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Hello from India

Built to house the statue of Queen Victoria!
Built to house the statue of Queen Victoria!

HI All,

I know I haven’t posted here for ages and that’s not because I’ve moved permanently to India (although I am lucky enough to be here on holiday -more of which later) but because I’ve taken time out to write two historical fiction novels for a different publisher and as Emma rather than Anne Fraser.

The first, When the Dawn Breaks, is18108523 set during WW1 was published last year (and short listed for the RNAs Epic Romantic Novel of the year) and the second, We Shall Remember, set during WW2 was published last week.

My fellow medical authors kindly agreed to let me use this blog to let you know about them – not least because both books have a medical back ground as well as a love story at their centres. Also, anyone who has read my medical romances will know I love to write books set in different countries- Falling for Dr Dimitriou my latest M&B is set in Greece and my historicals were set in Serbia and Poland respectively (as well as Scotland).

Train station in India..waiting for the Darjeeling mail to arrive.

And now I’m in India where my next historical will be set. Out of all the countries I’ve lived in or visited, India has to be the most different. We only arrived on Monday yet already we’ve seen so many sides to India. From Kolkata with its teeming population, buzzing atmosphere vast numbers of people, tooting cars, stalls selling everything you can imagine to the odd (cemeteries in jungle settings ) and to the breath taking (the Himalayas at sunrise and my first and probably last sighting of Mount Everest.) And yet we’ve only been here four days. So much more to see and experience.

I’ll be tweeting and posting on EmmaFraserAuthor Facebook page and my EmmaFraserbooks twitter account

Sunrise over Everest

if anyone would like to follow my journey. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about the most interesting place you have ever visited.

Love Anne Fraser x


13 thoughts on “Hello from India”

  1. It is an amazing country. And as I say we have only scratched the surface. The Darjeeling Mail was quite an experience …. but fun. Still got parts of the travel to arrange.

  2. Oh, lucky you to be in India! It has always fascinated me although I have never actually made it there. I’ve visited a lot of lovely places and it’s hard to choose a favourite but Thailand definitely comes high up the list as well as the Rocky Mountains. Both were stunning in very different ways.
    Have fun on your trip.

    1. Hello Jennifer

      I thought the Rockies spectacular. I also really liked northern Thailand. I wasn’t so keen on Bangkok however – probably something to do with it being monsoon season. I think also because I didn’t expect the crowds. It helped being prepared for Kolkata.

    1. Hi Nicki Just to set the record straight I haven’t moved to India permanently, just here on holiday! But enjoying it so much there’s a good chance I’ll come back again and again.

      1. Oh I must have mis-read what you wrote! Enjoy your holiday then! India has never been on my wish list – it just feels like it was be so noisy and smelly and dirty but I know people who have been and rave about their time there.

        1. I probably wasn’t very clear. To be honest I never fancied India for the reasons you mentioned but research gave me the impetus to go. I’m so glad I made the effort because its such a huge country, everyone would find a part to fall in love with. Darjeeling for eg is stunning with its mountains and valleys as well as being cooler.

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