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Book group blues…

Egads! It’s book group tonight (or, ‘wine group’ as my hubby calls it) and once again I’m running to catch up. When I was in a book group in England we all read the same book and spent the evening talking about nuances and themes etc (very literary!! LOL)…but the one I’m in now is a lot less formal and we basically all put a few books in and then comment on whether we liked them/storylines etc. I guess it’s more of a book swap really. What I really enjoy about it is getting the chance to read other people’s recommendations (for free!).

IMG_1194So, last month I was a little, er, optimistic, when I picked the books I was going to read in ONE month…(okay, just plain greedy!). What on earth possessed me to take ALL these books? Collectively there must be millions of words there- and given that I was away for a lot of that month at conferences and have a deadline of Wednesday for my own book there was no chance I was going to get through that lot! I did manage to read The Silkworm, however, which is the second book by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) and it was great- a little more complex than the first one and with a lot more characters so it got a bit confusing- still, a good mystery! I’m now halfway through The Collected Works Of AJ Fikry which is a very enjoyable romp about a grumpy bookseller. 

I’m going overseas on Wednesday and am taking my kindle, so I’ll be handing that pile back, red-faced, for others to enjoy.

Talking of books, can I just mention that one of my medical romances recently won an award! How To Resist A Heartbreaker (Book 2 in the Infamous Maitland Brothers duet) took first place in the short sexy category of the inaugural KORU Award (Romance Writers of New Zealand). The judges are people in romance reading book groups across NZ, so I was thrilled. Even more special was the fact that my editor was at the awards dinner along with the gorgeous Sue MacKay (who wrote book one of the duet) so we all got to celebrate together!


Me and Flo!
Me and Flo!
Sue and I
Sue and I

Okay, I best go now and finish my editing…or think about packing…or, maybe just read a chapter or two before I give those books back tonight! Are you in a book group? Is it a serious analyse-one-book kind of thing or a book swap?Where do you get your reading recommendations from?







10 thoughts on “Book group blues…”

  1. My book club, Hmmm. We have good intentions but we rarely finish the book or talk about it. Someone we talk about husbands, children, life, jobs. And sometimes there’s wine 🙂

  2. Louisa,
    I’m so proud of you winning the award but not surprised. I’m not a member of a book group but I have piles of books to read. I have recently decided that I’m going to take a couple of months to just read books by friends. I have to say I have been enjoying myself.

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