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The Wedding Whirl

by Susan Carlisle

Spring is the season of weddings and it is no different at our house this year. My youngest is getting married next weekend. Everywhere you look in my home it is about wedding.

wedding blog This is an extra room in my house where I have wedding stuff stored. It will take a pickup load to get it all to the venue. Upstairs wedding blog4the guy’s tuxs and shirts, in my room my dress and dyed shoes. Still is the first time in my life I’ve ever had shoes dyed to match

wedding blog2

my dress. I feel very special. The wedding is outside so I’m wearing a hat.


I hope that I look less like the queen mother and more like a movie star attending the Kentucky derby!

My husband’s best suit has been taken to the cleaners to be pressed.

I’ve been hard at work making my grand twins outfits. I’ve finished the boy’s outfit.

Alex wedding                         Isn’t he dashing?

I’m still working on the little girl’s. wedding blog5

Hers is smocked around the neck with white seed pearls and will have blue rose buds that match the little boy’s pants. Because that isn’t over the top enough she has monogrammed bloomers. I don’t know how long either of them will be clean but it will still be worth the time and trouble.

wedding blog3

Please don’t ask me how much writing is getting done. Anyone want to suggest a good place to vacation after the big event?


13 thoughts on “The Wedding Whirl”

  1. OH WOW, Susan! Smocking! How talented are you!! I LOVE the color of your hat and shoes and I’m looking forward to seeing photos. Wishing you and your family a wonderful day and a great celebration!

    Fiona x

  2. Fiona,
    I’m looking forward to showing off pictures of the troop. I just hope I don’t look like a green balloon going down the isle. It is going to be a colorful wedding. They are getting married outside so pray for no rain.

  3. Susan, it’s amazing how much work goes into a wedding and you have made it all the harder for yourself by making the twins’ outfits. It will be worth it on the day, though – they’ll look gorgeous in grandma’s beautifully crafted outfits!
    I shall have my fingers firmly crossed for good weather. It would be a shame if you had to cover that fab hat with an umbrella. As for a place to relax after all the festivities, I can’t recommend anywhere better than my favourite hotel, The Lakeside, on the banks of Lake Windermere in Cumbria. Beautiful surroundings, great food and lovely staff. A holiday doesn’t get much better than that!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Fingers crossed for no rain!
    I love those bloomers. And the smocking is absolutely exquisite!
    Vacation huh? A beach somewhere where you don’t have to do anything other than lay in a hammock and read lots of books! I imagine you’re not getting a lot of reading time in at the moment either!

  5. Jennifer,
    I’ll be proud I did the kids clothes but I admit is has been work. What a wonder suggestion of the Windermere. It sounds perfect. I’ll need a good quiet place to stay after the edding.

  6. How Fun, Susan! Love the had – you will look like a movie star for sure. And I can’t believe those little twins are already two! Enjoy the time when they’ll still wear anything you put them in.
    Have a blast, and may I suggest some lovely beachfront place like Hilton Head for your recovery?

    Hugs to all, especially you.

  7. Lynne,
    I’m sewing like mad now because I know they will want to dress like teenagers before I know it. Hilton Head sound perfect. I’ll post a picture of that movie star look soon. I understood hat.

  8. Hey, last time I saw that spare room it was filled with baby stuff. My how time flies. The hat is lovely, the g’kids outfits darling and you can come to my house to get away from it all any time you want. Keep your chin up and breathe! It will all be over with soon.

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