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Book Club Bonanza!

IMG_1828 Hello all! Well. I had an absolute hoot of a night the other day. I went to my very first book club (up in dazzling London Town) at the invitation of a friend who asked me to be the Guest Author for her group. It was her turn to host and the lure of three types of quiche, petit chablis and a three-layered carrot cake was too much to turn down. I am brand spankin’ new to the magical world of Mills & Boon and have to admit – got myself into a bit of a state. I had a tantrum in front of my husband, cried, almost was sick and couldn’t eat. Let me explain. My pal is EXTREMELY brainy (she’s a magistrate, a journalist – how we met – and on the board of a couple of companies. A synaptic gap leaper. Brainiac. You get the drift). I was anticipating a group of similar Power Women, hot off the boardroom table (oooo – now there’s a sizzling idea) all devastated because they were reading The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish rather than their usual goulash of Proust, Kingsolver, Tartt, Dostoyevsky etc. Turns out I was as wrong as a raven in a  palm tree. For one of the first times – they had ALL read the book (apparently they normally can’t even decide on ONE book to read – and split the group in two and then rarely get about finishing the books). They enjoyed it, wanted to know if I had the film rights because they could all see it (read: themselves) on the ski slopes of Colorado falling in love with a sapphire-eyed hero (they quoted me to me – it was awesome and hilarious!). I printed out one of the editor’s list of things that are NOT sexy (tongues in ears was collectively agreed upon). We talked about the different genres, the level of boom boom in each book (do they MAKE you????) etc etc. It was a ball. If you’re a newbie, haven’t been a guest author – or had an author to come along to your group – I would highly recommend it. It was a huge confidence booster. IMG_1821Most (ALL) of them came with pre-conceived notions of Mills & Boon, the authors, the heroes, the heroines and I would say they all left a bit more illuminated. And at the end – we all ate cake. Yum yum. IMG_1999


13 thoughts on “Book Club Bonanza!”

  1. Annie,
    How much fun? I sounds like you were an excellent ambassador for romance and medicals in particular. I love that they had all read your book. That says something big about your talent. I’m glad you had a great time.

  2. So good that you had positive reception, Annie- but of course you did because your book is fabulous I’m sure! I was once invited to a friend’s book group and it was good fun- people seemed genuinely interested in the process/story etc…(Or maybe they were just being kind!)

  3. Love, love, love this story! Yay you, and how can I get a hold of that editor’s list of what isn’t sexy? LOL. Good for you for holding court and for opening some braniac brains to our genre.

    Also, I love how your personality (what we call voice in writing, right?) shines through your blogs. You sound like a fun lady.

    1. Thank you so much Lynne! I will try to find that editor’s list of the not sexy things – Charlotte did it as one of her blogs – I found it on twitter but can’t find it now…it was hilarious (no tongues in ears, no – ermmmm…members on ladies’ bellies….etc etc) – will try to hunt it down because I was fairly certain I had at least one in my latest tale. Speak to you soon, no doubt – x Annie

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