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Sue Mackay asks -What happened to typewriters and telephones???

I’m surprised I have any hair left today because these past eight days have been STRESSFUL.

In this world of cell phones that can do anything except hang out the washing, and computers that tell me what to do, it’s hard for other people to believe that we don’t have Broadband, that we’re only one step on from dial up. Our internet is via satellite, which is fine, though a little slow. There are times when it is not fine – like when the wind is blowing like stink, which it does most days of spring: like when there’s low cloud cover or fog, which happens periodically in winter.

But hey, I chose to live out here in this idyllic setting miles away from towns and people and cars – and broadband. So, most days I suck it up and life’s good. We’re aren’t the only ones dealing with this. Remote areas around the world have the same or similar issues.


As the photo says, life’s pretty darned amazing.

But then there is the ME factor. Ten days ago I went to the desktop and there was a download going on. It looked okay to me so I clicked yes on the continue button and did as I was told – went away for forty minutes. Well, twenty four hours later 90% of our months usage had been gobbled up, access to my other email site, my blog sites, etc, had become beyond difficult, and I was in the dog box with my DB. (Not so dear for a few days.) I never click on downloads so what I was thinking – probably wasn’t – I have no idea.

Thank goodness for men who eat, sleep and breath computer technology. A few days later we were almost back to normal. See, nothing happens quickly when you live in Paradise. Tradesmen and computer men naturally take the jobs closer to home first.

So if you’re reading this it means all is well in my corner again. If you’re not then I’m bald and you haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

Does anyone else out there have these problems?


15 thoughts on “Sue Mackay asks -What happened to typewriters and telephones???”

  1. Hi Sue. Yes we all have those pesky tech issues. I was just two days and 4k words into NaNoWriMo, when my laptop went weird. It kept telling me I was in an automatic repair loop and nothing I tried worked. I took it back to the shop and over one week and one new hard drive later, I had my computer back, but I’d lost all documents on it and all photos. Thankfully, I backed most of it onto a USB stick, including my current book. I’m glad the ‘tech’ is working again, but it did made me long for a typewriter, when all I had to do was change a ribbon.

    1. Ouch, Louisa, I’ll never complain again. Until tomorrow. at least you were prepared. Goes to show how precarious these tech things are, doesn’t it?

    1. Timesink. I like that word, Fiona. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking, or if I was even thinking. Usually I don’t go near any downloads.

  2. Sue! I envy your paradise, dream of it daily. I would love to disconnect, but there is that darn pesky part of me that wants to know what’s going on with the rest of social media.
    My question to you is, what is your DH doing in paradise when he eats and breathes technology?

    Love, love, love your picture.

    1. Ah, Lynne, tis not my DH who’s the techno wizard. No, had to get one to come out here. My man went into an even bigger tailspin than me. Who, when he’s not going to work, has a huge vegetable garden and seems to grow enough garlic and potatoes to feed a small nation. For relaxation he goes fishing or dredging for scallops. Making you even more jealous? 🙂

  3. Sue, what a nuisance! I feel your pain as this past week my personal email account was hacked and used to send out spam. I would personally love to see the people who do these things hung, drawn and quartered – well, maybe that would be a little extreme, but you get my drift.
    As for the downside of living in such a gorgeous part of the world and having a slow Internet connection then it must be worth it. At least while you are waiting for things to work you can stare out of the window . . .
    Hope everything returns to being serene and beautiful in your particular paradise.
    PS. For anyone reading this please don’t follow the link to my old website: Jennifer – taylor. com
    Several years ago my domain name was bought by some unscrupulous person and is being used to advertise their products. Unfortunately, the address has crept into my latest books again.

    1. Jenny, I’m with you, give ’em what they deserve.
      Yes, living out here has lots going for it, and staring out the window often is a constant. My DH and I agree that the day we stop looking at the view is the day we pack up and go to town. Our day starts with a cup of tea in bed and gazing out on the scene in that photo.

  4. What a gorgeous photo, Sue! Yes, I’m feeling jealous!

    Sorry about your technology issues – it’s amazing when it works, but terribly frustrating when it doesn’t, especially for those of us who are tech challenged. Good luck!

    1. Hi Robin, I’m late getting back to you because of further problems with internet. Grr. I am definitely techno challenged. What did happen to all those old typewriters? 🙂

  5. Sue,
    I don’t live out in a remote area as you do but I have content tech problems. My computer is sick right now and off being fixed. My only life line is my husband old laptop. I’m glad you are getting back to normal.

    1. Hi Susan, define normal. We’ve had sporadic coverage this week so fingers crossed we are now good to go. Yep, living out here only slows the system, and is no excuse for making a bad download or any other problems.
      Glad you had a back up computer to use. We writers are hopeless without one.

  6. Hi Sue, I’m definitely late to the conversation, but I can relate. When we lived in Brazil, our internet was kind of hit and miss (along with the electricity). A few drops of rain had the power to knock everything out. One time we were having a dinner party and four hours before everyone was to arrive our power went out and stayed out the entire time. Luckily I had a gas stove and was still able to whip up our dinner. But we ate by candlelight that night. I used to get more irritated when the internet went out than when the power went out (of course it took our internet with it, lol). But despite it all, I loved living there. The beauty of the country definitely made all the other stuff bearable.

    Glad you’re up and running again!

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