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Just returned from an amazing two-week trip to Greece with my family!  My daughter graduated from college in May, and with her brother starting his sophomore year in Colorado and my youngest a sophomore in high school, we decided it just might be one of the last times we could take a trip like this before they’re all off to the real world 🙂

My husband is Greek-American, and thankfully speaks enough of the language to get by – and read the letters and words as well, which are all “Greek” to me!  🙂  We had such a fabulous time, I want to share some pictures with you.

Our trek began in Athens, seeing the Acropolis and the Parthenon – breathtaking!DSC_1363DSC_1294

Next stop, the famous island of Santorini.  Stunningly beautiful, it was created when, in 1646 B.C., there was a massive volcanic eruption.  The crater it left behind filled with the vivid blue water the island now curves around.  Barren cliffs give way to fertile valleys where the primary crops are vineyards and, interestingly, cherry tomatoes!


On to the Peloponnese and a stop at Mycenae and, nearby, the ancient theater at Epidavros.  2,500 years old and seating 15,000, the theater and its acoustics are amazing! Sitting at the very top, you can easily hear a whisper from the center of the stage.  They still perform plays here – wouldn’t it be awesome to attend one?DSC_1612DSC_1618

Crossing the Peloponnese, we boarded a ferry to the island of Zakynthos, which was a fun, bustling place full of tourists and residents.  Oh, and there’s a sea-turtle sanctuary, too! Here we’ve taken a boat trip to the blue caves – gorgeous, and, yes, the water really is that exact color.


Ancient Delphi next!  So much history to this fascinating place that was the Sanctuary of Apollo and home to the Oracle, I couldn’t begin to try to cover it all. Loved it, and the museum that holds the famous Charioteer of Delphi was wonderful, too.

DSC_2238 DSC_2197 DSC_2150

Last stop was a pilgrimage to my husband’s grandparents’ village, high in the mountains. We drove up, and up, and up, and thank heavens we were following his cousin (who lives in Athens) or we would never have found it!  Here is a photo of the family home, with three small rooms above and a lower level where they kept livestock.  His cousin is now refurbishing the house, while keeping intact the walls and as much of the original structure as possible.  We met some wonderful folks who live in the village – it was a lovely experience.


Well, to be honest, I could torture everyone with many more pictures and stories, but will stop here 🙂  And, of course, I’m planning to have my next book (or two) set in Greece! After all, what could be more fun to write than a story about a Greek doctor, with maybe an archaeologist heroine, set in such a beautiful and historic country?

How about you?  Have any travels taken you somewhere marvelous you’ll always remember?  What made it so special to you?



14 thoughts on “Greece!”

    1. Thanks, Fiona! We were so inspired, we got a little carried away with the photo-taking! These digital camera days can make a person snap-happy when you know you don’t have to develop them like in the olden days 🙂 My daughter got assigned the task of going through them after we got home, and was a bit peeved that no one but her took time to purge them a bit as we went, ending up with 1500 for her to sift through!

  1. Robin, it sounds like a really wonderful holiday. I love Greece and your photos certainly do it justice.
    As for favourite places, well, it’s so hard to choose! Paris for the atmosphere, Provence for the wonderful food and wine, Mexico for the warmth of the people, Colorado for the sheer fun of going on a cattle drive with my daughter (we didn’t actually need to drive them anywhere – those cows knew exactly where they were going :>) There are so many places I have loved and want to re-visit, and so many new places I haven’t seen yet too. I could spend my entire year traveling if I wasn’t strict with myself!

    1. Isn’t it true, Jennifer? It would be wonderful to be able to travel a lot more, but alas, most of us can’t. I love Colorado, but have never been on a cattle drive – sounds like fun! And I probably shouldn’t admit this since my fourth book is set there, but I’ve never been to Paris (and want to go!). Haven’t been to Mexico for years….gee, you’re making me want to head off on another trip already! 🙂

    1. It truly was wonderful, Louisa! Such an amazingly diverse topography for a small country, and of course the history is fascinating. I hope you get there someday!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Robin. I’ve been to Greece but not out to the islands. I look forward to do so one day. I love the color of the water there. It is the most amazing in the world. The fact you visited a village makes it extra special. You get to see the real Greece. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    1. Visiting some of the famous tourist destinations was great but you’re right, Susan, that going to out-of-the-way places, and in particular the village, was extra special! And, yes, that water…sometimes we’d look at it in disbelief, the color was so incredible.

  3. Love, love, love my armchair traveling – so thank you very much. Looks like the weather was perfect and as you stated, the views are breathtaking. wow.
    One question – so how does it feel to be the shortest person in your family? 🙂

    thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us.

    1. Ha! Well, I didn’t used to be the shortest, but somehow that’s changed 🙂 In some ways, though, it’s handy to have tall ones around now – like when I need someone to reach that top shelf when I’m too vertically challenged!

      I enjoy armchair travel, too – glad you’re enjoying the pix!

  4. Hi Robin, gorgeous pictures! That blue sea makes me want to pack my bags right now. Greece is special to me too – it was my first summer holiday when I struck out ‘on my own’ as a teenager. Many years later I went back to visit some friends who were living in Athens and got to go to a lot of the places that I’d missed as a tourist.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. What a wonderful adventure that must have been! I’ll bet it was interesting to experience it again through adult eyes, reminded of younger you. My husband had gone in college, and hadn’t been back until this trip. He was surprised at things he hadn’t remembered at all – also wouldn’t be able to rough it now the way he did back then! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Fake Frenchie! And can I say your name alone makes me wish we could have a glass of wine together somewhere fun? 🙂

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