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Wedding of the Year-at my house


A couple of months ago I showed the preparations I was making for my son’s wedding. On May 24th the event came off without a hitch, well except for one issue. More about that in a minute. Nick and Lacey were married under the apple trees of a plantation house. It was a beautiful setting. The colors were orange, hot pink and yellow. It made a striking show against the green background. Every bridesmaid wore shoes to match their bouquets. The guys got in the act against my better judgment and wore strings in the same bright colors to match the girls shoes.       .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


My family and I. What can I say? I carry a ball bat when I want to make a point to all the tall people in my life.


This is Nick’s heart surgeon. He and his wife joined us for the big day. Nick is 25 and Dr. Kanter did his first surgery when Nick was five days old. Dr. Kanter preformed three more surgeries then a transplant at one year old and a aorta replacement when Nick was 19. Dr. Kanter once promised me quality of life for Nick. I think a wedding might qualify.

These are two of Nick’s nurses. The one in pink came all the way across the US to be at the wedding. Both took care of Nick when he was a baby. These are extra ordinary ladies.





My niece made the cake. Each rose was hand done and  looked real. She did an amazing job.

Now for the cutest people there. My grandkids. I finished Anndee’s dress the week before the wedding. I even sewed during my Tuesday night critique group meeting. Alex was our one glitch for the day. He pulled a hot iron down on his arm the morning of the wedding. He burned his entire hand up to his elbow. Ouch! After seeing the doctor and having a wrap put on, his mother made it to the wedding venue on time. Alex wasn’t his most active self but he sure was dressed well.



It was a happy day and the honeymooners are doing well.


14 thoughts on “Wedding of the Year-at my house”

  1. Susan,
    What gorgeous photos of a truly special day! Huge congratulations to the happy couple (and their proud parents, of course!) I do hope little Alex’s arm has healed. What a thing to have happened on such a special day.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a special day! Great pictures, and I’m so happy for your son, his bride, and your whole family 🙂

  3. Susan, fabulous pictures, and I love the outfits that you sewed for your grandchildren! Poor little Alex 😦 I hope he’s feeling better soon.

    How nice that your son’s surgeon and nurses were there too. As you say, a wedding certainly does qualify as quality of life.

  4. What a wonderful story, and especially the doctor and nurses must have been almost as happy as you and your family. Wonderful, wonderful. Looked great, every part of it, except for Alex’s burnt arm. Poor baby.
    Thanks so much for sharing suck a special wedding with us. Loved it.

  5. Lynn,
    The doc and the nurses made it an extra special day. One of the nurses told me it is the kind of day they live for. Dr. Kanter is already looking forward to Nick having kids of his own.

  6. Susan, thanks so much for sharing the wedding with us. I can imagine a tear of happiness or two watching Nick get married and how special to see nurses and his surgeon there part of his family. Ouch on poor little Alex. What a stress none of you needed but glad everyone made it to the wedding. Fiona x

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