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What a wonderful few days … with so many firsts!

I never planned at my age on experiencing a first, let alone multiple firsts in such a small space of time. The time for notching up firsts, I naively imagined was over, until I made the decision to register for Romance Writers of Australia’s Romance Rocks Conference and then a few months later board a plane bound for Sydney. Said plane was a little heavier due to my overweight luggage filled with everything that I might need over the four days ….and then a few more reserve pairs of shoes and earrings… and an extra scarf or three.

As I mentioned my first first was attending the conference. Although I had often planned to attend, registration had always closed before I had made a firm decision. Now after thoroughly and completely enjoying the 2014 conference, I will not miss another conference without a damn fine reason. The event was huge in vision and even grander in delivery. The committee have set such a high bar with their attention to detail, variety of speakers, abundance of delicious food at every turn and functions designed to make ‘newbies’ like myself feel so welcome. I feel that I have made new friends and look forward to many more conferences and one day being able to offer advice to a ‘newbie’ the way it was so generously given to me.


The second first was my ‘first sale’ ribbon presented to me by the RWA and proudly worn on my super handy conference ID pouch. This blue ribbon will find a home in a small, elegant frame and sit on my bookshelf for everyone to admire.


My third first was being a part of the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) book signing event. What an amazing hour, to sit with my two Mills & Boon Medical Romance releases, poised pen, chocolates to entice readers and all in the same room as the most gifted and wonderful romance writers in the world. The romance readers and reviewers I met were so lovely and encouraging and I felt very fortunate to be a part of this event and very grateful for the support I have received from ARRA. IMG_0944

My fourth first, and by no means the least of my firsts was meeting my first Mills & Boon editor, the gorgeous Flo Nicoll. She is so sweet and just as encouraging in person as over the telephone and in email. I am very proud to be a part of the Medical Romance family. 1407413377902

I had initially only remembered four firsts until images of the waiters’ biceps came rushing at me just as I was about to hit publish on my blog.   The Harlequin Author Dinner saw our drinks poured by men naked from the waist up and it was definitely another first. Generally when dining my waiters are fully dressed, most times quite conservatively, and it was a refreshing change …although I suspect a little chilly for them in the cool evening air.

If I kept thinking I am sure more firsts would jump onto the page….just when I thought I was on the dull side of fifty, I am starting to throw that idea out of the window and think this side has just as many firsts with a lot less angst! Have you experienced any firsts recently?


18 thoughts on “What a wonderful few days … with so many firsts!”

  1. Susanne,
    What wonderful firsts! Thanks for the great pictures also. I remember wearing my first sale ribbon and people talking to me when they noticed it. I gave serious thought to wearing it again the next year I enjoyed the attention so much. Glad you enjoyed the conference. There is nothing like them.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your ‘firsts’! Looks like the conference was wonderful – there’s nothing like being around talented romance authors who, I believe, are the nicest, most generous group of women in the world. I got to wear my ‘First Sale’ ribbon at the Romance Writers of America conference last year, and I have to say, I felt my chest puffing up a little as people asked me about it. A true thrill to finally reach that milestone! Big congrats on yours.

    That’s been my biggest recent ‘First’ for sure! A ridiculous first? Washing globs of ketchup off the dog’s face after my teen son and his friends had a little burger mishap while the dog was standing below, hoping for a treat 😉

    1. Love your ridiculous first … mine would have been walking into the men’s restroom at the airport …. I wear trousers most of the time so forgot that I needed to look for the stick figure in a dress!

  3. Sounds wonderful, Susan – So glad you made the decision to go. Looks like a really fun time.
    I recently went to my first author/reader conference and it is a whole different vibe from the professional feel at Romance Writers events.
    What was the name of that restaurant??? LOL

    1. It was such a fun time …. I will have to find out the name of the restaurant as it was a surprise but unfortunately the waiters are not standard with all meals! They were a special Harlequin order! 🙂

  4. So glad you had a wonderful time, Susanne! My recent first was meeting you! It was go great to get to meet you and spend some time with you. See you in Melbourne next year, right?

    1. It was so lovely meeting you and thank you for all of your invaluable advice. I wouldn’t dream about missing Melbourne. I’ve already checked out the hotel and put the dates in my diary.

  5. I’m with Fiona – I pick you, Susanne 🙂 Soooo fabulous meeting you. And believe me peeps no way is this woman on the dull side of any age! She is hip and chic and gorrrrrgeous!

    1. Thanks Amy – getting to know you at the conference was so much fun and Monday’s heart to heart was amazing. I will definitely take on board your suggestions. See you in Melbourne! 🙂

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