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A Day Off

This is my second attempt at writing a blog today. That’s because I’m a little dazed and confused at the moment. I got to the end of my first set of ramblings, decided that I must have a book out this month, and when I’d got to the point of remembering which one and what it was about, realized that I’d just been doing something that the hero of the book gives the heroine something of a hard time for doing.

So I’ll start again. 🙂  This morning I woke up in the small hours with stars in my eyes. Not good ones, because the flashing lights were also accompanied by the suspicion that someone had driven a knife through my right temple while I slept, and the knowledge that I was going to be very sick any minute now.

I’m over the worst of it now, apart from feeling a bit wooly around the edges.  I’ve had migraine for most of my life, so I know exactly what to do.  I steer clear of things that trigger it – but the hot summer days and storms we’ve been having here recently are one thing I can’t avoid.  The main thing is, though, that I know I can take the Pink Pills, drink water and lie down somewhere cool and dark and I’ll be feeling better tomorrow.  That’s a gift I’m enormously thankful for.

I’ve shoe-horned myself off the sofa now though, because I’ve got a blog to write and a book to finish. In common with the vast army of parents of young children, carers and the self-employed, (and writers with a deadline 🙂 ) time off sick with relatively minor ailments doesn’t feature in the calendar. And since I’m among friends I know you’ll forgive me if I lose my thread, because I’ve got the attention span of a goldfish at the moment.

Of course, there are many people who are an inspiration to us, persevering through serious illness and disability to reach their goals.  But that’s not the same as being so wedded to your work that you feel you can’t take a day off.  We all know people who turn up at work running a fever, sneezing violently and complaining loudly, and the only thing they accomplish in the day is to give whatever they’ve got to everyone else.  On the other hand, I’m in favour of peeling myself out of bed as soon as I can – I reckon it makes for a faster recovery if I can reach for my laptop and write a few pages.  And when it comes to writing romance, I sometimes think that a slight fever actually helps a bit  🙂

I do know my limits, though.  You’d be forgiven for thinking I was a little drunk right after I’ve had a migraine, slurred speech, inability to concentrate, a tendency to fall asleep mid-sentence… So I won’t be signing anything, or climbing any ladders this evening.  And since I’m having a bit of trouble formulating my ‘end of blog’ question, please feel free to tell me what you think about absolutely anything.

Oh, and here’s the book.  It’s a close run thing, but I think my favourite this time is the US cover.  Sam’s been known to sit at her computer screen with dark glasses on before now (and no, I’m not admitting to having done that. Ever…). And Euan is just the man to drag her away from her work 🙂

A doctor to heal her heart

A doctor to heal her heart UK


14 thoughts on “A Day Off”

  1. Oh, poor you! Migraines are the absolute pits. I used to suffer from them too, but thankfully mine seem to have disappeared in recent years. Fingers crossed that yours wave goodbye when you reach a certain age :> In the meantime, feel free to cosset yourself!
    I love both the covers of your new book but the US one just has the edge, doesn’t it? Whichever you prefer I know the story is going to be great.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon,

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I’m sorry to hear that you used to get migraines too, but it’s great news that they’ve disappeared now. That certain age does seem to have its compensations. I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to follow your example in the glamour department as well? (Although I might well be in need of a minor miracle in that respect 🙂 )

      I really like the new cover designs, both here and in the US, and my first thought when a parcel of the US editions arrived was that the cover captured the book perfectly for me – I hope that it does for others, too. I love that they’re a high gloss finish, as well.

      Annie x

  2. Hugs on the migraine, Annie. I’ve never had one (touch wood – lots of wood!). The only time I ever really get any kind of headache is if its self inflicted… :-/
    The US one for me too!

    1. Thanks Amy! I was told once that if you don’t get a migraine by the age of 25 then your chances of ever having one diminish rapidly – so I’m touching wood for you too. The self-inflicted headaches are the best – at least you get to have a good time beforehand 🙂

      Annie x

  3. First off, deepest condolences on the migraine. Back when I had hormones, I’d get cluster headaches, which always attacked my left temple and felt like a jackhammer drilling a hole. Nothing helped, just had to run the course of 36 hours. Hugs to you.
    As for the book covers, hands down for me the US Cover is sexy and fun and I love it!
    Please feel better.

    1. Ow Lynne! Big hugs on the cluster headaches – I count myself very lucky never to have had those. I’m so glad they’ve eased now.

      Just goes to show that when you ask a group of women about practically anything you’ll hear something to cheer you up 🙂 And you and Jennifer have certainly made me look on the bright side – thank you!

      Annie x

  4. That sounds terrible! Poor you! My brother used to get horrible ones and be left in a dark room for hours/days on end poor thing. He was finally given an appointment at the doctor’s for a brain scan which had to be cancelled because he’d eaten pumpkin pie for breakfast. Apparently – that’s not how you prepare for a brainscan. If only I’d been writing Medicals then! xo Annie O’

    1. Hi Annie, yes the darkened room always helps. And the sunglasses. There’s definitely a creature of the night in my make-up somewhere 🙂

      I’ll remember the tip about pumpkin pie – that definitely needs to be in one of your books. I’m waiting with bated breath!

      (the other) Annie x

    1. Hi Fiona, yes I’m as fit as a fiddle now – thank you. The more I look at it (and I’ve looked at it quite a lot 🙂 ) the more I like the American cover – you’re right it is the sense of fun that’s so striking about it. And I think I see the sea over the hero’s right shoulder? Maybe? Well the story’s set at the seaside, so as far as I’m concerned that’s definitely sea 🙂

      Annie x

  5. So hope you’re feeling better, Annie. I’m lucky to have not experienced migraines, but know they’re horribly debilitating. Hugs!

    Your U.K. cover is nice, but I love, love your U.S. cover! Sexy and fun!

    1. Thank you Robin, I’m much better now. Yes, by unanimous vote, I think that the US has it this time. (Although the UK fought bravely and came in a respectable second 🙂 ) And there are balloons in the story as well, so both of them have done me proud.

      Annie x

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