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Love a Good Wedding!

I’m going to go completely off medical topic as I’m recovering from a good friend’s wedding.

I’m going to share a few pictures…
The Nervous groom

The proud father

And the wedding vows

Finally, the relief! Let’s get the party started!


There’s so much fun at wedding days. Nothing like sharing in a friend’s happy day. Doesn’t everyone love a good wedding and that’s probably why we have so many in our romance novels.

What’s the favourite wedding you’ve attended?


22 thoughts on “Love a Good Wedding!”

  1. My wedding was an awesome party! DH and I had a ball. The next memorable wedding after that was my sister’s because we hosted it in our garden and it was a shed-load of work but a fabulous wedding and the third most memorable wedding was the one I was a guest at and I went into labour. Not that I said anything. I just kept dancing and then left, went home, got the back and toddled off to hospital. 3 hours later my first baby was born! All that dancing obviously helped!

  2. Lovely photos, Scarlet. Your friends looked so happy when they were making their vows.
    My favourite wedding was my daughter’s. Vicky and Jamie were married in Thailand and the ceremony was perfect. A platform was erected overlooking the sea and covered with flowers. Vicky and Jamie made their vows there in front of the tiniest registrar ever (they are both very tall and they towered over the poor woman!) What made it even more special was the fact that my husband had been seriously ill and was only given permission to fly the day before we were due to fly out to Thailand. Watching him walking Vicky to the alter was one of the proudest moments in my life.
    I hope your friends have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them.

  3. Congrats to your friend! They’re a lovely couple and it looks like they had a lovely day. Is this in Scotland?

    Favorite weddings? There was a high school friend’s wedding where I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time and party with old friends. My wedding was fun, but a little stressful. I think my favorite weddings have been all the ones after my wedding where I’m just a guest and can relax!

    I also think the “wedding wave” has peaked among my friends in the last few years. I don’t anticipate another one for some time. And I think I’m okay with that. I’ll just keep reading about them 🙂

    1. Hi Jill, yes the wedding was at a place called Lochgreen in Troon Scotland, right next to the world famous golf club. I was definitely relaxed at this wedding it was great fun!

  4. I, too, love a good wedding, especially outdoor weddings. My daughter’s wedding was a garden wedding, and it was beautiful (of course!) That was seven years ago. Now I have my son’s wedding to look forward to this fall in North Carolina. It will be outdoors also, and will have a western/southern feel to it. My future daughter in law is sharing some amazing ideas on Pinterest, and I love seeing how things are shaping up. Fingers crossed all goes as planned. I already know for a fact her dress is gorgeous, AND she plans to ride in (side saddle) on a horse. These gutsy kids amaze me.

    1. Wow Lynne I can’t wait to see the pictures of your son’s wedding – that’s definitely a story for a book!

  5. Aww. Such a happy bride!

    My favorite was my own wedding. I remember being giddy with happiness. Still am when I think about it. I also remember my hubby was nervous and his best man (and best friend) peaking over his shoulder coaching him through the wedding vows. My hubby is painfully shy and there was a crowd. LOL

    1. The groom was definitely nervous, particularly when all his friends kept joking that the bride had left. She kept him waiting….!

  6. love the pics Scarlet! I’m not sure I have a “favourite” wedding. As Jill mentioned weddings come in waves don’t they and its been a while since we’d been to one. Except in May my godson tied the knot at a gorgeous vineyard in a rural area not far from us so the bride and her party all got ready at our place. It was utter chaos in the best possible way from the time hair and make-up arrived at 6 am. We had quite a few people staying with us already then add in 7!!! bridesmaids there was a LOT of hair and makeup. My daughter was one of them and it was the first time she’d been a bridesmaid although she was my sisters flower girl when they married 12 years ago.

    It was a brilliant day and it was especially great being with my best friend on the day her son married and being able to share that with her. Also I felt like I was rich for a day. The place where they married had these sweeping valley views and the sun was shining and I swear I felt like we were in California on the set of Falcon Crest (now that shows my age!!)

    1. I loved those pictures you posted of that wedding, they were gorgeous! I remember the chaos of all bridesmaids – fabulous!

  7. Aww, lovely pictures! I love a good wedding!! But haven’t been to one in years- wrong time of life…kids too young, friends all married up. Aside from my own which I loved, I’d say the funnest wedding I went to was when 45 of us (friends) went to Goa, India for a friend’s wedding- it was amazing and a fabulous holiday too!

    1. Wedding season is definitely quietening down for me too. A few years ago both my niece and nephew got married. Will need to find my other nephew a girlfriend first before we can have another wedding!

  8. Love the photo of the nervous groom, Scarlet! 🙂 I’m sure he had a wonderful day, though, after the vows. We’re experiencing a resurgence of weddings, with various cousin’s children beginning to get married – we have three to attend this summer!

    I’m not sure what it says about me that the question of favorite weddings immediately brought to mind a few disasters! (What kind of romance writer first thinks of things like that?) Once, a friend’s bridal party had attached blue crepe paper to their car, and it rained. Before the wedding pictures were taken, blue dye sprayed all over the front of her dress – poor thing was so upset! And at a cousin’s wedding, the sterno beneath a chafing dish on the buffet table somehow got knocked over and the tablecloth caught fire – the whole place had to be evacuated! I’m thinking I’ll have to use both of those someday in a romantic comedy! 🙂

  9. Great pictures, Scarlet! I love weddings, but it’s been ages since I’ve been to one. I keep thinking one of my kids should hurry up and find someone. Of course my son is still in high school, so he’s exempt. For now… 😉

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