In years gone by we’ve made Finding Nemo,  the penguins from Happy Feet, Shrek and Fiona, Daleks (truly awful), Mr Men and Spongebob and Patrick. This year??? What else could it be but……..Minions!


This year the eggs were quite easy to make, but we’re not going to talk about the yellow car spray paint mysteriously on my kitchen work top. It seems that spraying them inside a box isn’t enough!
Any ideas for next year??


11 thoughts on “The Fiercest Easter Egg Competition in the World”

  1. Love the minion eggs! Next year how about Olaf the adorable snowman from Frozen? Should be even easier than yellow car spray? No need to die the eggs at all…unless they’re brown eggs.

    1. Olaf!!! Prefect, but you know I’ll have to make the girls too! Better start stitching those dresses now!

  2. Oh I love Minions! We make chocolates…the Australian Bilby is a fave because rabbits are a curse to Australia. Thanks Mr. Austin….not! Hope you find something that takes the paint off your bench/counter tops.

  3. Love the eggs, Scarlet! I see a lot of the Minions as Max and Isobel adore them so I shall show them your photo. Lynne and I are on the same wavelength as I was about to suggest Olaf as well.
    What a shame about the paint on your worktops. Maybe the manufacturers can suggest a way to remove it if you try emailing them!

    1. Jennifer, watch out or I’ll try and persuade you and Lynne to start stitching dresses for eggs for me! You have no idea how I did those dungarees…..

  4. Love your Minion eggs, Scarlet. I was going to suggest Olaf too, but since Lynne and Jennifer have already pipped me to the post I’m trying to think of something else… The Clangers?? They’re a bit old-fashioned now, but apparently the BBC are making a new version, and they’ll be back in 2015. And they’ll still be knitted 🙂

  5. Scarlett,
    These are too cute! I’m going to keep the idea in the back of my mind to do with my grandkids in a few years. You go all out with the eggs. I’m more a duck and rabbit person. LOve it.

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