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Welcome Annie O’Neal


I discovered Medical Romance when: I met the man who would become my husband. I had been working in television and had a couple of months in between jobs so thought I would have a go at writing a romance given that I was in the heady throes of falling in love. When I was looking on the Mills and Boon website I saw the Medical Romances and knew it was the genre for me.

I wrote my first story when: I was about 10. I very distinctly remember writing a story about a squirrel named Spunky who liked to sort out the social dynamics amongst his large family of squirrels.

 Where do you live? On a farm in Southeast England along with my husband, 15 cows, 2 sows, 12 piglets, a handful of chickens (number changes depending upon Mr Fox!) and two very large dogs.

 My best trait is: my newfound ability to make salted caramels.

 My worst trait is: Clumsiness. I can fall off of a flip flop. Not very graceful.

Five things on your bucket list:

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Publish a Medical Romance (hey wait! I got that one!)

Eat sushi in Japan

Learn how to barrel race in a rodeo

Make a faultless batch of profiteroles

Out now:        The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish


 Not just for Christmas… Lone wolf Dr Tara Braxton is finally back on track. Running a ski injury clinic is a world away from her old life… and her research-stealing ex-fiancé. But her peaceful existence ends when she hires Dr Fraser MacKenzie. With his haunted sapphire eyes he simultaneously weakens her knees and presses all the wrong buttons! And when an unexpected kiss leaves them both reeling their frozen hearts begin to melt. Can Fraser overcome the secrets of his devastating past in time to make Tara’s Christmas wish come true?



23 thoughts on “Welcome Annie O’Neal”

    1. Amy – I need LOTS of advice on profiteroles – can’t get the crispy exterior going on. Not good. Profiteroles….let’s just say there was a tower of them as tall as me at the wedding. Yum yum.

  1. Congrats on your debut novel! And on achieving the dream of getting published with M&B. The cover is stunning! Can’t help you with skiing or profiteroles but happy to help with anything else! I look forward to adding your book to my TBR pile.

    1. Thank you so much Nicki – it has been on my New Year’s Resolution list (getting published by M&B) for a few years running – so I think instead of crossing it off – I’m going to HIGHLIGHT it. And put it in bold. And a huge font. Not that I’m so anal retentive I type my new year’s resolutions or anything.

  2. Huge congratulations on your debut M&B Medical, Annie. (Have you written the next one yet?) I must admit I have cover envy, love it 🙂 and look forward to reading it.

    1. Thank you so much Emily! I’m such a happy camper. The good news about floating on air about the cover is – reality has presented itself in the form of the French version. It’s a double pleasure number (i.e. two books) and the other book – which i have yet to read (excited Miss Avril Tremayne!) has clearly trumped mine and it features a huge toddler’s head (not disembodied) – but it made me appreciate my Debut cover all the more. Boom!

    1. Spunky the Squirrel was a cracker. He really had some woodland savvy. Maybe I could get M&B to do a new line of Woodland Creature Romances – SURELY someone would be curious to know how Spunky and Unicorn got on?

  3. Welcome Annie and huge congratulations on your debut medical- the cover is gorgeous. How does a person barrel race in a rodeo? Please expand!

    And as for Spunky the squirrel – how did you come up with that name? It doesn’t have entirely innocent connotations!

    Wishing you lots of writing luck- don’t think you’ll need it though – and really looking forward to reading your debut novel.

    Anne Fraser x

    1. Lordy – Spunky…..Well – I’m guessing the innocence of youth. At the ripe age of nine I hope (PRAY) my mind wasn’t already twisting in a sassy direction. check that – it probably was – but let’s just say Spunky might stay in the shadows a bit longer (that sounds naughty, too! No winning with this one.)

  4. Welcome, Annie! Congratulations on achieving that big goal of becoming a published author, and with such a beautiful first cover, too. If you need any information on profiteroles, ask Amy – I’m with Lynne, I had to look up what they are on the internet! If you’re Interested in advice on all variations of spaghetti and meatballs, though, I’m your gal 🙂

    1. You know Robin – now that you mention it – my interest in a good meatball has been piqued. Bring it on. I have to make three new recipes a week (another new year’s resolution) and I’ve never (!!!) made meatballs. (In case you think I’m kidding, I have my Very Serious Face on.)

    1. Tina! Thank you very much – snowy delights always look great – the only way they could’ve improved the cover is if there was a Hot Chocolate stand somewhere in the background. I am going to be accused of gushing – but I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for how welcome I’ve felt in the Medical Romance world. Just delighted. (Cue fireworks display).

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