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The Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m sure most of the world knows about the ice bucket challenge by now.  Every celebrity and person no the planet seems to have done it by now.

And I have to confess to having a few favourites. Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart…..


I also have a pet hate.

Lots of people are doing it without mentioning the charity that is being supported.  So my only request is – if you decide to take on the ice bucket challenge, please, please talk about the charity and your donation to them.  Because that’s the most important thing of all.

Here’s my son


15 thoughts on “The Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. Love the video of your son taking the challenge. I rather think he enjoyed it too! Very brave of him to raise money this way. I’m afraid I am too chicken to do it so my charity contributions will have to be done the old fashioned way :>

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Needless to say my son is thrilled with me sharing a video of him shouting “it’s in my pants!”

  2. Aw, your son is so cute!!

    I hadn’t seen Benedict Cumberbatch’s many drenchings – too funny! I am a huge Patrick Stewart fan, and confess I’ve watched his more than once. Carefully writes the check, the ice goes in his glass, then toasts viewers with his scotch. Absolutely love it! This whole campaign has been fascinating, and I’d love to know how much money they’ve raised from it. And I’m willing to bet a whole lot of people who’d never heard of ALS and what a horrible disease it is now know. Kudos to the smart folks who got it rolling!

  3. Susan,
    I have to admit we are doing it here in the States as well. In fact I was the film crew for my husband ‘s icy event. I enjoyed it more than he did. You are right about mentioning the cause. Loved the videos.

  4. Susan, you have fixed on the one thing that I too kept thinking…how is this exactly raising money? It took me a couple of times before I translated your son’s cries and now I am putting a very heavy Scottish accent on all your posts 🙂 Thanks for sharing the very funny Cumberbatch video.

  5. Oh Fiona – its heavy, trust me 🙂

    Stoopid wordpress is not letting me see your son’s video, Scarlet, but I do like the others and in fact like all the ones I see.

    Robin I think this has already raised 30 million in the US – heard that somewhere yesterday?

  6. Hi Scarlet, love the videos, particularly the one of your son taking the challenge. You’ve cleared up the question as to how this is raising money for me, too 🙂 Such a good idea, and it’s a shame when the most important part of the message is lost.

  7. Scarlet, love the videos, and your son was adorable (and brave). And that accent…loved it!

    I saw a video (it may have been the one you mentioned in the comments) of a man diagnosed with ALS, and I cried. It’s such a horrible disease. I hope the money donated helps pinpoint a cure.

    Thanks for raising awareness!

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