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I Know You’ve Got One…

It is oft said to be a good author, you should also be a good reader. I have to confess to a life of very eclectic – but nonstop – reading. I will go through a phase of only biographies, or books by one author (and then you inevitably end up mimicking their style for a bit. Don’t you? Just a little) – or thrillers, romances, travel books, foodie memoirs, tragic-childhood memoirs, magazines, epic tomes, short stories…. You get the drift.

The other day, I was idly gazing at the (enormous) stack of books beside the bed and decided I needed a bit of a clear up. Instead of reading all of the unread books by the bed – I kept acquiring new ones (everyone goes into the bookstore and comes out with more than they planned, right?). So I’ve rearranged it so that I can tackle it anew. Then I thought – I’d love to see everyone’s bedside pile. Or sofa side – or wherever you read. I tend to have a bed pile, a book in the handbag, a book by the stove and a few stuffed under the table by the sofa (which turns into a stack ON the table once it is officially Light a Fire Every Day Season).

So here it is – my bedside stack:P1140622I am in the throes of Butcher’s Crossing and absolutely love it – LOVE it.The double-whammy Medical Romance from Carol Marinelli has already been read and enjoyed. The Portrait of a Lady is next on the list – I’ve had it for ages and it’s been one of those books I was sure I had read – and then it turned out it wasn’t true. It is also on a recent list I read – Top 100 Romance Novels. Ever. Ditto to Norweigan Wood.

Now – here’s the pile that will slow down finishing of above pile:P1140619This one’s a bit of a misnomer as the middle two are my husband’s. This is the Beside the Sofa pile. Silas Marner – again – one that sounds like I should have read it – but haven’t. The Little Stranger – now…I started that one in the winter – got side-tracked by -uhhh – other books (and spring and summer)- and now that’s it’s beginning to be crank up the fireplace season – I am back into finishing it when I’m in the right room.

P1140623Here’s the pile Behind The Bedside Pile:

I’ve shown you mine….show me yours? 


18 thoughts on “I Know You’ve Got One…”

  1. Hmm, too ashamed to show a pic! Too much clutter around it! But my TBR pile is: The Son-In-Law by Charity Norman (current read – excellent!); Foldy-Rolly Patchwork Pizzazz (yes, that really is the title! I keep dipping into this one for quilting inspiration); The Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green and Stephen Fry in America ( a travelogue I keep meaning to read, but never quite get round to it, as other books push ahead of it’s position in the pile!)

  2. I like how you have Patchwork Marriage next to you Foldy-Rolly Patchwork Pizzazz…..maybe a lusty version of the former could be Patchword Marriage Pizzazz! Or, then again, maybe not. Thanks for your list!

  3. Hah! I keep my pile in a drawer. Books with the spine up so I can pull it open and see what I have. I’m not very neat ordinarily. Mish mash of romance, mystery, suspense, and stuff I’ve bought on a whim.

  4. My TBR pile has been decimated. It’s not because I have read all the books I have stored up but because I use my Kindle more than I ever thought I would.
    OK, so I have deliberately cut down the amount of books I buy as I am moving house soon and there is no way that I can fit so many books into a two-bedroomed apartment, but I find the Kindle so easy to carry round. It’s handy for holidays, and even handier if you suddenly have the urge to read something different at two in the morning. I am a convert to ebook readers. Amazing.
    PS. I am not admitting how many books I have stored in my electronic TBR pile though!

  5. Hey Annie – I rationalised mine about two months ago and now its only got all the debut HMB’s I buy and try to get through. I’ve been making a concerted effort to do just that since then so there are only about 8 in it now.
    It should be noted that I have other piles elsewhere though………

  6. I’m ashamed to join this discussion. I have an addiction. I’m a bookaholic. I read a book a night. I have around 60 in a crate to read, around another 25 mills and boon waiting to be read under the bed and another 40 on my kindle. And I can’t stop buying! On Saturday I bought The Humans by Matt Haig and The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Help!

  7. I have the same addiction! I am not sure from where exactly I think the amount of time required to read all the books in my bookcase will mysteriously come but I have faith and for that reason I keep adding to my stash. You make me feel sooooo much better that I am not alone! 🙂

  8. My biggest pile of books is in my Kindle. I can’t stop buying books for it, especially when bookbub offers Pearl S. Buck books for 1.99! I’ve also got a couple of YA and a Steampunk book waiting for me to read, oh, and a John Le Carre Single & Single – again thanks to bookbub. Not to mention my list of romances waiting impatiently for me to work my way through. I must say, the one I’m most looking forward to reading is nonfiction: Wired for Story by Lisa Cron. I had the good fortune of hearing her give a craft workshop in San Antonio ant RWA and the info she gave was amazing. So, of course, I must read her book.
    I never made it through Silas Marner in High school – I defiantly refused to read it as it bored me to tears. I wonder if I should go back and have another look? Henry James writing style is so different from todays that I had a very hard time reading The American several years back. Again, maybe I should take another look.
    Are you Buddhist? – Saw the figure behind your bedroom pile of books.

    1. I loved The American – thought it was fabbo – I think you should just read who you like. Whenever I try to force myself (like George Eliot) it never works out particularly well. I am not buddhist – but spent a lot of time in Cambodia and thailand and quite like the premise. anything that promotes general good tidings gets a nod in my book! I’ll have to look up Lisa Cron…she sounds inspirational!

  9. Ha ha, Annie, I have a few stacks of books in various places. I’m an eclectic reader as well. I love everything from romance (of course) to psychological thrillers to cozy mysteries. And even though I do most of my reading on a Kindle, I still love holding an actual book. Funny how that feels decadent now–to lie in bed with a paperback. Love your stack!

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