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Today is a SNOW DAY!  And I know that any of you living in a sometimes snowy place know what it’s like to have one!

Snow Day!
Snow Day!

It’s that day when you were a child and had the unexpected joy of no school because of a heavy snowfall.  Or as a parent when your children got the day off, bundling up to build a snowman and have a snowball fight.  Maybe making snow ice cream, or drinking hot chocolate after they came into the house with their cheeks pink and cold, their multiple snowy layers of clothes peeled off in a pile just inside the door a bit like Frosty melting and leaving behind his top hat and gloves.       2008-04_LWML_Zone_Conf_002-2

I LOVE snow days, and have memories of a few special ones.  Like the time my brother and I trudged to school in what seemed like very deep snow to me, and not a soul was around. Not the crossing guards, not any other children.  We knew it was strange but weren’t sure what to do, so we kept going until the custodian shoveling outside our school stared at us and said, “What are you kids doing here? There’s no school today!”  We were pretty annoyed that our mother seemed to be the only clueless one in the neighborhood. 🙂

And there was the time I was in college, and the large university I attended had never–as in never–closed for weather in their 100 year history. I had a mid-term exam I was not ready for, and I was so worried about it I could hardly sleep. Lying in bed, my radio came on as my alarm, with the announcement that the university had closed due to a blizzard of snow.  To me, it was an incredible blessing from God to have an extra day to study!

Then there were the snow days with my children.  I had so much fun with the three of them – so adorable, if I do say so myself! 🙂 Here’s a pic of my son James when he was tiny, with his best friend Joe, who was not so tiny!  I remember them spending literally hours building a snow fort, and having an epic snowball battle afterward. IMG950941_4

Fun snow days are nothing new, of course.  Here’s a pic of my parents, long before I was born, enjoying being snow-bound at my aunt’s house in the countryside after a big snowstorm.  They look pretty happy, don’t they? 10707984_10202587525561518_1555790740_n

And snow days are not just for humans – critters enjoy them too!000_0696

Needless to say, though, not all snow days are fun days.  Too many in a row make kids antsy, parents cranky, and drives to work and the grocery challenging.  One plus of having a teen still at home?  This morning, my son George went out to use the snow blower and shovel when I asked him to, promising I’d be out there to help him soon.  I got a wee bit distracted while writing, and next thing I knew, he’d come inside having completely finished the job without me.  I’d like to say that was normal, but to be honest I was shocked!  Could he be expecting clean clothes in the morning?  😉

Here he is, bundled up long before he was a good snow shoveler.IMG952352_3

How about you?  Any Snow Day memories?  And if you aren’t in a snowy place, I’d love to know if there are any equivalents to a Snow Day where you live!

By the way, I have a Valentine’s release that will be coming out on February 1st, titled       It Happened in Paris.  While there’s no real snow day in the story, there is a bit of rain and snow and kissing beneath an umbrella – how romantic is that?



17 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!”

  1. Here I snows little, but I remember that as a child I did the snowman, and play with snowballs with my friends. It ‘very romantic stroll and kissing under the umbrella especially when it snows. 🙂

    1. It is romantic to be close under an umbrella with someone, isn’t it Franca? In fact, I enjoyed writing that scene so much, the umbrella makes its appearance a few more times in the book! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the photos. I really can’t remember snow days when I was young. I came from a small town and we walked to school. I was less than two blocks away. I think kids living a bit farther away would miss a day or half day sometimes.

    1. We don’t get a tremendous amount of snow like some places do, Kaelee, which is probably why when it snows more than four inches or so, school is usually closed. Sounds like you grew up somewhere similar – I think those places with lots of snow don’t close often because they’re prepared for it! Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂

      1. Thanks, Frenchie! If you read ‘It Happened in Paris’ I’d love it if you let me know if I made any glaring errors about France, or got it mostly right! 🙂

  3. Robin.
    I enjoyed the pictures. We have a lot of snow days in Georgia. If we get a flake the schools close. Last year the snow came in during the day and they schools had a hard time getting the children home. Today, it is bitter cold. Ten degrees with a high of 32. I have a fire going and soup on the stove.

    1. I remember there was massive chaos during a snowstorm in Atlanta last year, wasn’t there Susan? I’m surprised your temps went all the way down to ten degrees – we were at -8 this morning, and school closed again because of the wind chill. Soup and a fire sound like just the thing today!

  4. Love those snowy pics, Robin.
    We dont get snow here. The kids are more likely to get a hot weather day off school. Although that is very rare – the temp has to be above 45 I think which isn’t common. It is crazy though in a country as hot as ours that our schools don’t have aircon!
    We’re more likely to get time off school for cyclones etc. I remember 2 instances when I was at school when we had cyclone days. Exciting as a kid but not so much for everyone else who has to deal with destruction on a massive scale.
    We had huge floods here in Brisbane 3 years ago where many schools were flooded. It was over the summer holidays luckily so it didn’t affect kids going to school. More recently we had a G20 day when all the schools in metro Brisbane got a day off for security reasons??

  5. Wow, that’s interesting, Amy! Heat days and cyclone days! And yes, you’re right, sometimes the things that are exciting for kids are much more worrying for adults. That flooding sounds terrible! Here’s hoping for no heat or cyclone days for you this year, or scary security closings!

  6. Thank you, Fiona! I love the cover too! We did have a lovely snow day, though not the same kind as when my kids were little. This one involved my son’s friends coming over to hang out, get in the hot tub, jump out to make snow angels while in their swimsuits, then back in the hot tub! And a good day for me to hunker down and write 🙂 It’s still super cold, though, and I’m wondering if we just might have another day off due to wind chill like we had today, which frankly seems a bit absurd to me 🙂

  7. I think we must have had the same snow day as you did, Robin! My son enjoyed sleeping in. Honestly? So did I! 😉 He still had a 2 hour school delay, even today, because of the bitter cold that’s hanging over our area.

    I love your cover. Dreamy!

    1. Yes, definitely the same cold front, or Polar Vortex, or whatever they’re calling it this time around, Tina. And it’s supposed to get super cold again tonight! Erg. Glad you think my new cover is dreamy – so do I! 🙂

  8. Love your snow pics Robin! I love a bit of snow – we don’t get snow every winter here, so I’m a bit of a kid about it when we do. And of course we get plenty of rain, so an Englishman’s umbrella is his best friend 🙂

  9. I’m a bit of a kid about snow, too, Annie, as you can probably tell! There have been a number of years where we’ve barely gotten any, either, but for the past ten years or so we’ve gotten more than usual. Maybe climate change, I don’t know! But for the most part I love it – so much nicer to have snow, then the sun shining on that brilliant white, than depressing gray rain that requires that umbrella! 🙂

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