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Conference Shenanigans! by Amy Andrews

Conference season is over for another year. Sad face….. So I thought I’d give you some of the RWAustralia conference highlights which was in Sydney this year.

Firstly up – the fabulous Cherry Adair was our keynote and she gave and gave and gave of her time and was wonderfully funny and fabulously generous with love, cheers, support and advice!cherry



Secondly – there was wine.vino

Thirdly – The lights in the function room at night were all baby pink which added a lovely soft glow to the room but left us all VERY pink in the pictures! Here is myself with Denise Rossetti and Christina Brookes at the Award’s Dinner on Saturday night. This was the same dinner where our fabulous Lucy Clark won the Ruby for her wonderful medical – One Life Changing Moment. Sooooo thrilling to be there when the name was read out!

awards dinner

Fourth – being asked to sign a tin of Milo at the book signing by Brooke Del-Sewell was a delightful first. Why you may ask? All I can say is grab a copy of my current release –The Heat Of The Night and you’ll know why!!


And….keeping the best to last – meeting up with some of the wonderful medical authors! I managed to get one pic with a few of us together. This is myself with Louisa George and Sue Mackay (both Kiwis) and new kid on the block Susan Hampton who is very glamorous and artistic and so very nice with it too!


Sadly, there are no more conferences until next year now which means I have to get back to writing writing writing if I have any hope of convincing my husband to let me go to New York next year……

Do you have an event you look forward to ALL year??




16 thoughts on “Conference Shenanigans! by Amy Andrews”

  1. We host a wine party every year (as we win bottles of homemade wine from various badminton tournaments) for anywhere between 40 and 80 people. It’s a potluck so I never have to worry about food, and people bring lawn chairs (although I sometimes bring my dining room chairs out to join our numerous lawn chairs because people tend to forget them). We play numerous games (croquet, ladder ball, basketball, washer toss [like horseshoes], and street hockey on our double-wide driveway) and sometimes our friends in a band bring their musical instruments and perform. Most attendees bug me about it all year long to make sure they’re on the invitation list and to write down the date early so they can ensure they attend.

      1. Living in Southern Ontario, Canada would be a help, LOL!
        I must say, though, that I have dumped many friends from my annual lists. These are the friends who don’t let you know one way or the other if they are coming (several years in a row), even when you specifically ask them to; there are the ones who show up in a group of seven without any food or chairs, in addition to the groups of one or two who also do this the same year, so there is a scramble for me to bring out additional food fillers; and there would be the one girl who kept the wine bottle on her picnic table (never again), then kept replenishing it without my realizing, ending up sick in front of everyone.
        Basically I now invite those who have shown that they want to be there, adding in a few new friends each year. And I keep tabs on the wine bottles in our outdoor fridge….

  2. Hi Amy, one of the events I most look forward to is Christmas Dinner. I plan the table decorations and the menu a ridiculous time in advance and I play Christmas carols from the moment I wake up. Michael Buble and Michael Bolton both have Christmas albums….lucky me! It’s the time of year when the whole family is together and it makes me so happy. I will also add the RWA to my list of favourite events! I had the absolute best time with the fabulous medical authors … an amazing group of women and I can’t wait till next year!

    1. If your Christmas table is half as creative as those outfits you make, Susanne (and I bet it is!) I reckon it would be a sight to behold!
      I too put on Xmas carols first thing in the morning and they go all day. Nothing like chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose when its 40 degrees outside and the aircon is on! 🙂

  3. You look pretty in pink. I have had the opportunity to be at a conference in Washington state where Cherry Adair was taking part. She is a hoot, and not afraid to talk to anyone! Love the picture of Meds authors. I have also had the pleasure to meet Susan Hampton back in L.A. when she was visiting her daughter – many years ago. I’m so happy she is now one of the Meds authors!

    I always look forward to Christmas. Always.

  4. Certainly, the RWA conference here in the States is something I always look forward to! There’s nothing like being around other writers, and especially meeting fellow medical romance writers! Always makes me smile and feel rejuvenated and ready to write. Thanks for sharing the photos of your RWA!

    At home, we have an annual Fourth of July pool party with lots of food, fun, family and friends! It’s changed over the years, as all of the young children have become young adults and teenagers, with a few new little ones around, It seems to be everyone’s favorite party of the year, so I figure it will continue until we move someday and no longer have a pool!

    1. Your 4th of July party sounds like a hoot, Robin!
      Its funny how the faces of long-running parties change over the years, isn’t it, as kids get older, then partners start to appear then babies etc.

  5. Love the pictures, Amy! The only writing conference I’ve been to has been the RWA national conference, but I think it’s been three years since I’ve been able to go. I’m crossing my fingers and counting my pennies and hoping I can make it in 2015!

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