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Emily Forbes’ 21st celebrations!!


For quite some time I have been entertaining the idea of visiting Antarctica so to celebrate a milestone, my 21st Medical Romance, I have decided to take a trip. It’s only a virtual one at the moment but I am knee deep in research for this novel and I am loving it. Antarctica and the people who work there are fascinating and it is making me more determined than ever to visit one day.

I love to read and I love to travel so I always read about places I intend to visit but they are usually a bit more accessible than Antarctica!

I think my love affair with travel probably even started with a book- Enid Blyton’s “The Magic Faraway Tree”. I always wished I could visit one of the exotic lands that stopped at the top of the tree.

I love it when I am captivated by a story’s setting, when I can imagine myself soaking up the sunshine on Bondi Beach or window shopping on Fifth Avenue or hailing a London Cab.

Have you ever been inspired to take a trip or book a holiday because of a book you’ve read? What was the book? Where did you go? Or where are you intending to go?


P.S. My next big trip will be to NYC so any suggestions about what to read to put me in a New York state of mind will also be gratefully accepted!


11 thoughts on “Emily Forbes’ 21st celebrations!!”

  1. Emily,
    I love to travel. I always want to see what is around the next curve. I want to walk on the great wall of China. I would also love to go to Rio. I have read a book that made me want to experience the city and carival time. As for NY I’ve not read a book but I seen many wonderful movies that show off the city. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is just one of them.

    1. China is on my list too, Susan, but I’m glad you’re waiting for Carnevale in Rio and not going for the Soccer World Cup! I have read Breakfast at Tiffany’s and am now looking for something more 21st century NYC 🙂

  2. When I was in my early twenties, I read an in depth article about Inverness, Scotland in the National Geographic and decided right then and there I would visit. Best and most exciting trip of my life when I was 23. I do want to go back, too.
    Bon Voyage!

    1. I have never been to Scotland – shameful considering i have Scottish heritage and that one of my all-time favourite series of books is set in Scotland – Diana Gabaldon’s time travel books (called Outlander in the US). Her books are being made into a tv series – can’t wait!!!

  3. Emily, I was a huge fan of Janet Dailey’s books. She travelled around the USA, visiting all the states and setting a book there. It fired my enthusiasm to visit and I had several wonderful holidays in the USA.
    Colorado was my absolutely favourite place. The scenery was magnificent and the people so welcoming that I would go back there at the drop of a hat. I also loved Ocala, in Florida. Bill and I were lucky enough to receive an invitation to visit a stud farm there and I shall never forget the sight of those magnificent horses.
    I hope your wish comes true and that you make it to Antarctica. I can’t wait to read the book!

    1. Jennifer, I love that the places you’ve visited have lived up to expectations 🙂 To have such wonderful memories is brilliant.

  4. Congrats on your looming 21st, Emily!!!
    My Dad and brother did a cruise to Antarctica at the end of last year and their photos are just stunning!
    I envy you going to NYC next year. Its my daughters last year of high school so unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make RWA 😦 and I swore last time it was in NYC that I would go to the next one on in the Big Apply. Oh well……the next one perhaps… :-/

    1. RWA in NYC won’t be the same without you 😦 and DH will be sorry that he won’t get to hang out with your DH either 🙂
      I needed your Dad’s photos for my blog! I keep imagining peace and tranquility – although that’s not exactly what i’m writing – LOL.

  5. My dad did two tours of duty down there and he visited again a couple of years ago. Have you read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife? Pretty dismal book but good insight to the issues faced by people ‘wintering’ at the Antarctic.

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