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Prague by Kate Hardy

It’s difficult to know what to talk about today. The fact that 100 years ago today, Britain declared war on Germany; or the fact that in about six hours’ time from when I write this, I’m having a peripheral iridotomy and am ever so slightly nervous about it; or… no, I’ll talk about what I did last week, as that’s much nicer!

We went to Prague for a very long weekend (aka a research trip, as I’m planning to set a future romance novel here). It’s a beautiful city; the people are lovely and the food is excellent. I could bore you silly, here, as I have more than 400 photographs. But. Prague felt very ‘Central Europe’ and reminded us a lot of both Vienna and Paris. We loved the castle and the cathedral, and thoroughly enjoyed our river trip.

Prague is full of Art Deco buildings, and we really loved the Municipal House (it’s a concert hall and cafes).

prague day 2 008 municipal house It’s known as the City of a Thousand Spires for a very good reason (the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn)

prague day 2 013 our lady at tyn

And of course there’s the River Vltava flowing through it (just to prove that I *was* there…)

prague day 2 021 vltava pam

We had a wonderful view of the castle from the river bank.

prague day 2 022 castle and river

And we walked over the famous (and crowded) Charles Bridge:

prague day 2 027 charles bridge

The oldest (still working) astronomical clock in the world is in the middle of the old town square:

prague day 2 039 astronomical clock

Sadly the National Museum’s main building was closed for renovations:

prague day 2 041 national museum

But we visited the Cathedral of St Vitus:

prague day 3 005 cathedral

And had amazing views from the castle:

prague day 3 028 view

And the old castle was gorgeous inside (they held jousting in this hall – how cool is that?)

prague day 3 037 vladislav hall

We climbed 275 steps up to the top of the bell tower (yes, I’m hot and sweaty, but I climbed the lot in one go)

prague day 3 059 st vitus cathedral

We also visited the Czech equivalent of the Eiffel Tower (that was a bit scary, because it swayed in the wind at the top!)prague day 3 066 towerOne of my favourite bits of modern architecture was the Dancing House (which does indeed look like a dancing couple).

prague day 4 001 dancing house

And we did get to the bit of the museum that was open – and I found a surgeon’s instrument case from World War One (I thought that was appropriate for a medical authors’ blog, particularly today).

prague day 5 006 museum

We’d love to go back again in winter, because we think it would be really, really romantic then 🙂 And I’m all in favour of romance!

CPPB coverMy latest romance, ‘Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride’, is set in a fictional European capital – though, like Prague, it has a castle and a cathedral and very pretty streets. Where would you love to see a romance set?




11 thoughts on “Prague by Kate Hardy”

  1. Love the photos, Kate. Prague looks gorgeous. I went many years ago but need to pay a return visit. As for the setting of a romance novel, well, that depends very much on the characters and how the author brings them to life. I enjoy any setting if it provides a perfect backdrop for the story.
    Best of luck with your surgery,

  2. Wonderful pictures, Kate! I’m so envious of your ability to pop over to Prague (or other European countries) for a long weekend! It’s a bit father from the U.S. 🙂

    One of the many things I love about books is that I often learn about new places and things from their settings. I still well remember several Harlequin romances I read as a teen set in places like Tehran and the Outback of Australia. And now, researching places is part of the fun of writing them! So any setting that the author brings to life, and that teaches me something new, makes me happy.

  3. Loved the pictures, Kate – wouldn’t have minded all 400! Thoughts and prayers winging your way from me for you eye procedure. Take care!

  4. Word press has been mucking up on me and not letting em see any pics posted on WP blogs 😦 is verrrry frustrating especially as I’m dying to see your Prague pics, Kate. Sob!

    I guess by now the surgery is done so hope all went well xxxx

  5. I’d love to visit Prague, Kate! It looks awesome- why was it that when I lived so close to Europe I only ever went to France? So many wonderful places to see!
    Best of luck with the surgery xxx

  6. Kate,
    What a wonderful trip. I’ve never been to Prague but I have heard it is beautiful. Your pictures tell me the same. I’m going to put it on my list of places to go. A little romance in the snow and warm fire is always good.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Kate! What a wonderful clock – I would have had to camp out there for a while just to watch the dials going round 🙂

    I hope your surgery went well, and that you’re recovering now. xxx

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