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Under Construction

FullSizeRender[1]by Susan Carlisle

A new year brings new beginnings and at my house it’s no different. I hope you read Kate Hardy‘s blog on Monday. If you did you have to be impressed by her sticking to her new year’s resolution and her personal changes. My changes, not that I don’t need personal ones too, are to my house. After putting off home repairs and needs while sending three kids through college for the past twelve years (yes, your read that correctly) the last one will graduate in May. We’ve also married off two with the last one getting married this coming June. So you can see where our financial focus has been.

Now it is time to repair and update our house. I’ve learned during thirty-two years of marriage that every seven years I need to have a bridal shower so that I can replace my worn out sheets and towels. I also found out that every ten years or so something major has to be done to my house.

Due to some previous problems our master bath was in great need of help. I spent two weeks during the Christmas holidays with my brother coming each day to do foundation work under the bath. It was nice to see my brother but I cooked lunch for him and his helpers which turned out to be work for me.

With that project finished in comes Brett and his three man crew to demolish my bath. I originally planned for Brett to re-tile the floor. I asked him a few questions and the next thing I knew I was getting an entire remodel. Excellent salesman.

His list of to-dos at my house is longer than mine. Besides the bath, he will be putting down a new floor in my office, repairing a door and the list goes on.

Brett is an extra nice fellow so I enjoy having him around. I’ve known him for years. In fact, I was his substitute teacher a number of times when he was in high school. He  hasn’t yet turned thirty. Brett was a nice kid then and has turn into a super man. I will miss him when he is gone.

When that happens I’ll have a new bathroom with a beautifully tiled shower, a new floor and repaired house but Brett will also leave behind dust. Enough that it will take me months to clean the entire house from top to bottom. While I do that, I’FullSizeRender[1]ll look forward to a hot shower. There will even be a bench so I can stay a long time.

This there anything under construction in your life?


17 thoughts on “Under Construction”

  1. Sing it loud Ngobsing Romanus! Every life IS under construction. And colour me green with envy at your house transformation Susan. What fun! It’s amazing how changing a room can shift into other areas of your life. I have to clean/clear my desk at least once a fortnight and it is a wonder how much I can unearth in that short amount of time. I hope your refurb gives you some sweet trips down memory lane and a zippy zesty zoom as you walk in your newly appointed rooms every day.

  2. We are in the paying-for-college phase and you have inspired me that there is light (or construction) at the end of this Tuition Tunnel. Congratulations on launching three people successfully into the world! If there has to be a trade-off, I fully believe an education trumps a house renovation every time!

  3. Thanks Annie. One of the downsides is that it may make the other rooms look old and outdated then I’ll have more work to do. I know we will enjoy the new bath.

  4. Our house is 12 years old now and it definitely needs an internal paint. We put a pool and deck area on a few years ago. Also the front area/ driveway needs a major rethink/ remodel. That will be a big expensive job! And a shed down the back would be nice….. Two years of college fees down and I don’t see any of the above happening in a hurry.
    Le sigh. One day!

  5. Remodeling can definitely be considered ‘exhausting’ both financially and otherwise! 🙂 Decisions can be difficult, drywall dust goes everywhere, and even when you like the people working in your house, it wears thin having people around day after day! But you’ll love it when it’s done, I’m sure – best of luck!

    1. Robin,
      You are so correct. I’m having to leave for the day tomorrow because I have the grandkids. One of them would be telling the guys how to do it and the other would be in there with the tools. They are only two.

  6. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see the finished project! It was crazy for us just putting in hardwood floors throughout the house. We had to sleep and eat in the bedroom. But the upside was, we had lots of dinners out. 🙂 Good luck!

  7. Lynne,
    We are brushing our teeth in the powder room and going upstairs for a bath. I sometimes forget where what I need has been left. Everyday is interesting.

  8. I’m almost at the stage of building my first house. It’s going to be a giant construction job, as I’m planning (with fatherly help) to do my own painting and brick paving. There go my long nails!
    Your new bathroom sounds lovely, enjoy it!

  9. Susan, it will all be worth the dust and forgotten things. But yeah, it’s a pain going through this. I have just started re-doing our bedroom furniture. It is made of Rimu, a beautiful NZ native wood, and I’ve had it for more than thirty years. Having moved more times than I’m willing to admit there are knocks and scratches. But not for long. I have started. So now I have to keep going and finish the darned thing.

  10. Susan, it’s going to be beautiful when it’s all done, but I know how much work those kinds of projects can be. I hope you’ll have some “after” pictures for us to drool over! 🙂

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