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Children’s Hospitals & My Thanks!

I woke up this morning and my regular morning show was at the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario at the London Health Sciences Centre.

They were raising money for smart IV pumps for the NICU.

I love this hospital.

CHWO saved my son’s life when he was born. I always give what I can to them, because if it wasn’t for them and the PCCU …specifically Dr. Kornecki, Aidan wouldn’t be here.

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2







He was born with two holes in his heart. An ASD and PPD, because of these holes the blood pressure between his heart and lungs was as high as his body, it’s supposed to be lower. So, because of that his lungs wouldn’t open up and he was on a vent for a month.

It was the most trying time of my life. It was also a turning point in my life. In my different author bios around it says after the birth of my second child is when I decided to pursue writing. It’s true. As I sat around his bedside, I realized how short life is and if you don’t take a chance you’ll never know.

Next month my third book releases from Harlequin Medical titled Pregnant with the Soldier’s Son.


And this book is dedicated to Aidan, because the son in this book is like Aidan. Had the same rough start and my heroine, she had to deal with some of the stuff I was dealing with.

The only difference was she didn’t have a two-year old (my daughter) waiting at home for her and my placenta didn’t rupture with Aidan (thank goodness).

Oh and I didn’t make Ingrid’s son as large as Aidan was at birth.

Aidan was 3 weeks early and 11.5 lbs. That’s why you see him on an isolet table. He couldn’t be put into an incubator. He was too large. So they had a heat lamp on him. LOL

He was the talk of the Children’s Hospital for a while.

The best part of this whole experience though (there were two at different times) was when Aidan was getting his year check up to make sure the holes in his heart had spontaneously closed and Dr. Kornecki came in the room, stopped and looked at the very active toddler playing with the trains and he smiled. A smile which I’ll never forget.

The second great experience is when I had my third child. He had a week stay in the CHWO, but only because he needed some antibiotics for aspirating fluid. When Aidan came up to visit his new brother on the floor, the nurses all remembered him and made a fuss over him. He didn’t know why, but he was pleased with the attention, stickers and treats.

So yeah, I give when I can, to the CHWO and my respect for physicians and nurses who deal with the extremely ill children and babies runs deep. As deep as my heart. Thank you for all you do!












9 thoughts on “Children’s Hospitals & My Thanks!”

  1. Awww, Amy…..you made me cry!
    I just love that pic of your son as a baby (and the older one too of course!) What a whopper he was! 🙂 which no doubt that stood him in very good stead instead during those scary weeks. It looks like he was on an oscillator?
    Hugs to you, it must have been a very harrowing time xxx

    1. Yes, he was on an oscillator in that picture. There was a horrible time where a machine was shake the heck out of his chest. Scary to watch your baby vibrating like that, but it worked and that’s all that matters. 🙂

      And thanks for the hugs, back at you for all you do too! xxx

  2. Amy, I love the cover of your book! I’m so glad you live in a country where you can access such great medical care. We’re so lucky for that. Great to see Aiden is a thriving young man 🙂

    1. Yes! We’re extremely lucky to have that health care. I couldn’t even contemplate the costs it would’ve been somewhere else. Of course it would be worth going into extreme debt for!

    1. Thank you, Scarlet! This was his best year for pics. Last few years he refused to smile for a stranger. Thankfully this year the school photographer was my friend, so he smiled. LOL

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