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Things that are making me smile….

It’s back to work properly for me today after the overlong summer holidays. I’ve been trying to fit words around teenage demands, but it’s been haphazard to say the least! So- school’s back and I too am at my desk.

Trouble is,. there’s still sunshine out there and I want to go out and play! So, to make me feel better about sitting here I thought I’d share a few things that have made me smile recently;

Boys playing the word game, Boggle! I was so impressed with them – all ages – playing a word game!! Boys!!


Girls’ drinks to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Fun!

girls drinks

Fresh produce from my garden- yummy!


My new hobby: kayaking, which I absolutely love, but wish I was better at….


My USA release of my KISS book: Enemies With Benefits…available from Harlequin and amazon and all good e-sellers!

enemies us cover

What’s making you smile today?


17 thoughts on “Things that are making me smile….”

  1. Louisa, I am in the same boat although Boy Wonder doesn’t go back to school until Wednesday and The Lad is still kicking around for another couple of weeks BUT this is the week I start a new book…that is if I knew what I was writing. Summer was fun. So excited you’re kayaking! Seen any dolphins? Congrats on your book 🙂

  2. You made me smile. I’m so jealous of the fresh tomatoes. It is freezing here! I smiled today because I sent in my new book on time early this morning. I smiled because my son had a good report from the doctor. I smiled because I got a good deal on fabric for dresses for two little girls. I smiled because my new shower is ready for use.

  3. When I was out for my morning coffee today, I went to a very ‘neighbourhood’ place, and the I number of people who walked past and stopped to say hello to a fellow patron made me smile. I tend to keep myself very private (especially when I have ventured out without make up!), but I’m glad not everyone is the same.

  4. Love your photos and post, Louisa! There are always things to smile about, aren’t there, even in the midst of not-good-stuff! Envious of those beautiful tomatoes, and smiling at your boys playing a word game – you must be doing something right!

    I’m also smiling at the sunshine we had today, the return of bluebirds to the feeders after they’ve been absent for a while, the warmth in our house when it’s cold outside, and the fact that I’m making good progress (after dilly-dallying too much!) on my book that’s due very soon.

    So glad to hear you’ll be in New York for the conference! A huge smile for that – can’t wait to see you 🙂

  5. I would love to learn to kayak. Just have to get over the claustrophobia thing. It’s so bad I can’t even zip up a sleeping bag.

    The tomatoes look delicious! I miss summer.

  6. Kayaking sounds like so much fun (as long as you don’t get turned upside down and are stuck in that teeny tiny opening). 🙂 I have been white water rafting before and I loved that. As for what makes me smile, I think that would have to be seeing my horse roll in the dirt the second I let her out.

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