Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

Good Things Come….

…..to those who date, wait, inflate, elate and over-estimate. Amongst others.

The good thing that came to me was – after seven delicious months of being a freshly signed-on-the-dotted-line writer for Mills & Boon Medicals – was getting to go to the Authors Luncheon at the Charing Cross Hotel. Not only was the a) food super tasty b) the waiters nice enough to keep on refilling my Single Glass of Wine and c) the cocktail party was ripe with delicious strawberry blini-type things  – but a  big fat D for Delightful – I finally got to start putting some of the great names to rather wonderful faces.

It is one thing to read a romance – but to then get to be in a room surrounded by about 50 people who sit at their desks, laptops, kitchen tables and craft love stories – was a true pleasure.

I was sat next to The Other Annie (Claydon) who turns about to be supremely groovy and The Other Sheila – or The Sheila as I like to think of her – given that she’s a fine-tuned editorial pro helming the department into a Pulse or a Heartbeat or whatever the new name may turn out to be if we ever get a new name.

Which is a big massive party-laced dither to say I’ve had my first ever review (yeahhhh, wooowwwww!!!! Cue clapping, whoops and hollers) for my first ever book which will be hitting the kindles October 1st and some shelves October 3rd and (gasp for breath) I am so delighted to be in the company of such wonderful women, I couldn’t ask to have waited for a better thing. Cheers ladies!

The Surgeon's Christmas Wish


21 thoughts on “Good Things Come….”

  1. Thank you so much Tina! I’m a (awfully) bit enamoured of the cover – and a bit desperate to steal the model’s boots. Bring on the peppermint lattes! And gingerbread! And elves who do all your shopping and card writing and cooking for in-laws….HA! Good times.

  2. Annie, lovely to meet you! (For those who weren’t at the lunch, this woman oozes charm in person as well as on the page – it was no surprise that the waiters were nice enough to pop back and refill her Single Glass 🙂 ) Congratulations on your new book and your first review, and wishing you many more of both!

  3. Annie,
    I so wish I could come to the party sometime soon. It is a nice group to be a member of. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Huge congrats on your debut, your beautiful cover, and your fabulous first review, Annie! Yay, you! So wish I could have been mingling with all of you but, alas, crossing the ocean wasn’t in the cards this month 🙂 There truly is nothing better than being with other authors who understand why we’re crazy, isn’t it? Glad you had a wonderful time, and wishing you much success!

    1. Many thanks Robin – perhaps by next year – global warming will have shifted and the gap will not be so grand…or airfares will suddenly change to bus fare. It WAS great being with like-minded folk. A heap better than being with people who say, ‘Oh – you write the – Oh – yes…yes.. the Mills & Boon. I just didn’t want to insult you in case you wrote – you know – real literature.’ (True story. AWESOMELY charming party chit chat).

  5. Annie, sounds like an amazing time was had by you. It’s always wonderful meeting other authors, especially those writing for the same line as you do. Congratulations on your debut book. Here’s to many more.

  6. How exciting your afternoon with M&B must have been. I dream of having my luncheon with the authors in the future (hopefully before I’m too old to remember it). So glad yours was a grand afternoon, but…one question – where are the pictures????
    Love your new cover, and–second questions–where is the link to your first ever review????

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