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A little bit of this and that…

Hello! Monday morning and the kids are back at school after the Easter break! Thank goodness!! I am 5,000 words away from a deadline, in the middle of my AAs (author alterations on another book) and planning my next story… The kids have been off for two weeks and my schedule has completely gone to pot.

So instead of a cohesive post I thought I’d let you know a little of what I’ve been up to since I was here last- not a lot of it involves writing!

The Rugby Sevens: Now that the kids are getting older we have been able to leave them a little to their own devices and get a bit of ‘us’ time back. We celebrated February with a weekend at the Wellington Sevens. ‘Sevens’ is seven aside rugby, I don’t know much about the rules but as far as I can make out they play 7 minutes a side with seven men. It’s fast and furious and lots of fun. There is a big tradition here in NZ to go to the 7s dressed up in fancy dress. As we were going with a group of friends we wanted a theme we could all join in with, hence we chose ‘Grease’ the movie, and had lots of laughs sourcing the costumes from far flung places. We took the train down from Auckland to Wellington which took 11 hours and was absolutely delightful, with lots of breathtaking scenery and weather and a little bit of alcohol. The whole weekend is now a blur of laughter and fun and, oh yes- a little bit of rugby (New Zealand won!).

Grease is the word- I’m dressed as RIZZO at the front!


WOMAD: Now firmly established as an annual family tradition we go on a pilgrimage to the World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival in NZ’s New Plymouth every March. It is as diverse and wonderful as it sounds. Something like 70 bands from all over the world come and perform- the whole weekend is alive with the sound of African drums, sexy south American salsa and, this year, a bit of rap and some 1940s swing. The sun eventually managed to raise its head and we danced for three solid days!


Entertaining: Over the Easter holidays we’ve been entertaining a Turkish student who came here to NZ specifically for the ANZAC commemorations (Remembrance Day/Memorial Day)…it’s been such fun showing him the sights of Auckland and he did very well reading a special poem at the Auckland Museum Memorial service in front of a huge audience and on live national TV. He’s heading back home on Tuesday and we’ll miss him greatly.

My Turkish boy is back row, far left, my son is far right! This photo was taken at 6.30am!

Trying to regain our youth…and failing! : When I met my husband a long, long time ago we shared an interest in hiking (or ‘tramping’ as they call it here). Many weekends, and even on our honeymoon in Scotland, we could be found trekking up hills and down dales. Having two babies put a quick end to that and we’ve never really got back into the habit of doing it again. However, we found ourselves uncharacteristically on our own last Sunday so decided to go for a hike. We walked along part of the Hillary Trail (named after Sir Edmund Hillary- 1st man to climb Everest). The section we did was 17 kms (about 10.5 miles)…which I, naively, thought would be easy…after all, I’ve walked more than that before, haven’t I?…Oh my goodness how I hurt- every part of me, lungs, toes, hips, knees… But it was beautiful scenery and there’s nothing like a good walk to blow the cobwebs away… I needed a very long bath to soak my aching legs at the end!

Stunning Bethells Beach, Auckland

Just so we could encapsulate our lovely day we took a selfie…FAIL! I think we need to stop trying to be young and embrace middle age!!


Book Release! April was also the release month for my second Harlequin KISS/ Modern Tempted book, Her Client From Hell, which I’m really excited about and am trying to tell everyone, between all these lovely diversions. Alas- reality has now struck and I really MUST get back to the grindstone!



Her customer satisfaction guarantee…!

Cassie Sweet has a new mantra in her life—failure is not an option! Her good-for-nothing ex might have run off with all her money, but she’s determined to make her new catering business a success. So no distractions. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Which means her infuriatingly rude—and exasperatingly handsome!—new client, filmmaker Jack Brennan, is definitely off the menu…

After all, while the customer might always be right, Jack’s clearly every shade of wrong! So when his clothes end up on her bedroom floor why do they look so right? And the biggest question of all: is this a recipe for disaster—or the best mistake of her life…?

Available at all good ebook sellers!

Tell me, what have you been doing recently? Ever taken up anything you used to do and found it particularly difficult second time round- or was it easier?



23 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that…”

  1. Louisa! ROFL!! I ADORE the selfie!! BTDT!,. You were a GORGEOUS RIzzo, love the photos and so great a Turkish student came out for Anzac day! As the Kiwi’s say, “You’ve bin buzzy-as, Bro!”

    1. I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit now, Fi!

      I had to look up BTDT- “been there done that”- but yes, every newbie’s mistake with selfies (my sons make it look so easy) – try and aim at the faces! We had such fun dressing up as Grease characters, although the wigs drove me mad with itching by the end of the second day!

  2. Wow, Louisa, you have been busy. I love the Grease costumes (one of my favourite films!) – you look great. Never tried a selfie but it obviously isn’t as easy as it sounds. Think I shall give it a miss!
    Fabulous scenery on your walk. I’m sure it made up for all the aches and pains.

    1. Oh, Jennifer, New Zealand scenery blows me away – it is so wild and beautiful and we spent most of the walk saying things like…’just look at that, oh, how beautiful, wait, let me take a photo of that amazing view….’ it took twice as long to finish with all the stops!
      I think Grease has got to be one of my all time favorite films too! Such feel good music!

  3. I am so, so loving your Rizzoli outfit. Bring it in September and we’ll do the London sights dressed like that!

  4. You’ve been busy Louisa! Love the selfie, and I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one who hasn’t quite got to grips with them yet. Perhaps if my arms were a little longer I wouldn’t look like a startled rabbit with six chins 🙂

    Things I did when I was young and shouldn’t do now? Mammoth shopping trips. When I was a teenager, I could spend all day window-shopping with my friends. These days, after a couple of hours I’m hating the crowds, begging to sit down, and reminding myself how much easier it is on the Internet.

    1. Aha! Maybe that’s it- our arms are too short!!

      I know what you mean about shopping trips- I used to be able to waste hours and hours window shopping, trying things on etc…now I just don’t have the patience!

  5. Louisa,
    I love reading about your adventures. You and your family seem to really enjoy life. I want to come visit and tag along some time. I love to dance so the festival would be great fun for me. Your new book sounds awesome.

  6. Hi Louisa! I loved the blog and the pictures. Especially the selfie. LOL. Wow, with hiking views like that, I can see why you were able to keep going far beyond when you were ready for.
    You make a great Rizzo!
    fun blog.
    Lynne snaps the whip – now get back TO WORK (so we can have more of your wonderful books)

  7. Loved the pictures (and that selfie…priceless!) and the tales of fun, Louisa! You always have the best stories.

    Love the blurb for your new KISS (and your cover, of course)!

    1. Thanks, Tina! We’ve been very lucky this year with trips away- now it’s time to get back to work! I love my new cover too- this time I was really lucky with the cover fairies!

  8. Such a fun post to read, Louisa – thanks! What an amazing view from your hike (I love that it’s called ‘tramping’!) Made those sore muscles worth it! A few years ago, we hiked in Yosemite National Park in northern California, going basically straight up for two miles. Like you, that sounded easy, right? Except we all had big backpacks for camping (though mine was the lightest) and the kids kept having to wait impatiently for me as I struggled my way up. We still sometimes quote our guide as he encouragingly said to me “Just a little more up.” Yeah, a little more felt like a whole lot more!!

    Love your new cover! Best of luck with your AAs and deadline!

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