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Look who’s talking…

Okay, so I admit that today’s post is a little shallow- and I apologise in advance. Perhaps it’s because of the World Cup and I’m hearing a lot of different languages, or because I’m currently writing an Italian hero…but I have to admit to having a girlie crush on any man with an accent.

And yes, I know that being kind and generous of spirit and having a sense of humor are essential qualities in a hero- but one sentence from a man who drops his haitches or has a lyrical r or just plain whispers in half-english and I’m a goner. And I know I’m not alone because exotic heroes are immensely popular in the form of Greeks, Italians, French and, of course, our Tina’s gorgeous Brazilians.

My current medical romance release features and Irish hero and I fell just a bit more in love with him every time I wrote a sentence.Shameless Maverick US version

Here’s the blurb: One kiss she didn’t forget!

Junior surgeon Kara Stephens has been assigned her first high-profile case to help an injured princess. Great news—if she wasn’t working with hot-shot Irish surgeon Declan Underwood, the man she kissed at the hospital ball! Declan’s notoriety with women is rivalled only by his reputation as the best reconstructive surgeon around. But his glamorous life in London is a far cry from his poverty-stricken childhood, and Kara’s about to discover that there’s more to her charismatic maverick than meets the eye…

So I thought I’d share with you some of my current crushes and rather hoped that you may have some more you can recommend?

Raoul Bova. The inspiration for Matteo, the hero in the book I’m writing. Italian. Tall. Dark and ubiquitously handsome.

Olivier Martinez. French. There’s no such thing as a mistake.

Gerard Butler…Scottish

Colin Farrell….Irish

For Kate, my blog twin, the newly single Antonio Banderas…

and again, because you can never have too much…

So who or which accent have I missed out? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list!


18 thoughts on “Look who’s talking…”

  1. I have to agree about the accents. My first accent was Sean Connery…when he was Scottish…he still does it for me. But I also (being Australian) have a thing about English accents. Alan Rickman *swoons* and I even had a little crush on a young man from Manchester who moved here a few years back. He was only a baby but I could have listened to him talk all day. I’ll listen to anything Richard Armitage says too. Then of course there are the fun accents. I particularly chose to use my credit card number ending in six from the moment I realised the charity ticket person on the phone was from New Zealand.

    1. Hi Princess Fi!! I ADORE Alan Rickman’s voice too, and who couldn’t love everything about Richard Armitage???? LOL re the NZ accent- can I admit that I’m only just able to distinguish between the Kiwi and Aussie one (*hides head in shame*) and I’ve been here 12 years.

  2. Yes, I love accents, too, Louisa. French and Italian do it for me but I also enjoy an Irish accent as well as the various regional English ones. What I can’t abide is a man with a squeaky voice. He can have everything else going for him – looks, sex appeal, being kind to kids and cats etc – but if he opens his mouth and sounds like Donald Duck on speed then he’s lost it!
    Love the blurb and the cover of your new book and can’t wait to read it.

  3. All of the above, especially Irish, but I’ve got to say I really like Ricky Martin’s too (Puerto Rican). We recently had a stunning young French teacher at school for two terms. We named him Mr Delicious because he was. And oh, that accent! Sadly his visa ran out and he returned to France. The scenery is now much less delicious… ;-(

  4. Hi Louisa,
    I LOVED Declan. The book cover does not do him justice.
    I find Scottish accents the hardest to understand for some reason – especially when they speak quickly. By far French and Italian accents are the sexiest to me.
    You skipped Russian – hmm – I wonder why?

    1. Lynne, Carol Marinelli wrote some GORGEOUS Russians (and I learnt Russian at school for a couple of years too)- but it’s not a soft lilting accent, is it? There isn’t that same romance factor there. I can see why you might find scottish accents hard- I find I struggle these days when ever someone with an accent starts talking and it takes me a while to ‘tune’ in…(age? hearing? LOL)

    1. Oh Susan I’ve been watching Hart of Dixie series and I just love the way they all talk!!! I could listen forever. As for Hugh Jackman- I find I’m not always concentrating on his accent 😉

  5. I’m with Sean Connery, love his accent on film. However I felt it was my duty to watch every clip in the name of research. And Lynne? I talk very quickly!!!
    I might be just a little converted by Antonio…

  6. Ah, so true! Accents are attractive and romantic, for sure! Which brings me to the question my boys (ages 15 and 20) asked recently – how do Americans sound to girls/women from other countries? They can’t imagine that the way we talk is in any way interesting, but I assured them it likely has the same panache as accents that are attractive to Americans. Thoughts?

    1. Robin, I think anyone from ‘somewhere else’ sounds exotic. Although with TV and films the American accent is pretty pervasive these days- but I’m sure if your boys came here they’d get a lot of attention from interested girls…..

  7. Hi Louisa, all of the above! There’s something about a man who carries the places he’s been with him, in the way that he speaks. Although I must admit to a weakness for an Aussie accent, because about a hundred years ago I went out with an Australian, solely on the basis of his accent. (Uh – yes there were other things, too. But the first thing I noticed about him was his accent.)

    And Robin – your boys would get plenty of attention from interested girls here, too!

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