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Random Monday by Amy Andrews

It’s been 6 months, almost to the day, since my last random Monday post and given I’ve just finished a run of night duty I thought I’d let you inside the disjointed wanderings of my tired brain.

This is a Lithuanian copy of Girl Least Likely To Marry. I freaking love that my books can be bought in Lithuania!


In 2 weeks’ time I’m going to be here. Bring. It. On.

UK Xmas Trip (13)

I’m loving the TV show Justified. In fact the more of it I watch the more hooked I’m becoming. I do love Timothy Oliphant and honestly I think Raylan Givens is just about the damn sexiest name I’ve heard in a long time – strong and commanding – but I think he’s just a little too skinny for my liking. I like ‘em beefy! Which is where my problem lies with Brad Pitt. Too skinny….

I just love this picture of my godson with his great, great grandmother. She’s 99. He’s one today!


My daughter makes a mean lemon meringue pie!


Happiness is a pair of fluffy pink ear muffs! Am I THE best aunty in the world or what?


Am loving this song at the moment.

Anyone got any random thoughts they’d like to share or any observations on mine??



18 thoughts on “Random Monday by Amy Andrews”

  1. Love all the photos as well as your thoughts ,Amy, especially the one of your godson and his great, great grandmother. That pair seem to have no problem communicating, do they?
    I’ve not heard of Justified either so need to check it out if it’s that good. As for Brad Pitt being too skinny…well, a recent photo I saw shows him looking quite weighty. Maybe he heard about your preference for beefy men?

  2. Amy,

    I love a good random Monday post.

    Although I tried Justified and couldn’t get into it. Some of those white supremacist guys just hit a little too close to home. There’s a reason I left my small town. And my husband works with law enforcement types and he didn’t like some of the stuff in the pilot (he’s very nitpicky), so it was a no go for us. Maybe I’ll try it by myself down the line sometime.

    The random thought that has been nagging me lately is one that only people who are up on kids’ movies will appreciate. 🙂 At the end of Madagascar 2, the penguin Skipper flies off for his honeymoon to Monte Carlo with his new bride, a Hula girl, like the type you might see on the dashboard of a taxi (the Madagascar movies do some really strange romantic pairings.)

    At the beginning of Madagascar 3, they’re in Monte Carlo and the Hula Girl has disappeared with no explanation. I know she was a just a little plastic figurine, but it seems heartless to cut her out of the story without a word of explanation. Once I noticed that, I noticed a lot more continuity errors between the movies.

    These are the type of things you think about when you’re up in the middle of the night with a feverish toddler and you’re watching their favorite movie for the 50 billionth time 😉

    Oh and I like “lean” men. Lean, not skinny 😉 Just as long as they’re a bit seasoned by years and have nice shoulders. I don’t want to feel like I have a crush on a high school boys.

    1. Interestingly Jill, I liked most of the the first season but I didn’t “love” it. I couldn’t figure out how they were going to make seasons and seasons about the “hillbilly” feud. But the relationship between Raylan and Boyd – who are kind of the flip sides of each other gets more and more fascinating and by the end of the first season I totally got it. That last episode of the first season really clicked for me. Two men who grew up in the same place with similar backgrounds – one chooses to be honourable and go into law enforcement, the other chooses the dark side but with his own strange sense of honour too.

      Oh I LOVE your random thought although as I’ve not seen it I can’t real comment except to say that as a card-carrying romantic it seems sad and a little mean too 😦 Thanks so much for sharing it!

      Lean – yes, that’s probably a better word. And Timothy Olyphant, although he is “lean” in the butt/legs does have great shoulders and terrific abs! I just like a little more beef in the thighs 🙂

  3. ‘Random’ is a popular word in my house – my teens are always saying something ‘random’ then either noting themselves it was unconnected to anything being discussed at that moment, or teased for it by their siblings 🙂 Think I’m going to borrow your “Random Monday” phrase and make it an official event at the dinner table!

    I watch literally zero TV, except for sports and whatever happens to be on that a family member is watching. I want to change that and get into some great stories! Is Justified ickily violent? A few years back, I used to watch ’24’ with my husband every week, but yesterday when I walked in as he was watching an episode from this season, this awful scene was on. A woman was tied hanging from the ceiling and the bad guy was pouring water on her, then zapping her with electricity! I couldn’t stand it and ran from the room! I guess I’m more of a drama or light-and-fluffly gal 🙂

    Happy Monday!

    1. Ooh, let me know if Random Monday sticks, Robin!

      There’s a lot of shooting going on in Justified but mostly it’s just straight shooting, There are some gritty story lines though.

      I love me some good fluff and drama too – but hot, edgy cops are also a fav 🙂

  4. I love the hot weather in the south as long as there is a swimming pool or lake nearby. Justified is great. I just hate there is only going to be one more season. Leaving them wanting more is always good. A visit with far away friends is something to look forward to. I’m going to be at RomCon this week and sharing a room with one such friend. Thanks for making me think Amy.

  5. Hmm. Random thoughts. The long, hard winter killed most of the plants in my garden and several shrubs. I’m not the niftiest green thumb out there, but that had me mad. My front garden is a barren wasteland. I bought some plants today. Shrubs later this week. I have to get DH’s approval.

    Also, I’m currently making deviled eggs which was not on the agenda. You can thank my DH for texting me this morning with “Btw, I need an appetizer for 8 for the Scout Swim up tonight.”

    Yeah, thanks for that warning. 😛

  6. Love your randomness. Want a piece of your daughter’s pie! Had the best blueberry bread pudding in my life last week in Sandwich, Cape Cod – and they named that place after Lord Sandwich who happens to be the father of putting meat between bread. LOL
    Is that random enough for you.
    Oh, and I loved, loved, LOVED the picture of your godson and his great, great granny. Such a priceless look.
    Thanks for being random. I was over the moon when I learned I had a book out in Estonia!!!! sold all of 500 copies. LOL

    1. Random enough for me, Lynne! Isn’t it great when you taste something so utterly sublime?
      Estonia? Oh, now I want an Estonian copy too 😦 And I reckon 500 sounds a goodly amount Lynne!

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