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In Celebration of Our Furry Elves

I bet when you first read the title, you thought I was blogging about Elvis. A furry Elvis. No such luck. I’m talking about our four-legged Christmas helpers. Our pets. Those creatures that make the holidays a little brighter (or in the case of our grand-kitty, a bit of a challenge as we try to hunt down missing ornaments and patch shredded wrapping paper).

But in all my years of having pets, I’ve never once dressed them up. Not for Christmas. Not for Valentine’s Day. Not just for the heck of it. Until…

<Entering the confessional with a sigh and closing the door behind me>

Until this year. Until I saw a picture of a friend’s horse with a Santa hat and went, “Awwww…”

I found a similar hat at a store for a bargain price. I bought it, still not admitting to myself why I needed it so badly. A couple of snips of the scissors later, and I’d attached it to one of my horse’s halters. The red one—the one that was just perfect for spreading Christmas cheer.

And then I did it. I put it on her.  And she tossed her head as if she actually liked it (or so I told myself).  The final nail in the coffin was when I took a picture and posted it on this blog.

Dolly, spreading a little holiday cheer.
Dolly, spreading a little holiday cheer.

Hello. My name is Tina. And I’m a pet-dresser-upper.

<Exiting the confessional and holding the door open>

Anyone else have something they’d like to admit? Or do you have a picture to share? Don’t worry, as you’ve just read, I’m in no position to judge anyone. Do you dress your pets up…or throw a sweater on them in cold weather? Inquiring minds want to know.

Dolly (the horse in the picture) and I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!  GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAOr maybe she’s just wishing someone would take that silly hat off of her.


14 thoughts on “In Celebration of Our Furry Elves”

  1. So funny, Tina!!!!! Your dirty little pet-dresser-upper secret is safe with us…and the rest of cyberspace! I have two cats and dressing them in anything would be a major undertaking and a serious scratch risk so we don’t bother!!

    Happy holidays to you and your family (and poor, poor Dolly) xx

    1. Thanks for keeping my secret, Louisa! My dog and grand-kitty are currently safe (although a pug in a tutu does strike me as hilarious…except he’s a boy). And grand-kitty? Like your cats, mine would probably dress me up instead–in a new scratch-mark suit. 😉

    1. Thanks, Amy, she’s a sweet girl (and amazingly tolerant, as the pictures show). I obviously appreciated my friend’s efforts a little too much, which is how Dolly wound up in that predicament.

  2. I can see why you couldn’t resist, Tina! She is adorable in that hat (and without it, too, I’m sure!) I confess that I did put our bulldog in a sweater that has our local university’s logo on it on for a couple of football game days, much to the disgust and protest of the rest of my family. They shouldn’t have been too surprised, though, as I have a photo of my middle child/oldest son as a toddler in his sister’s tutu and some jewelry. I did it because there’s an old photo of my husband in similar garb as a child when his mother had dressed him that way, so I thought it was a bit of a tradition, right? 🙂

    But, yes, the dressing up pets thing can be taken a bit far, in my opinion! *Off to look for those fairy wings my daughter used to have…the dog would look soooo cute in those….*

    1. Awww…I bet your bulldog looked adorable in that university sweater. We have a pug and there’s something about those stocky dogs (like pugs and bulldogs) that are just adorable in or out of clothes. 🙂 And go for it with the fairy wings. You just have to promise to post pictures!

    1. Ha ha, Fiona, I’m glad Dolly filled you with Christmas cheer! Her stall? Not so much (she’s stuck inside when it’s rainy and cold–makes for a lot of cleaning). I love Pekoe’s name. It always reminds me of teatime. 🙂

  3. Tina! Your horse looks beautiful in that hat, and I’m glad she knew it was something different and maybe special. Okay. I was given reindeer antlers by the pet store guy for my doggie and I have put them on him. Milo goes still whenever I put them on, and doesn’t seem sure what to do, so it makes for great picture opportunities. If I could figure out how to post one here, I would. I’ve never been big on dressing pets, but when it’s cold Milo also has a nice warm red doggie best…
    I’ll let you form your own opinions.

  4. I bet Milo looks cute in his reindeer antlers! And Alex (our pug) gets covered up with a blanket on chilly nights, and he has a plush fuzzy bed right next to ours (he would hurt himself if he tried to jump off our bed, because it’s an old-fashioned high one).. So while it’s not dressing him up, he does get spoiled. He only goes out long enough to use the bathroom on winter days (he’s out and back in in an instant), so we haven’t used a sweater on him yet, but I might if we took him out for longer than a minute or two. I’d love to see a picture of Milo in his red vest. 🙂

  5. Hi Tina, Dolly looks gorgeous!

    I’ve been harbouring my confession for a while, so I guess it’s time to get it off my chest. When I was a teenager, a friend had a dachshund – the vet had said that he should wear a coat in the cold weather, and he had a very nice cosy vest to wear. And also a striped one, that my friend’s mother had knitted for him. And… well dachshunds probably shouldn’t wear stripes. He didn’t seem to mind that his new coat made him look endlessly long though – when we dressed him up and took him out, we were far more embarrassed than he was 🙂

    As for my own pets – cats don’t go for the dressing up thing, unless they decide to do it for themselves. My little black cat used to love choosing a bauble from the tree, knocking it down and then carrying it around with her for days. I quickly learned to put the breakable ones at the top, where she couldn’t reach them.

    1. Ha, Annie. I bet dachshunds are a bit like me…our stripes should only go in one direction for best results. I would have loved to have seen that knitted sweater, though!

      And our grand-kitty wouldn’t let us within a mile of him with any kind of fabric item. Unless it was something for him to play with. Then he’s all for it! We bought a new hanging light fixture for our dining room today, and he wanted the empty box something fierce. Only the flaps were hanging on the outside, and every time he tried to jump in, he got knocked back down by those pesky flaps. We were laughing so hard, poor thing, until we finally had pity on him and turned the box onto its side so he could play.

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