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My first Halloween party!

In just over two weeks I will host my first Halloween party with a haunted house theme… not one drawn to anything too ghoulish or overtly scary I’m going for the Munsters or Dark Shadows feel.  My costume is ready, complete with long red wig and black jeweled crown, I have the scary menu (Including spider decorated eggs) and now enough decorations to turn the house into a something that Lilly or Morticia would find aesthetically pleasing.  I did  think of foregoing the dusting for few weeks to give my home a level of authenticity (and give me a break from housework)  but it would more than likely just result in asthma for the entire family.  So I shall hang the fake cobwebs, light the red candles in the antique silver candelabra and enjoy a tradition that my daughter, Orianthi (below dressed as a vampire) and her American friends have been celebrating for many years.


Of course what party would be complete without a playlist …so I headed to iTunes and bought Halloween party songs including dance hits like the Monster Mash, Purple People Eater and the theme from Psycho!  How could the party not be a huge success with this classic music, gratuitous fake blood and bad wigs?


What surprises me most is that it’s taken me this long to get into the scary spirit and throw my first Halloween party.  And it can’t be my last because true to form, I got carried away and I now have enough tacky decorations to fill at least one wing of a Westfield Mall!

Have you ever thrown a Halloween party, been a guest at one or would you rather forget this trick or treat tradition?


13 thoughts on “My first Halloween party!”

  1. Have fun Susanne! we lived in the States so we had few Halloweens. In Madison that meant the first night of snow cos all the kids were in flimsy costumes. I brought home Halloween flags and fun decorations including socks and a brooch that goes, wooooo. Of course now the retailers down here are stocking Halloween things to make money but its spring here and daylight savings and it just never feels like Halloween which is to ward off winter.

    1. Hi Fiona, I had no idea that Halloween was to ward off winter… it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to celebrate in Australia when we are heading into summer. To be honest I never thought about the meaning further than a way to boost candy sales and have some fun by making neighbors provide treats to strangely dressed children… and their often oddly dressed parents who accompany them around the neighborhood! 🙂

  2. Being an Aussie I’m always a little bit like – halla-wha?
    But I really freaking really want to go to your party, Susanne!! 🙂

    1. I always felt the same way … not sure what came over me to suddenly want to celebrate … now every store is brimming with Halloween goodies and I’m totally caught up in it! You are so welcome to join us … just knock and someone creepy will let you in! 🙂

  3. Hah, I’m an American and truthfully I never liked Halloween as a child. I didn’t like scary things and I always felt everyone else had a better costume than me. It felt like every time I went trick or treating I was either freezing cold or stumbling around in the dark.

    That got even worse when I was in high school and college and if you were doing a costume at all it had to be very creative and/or sexy. Too much pressure to think of something and play pretend

    But now that I have little kids I really enjoy it because they enjoy it. Kind of like Christmas is more fun with kids around. It’s a bit dorky (naff?) , but we even do themed costumes and take a family photo. The photo then goes on the Christmas card. That way I have hope of getting the cards out before new years!

  4. I’ve never thrown a Halloween party, but I love the holiday anyway. For me it signals things like hot spiced cider, gorgeous displays of colorful leaves and warm fuzzy socks. Hey…maybe I should throw a party after all, since fall is my favorite season of the year! 🙂

  5. Long ago when we were more fun, my hubby and I attended a few Halloween parties. For one party, I wore a camouflage shirt and hubs wore camouflage pants – we were ‘Upper and Lower GI’ Yeah, that medical humor – doctors are hilarious! 😉 Now I feel like the whole costume thing seems like too much work, but have friends who absolutely love it.

    My kids, though, always loved trick-or-treat night! The last couple of years my boys dressed up and went trick-or-treating, it was their mission in life to get as much candy as possible, running from door to door with their friends, carrying a pillow case because it’s sturdy and holds a lot. Both had years where they got – believe it or not – 7 pounds of candy! Can you imagine how tired a thirteen year old would get running for miles carrying that? Then sorting the stash…all kinds of fun. And Mom got the Almond Joys that nobody else liked, which was one of those good/bad things!

    I hope your party is a big success, Susanne! We’d like to see pics!

    1. I have a huge bowl of chocolates by the door … that keeps getting smaller because we take on every time we leave the house! I’ll have to replace the sweets before the pillow case carrying trick or treaters arrive next week!

  6. Hi Susanne! Your party sounds amazing! We must see pictures! I was brought up to believe that Hallowe’en was about protecting ourselves against the spirits that were about, as November the 1st is All Saints’ Day, so I always felt a little spooked by the whole idea- all those lost souls floating around……I went to a university called Trinity and All Saints and we used to have no lectures and a big party on All Saint’s Day. The idea of going from house to house was to offer prayers in return for cakes..I understand!

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