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Winter Whine & Covers!

I’m not going to whine too much about winter. Well, I’ll try not too. Winter is not my favourite season and you’ll find a lot of my heroines don’t like it much either. Hehehe. Usually the heroines who whine about winter in my books were written in winter. LOL I just noticed the pattern the other day when revising my quad book for the New York Docs quad coming out in the near future.

My heroine was whining about her move to New York City in the winter.

I feel for her.







Ahh grumpy cat, you know me so well.

But enough complaining about winter. Last winter was worse. Last winter was the polar vortex and Southern Ontario apparently thought it was Iqaluit, Nunavut or Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territories.

This year hasn’t been as cold …and it better not get that way. I’m watching you Wiarton Willie!

I’ve been keeping busy with deadlines and not getting lab confirmed flu again. Long story about how I got that.

And I also got a plethora of new covers to share. I love new covers! Especially foreign edition covers. So to warm up this cold wintry day before I head back to revisions (which are due Monday) I’m going to share my newest foreign edition covers.



This is the German cover for Safe in His Hands, which is one of the stories in this trio. I share this with Fiona Lowe and Alison Roberts!








Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart went to Italy this month. The doctor on the cover looks like a guy I went to high school with. It took me by surprise, but it’s an awesome cover.







This is the Polish cover for Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart and I have to say I’m totally in love with this one. It’s beautiful.






I love seeing the different interpretations!

And I also have a new cover for my March Release. It Happened in Vegas is the second story in a Duet with Dianne Drake in our Army Brothers Duo.


The hero she never forgot…

Keeping out of the spotlight isn’t easy for senator’s daughter Dr. Jennifer Mills…especially after being jilted at the altar by her ex-fiancé! Arriving in Las Vegas, she’s just hoping to blend in… But then she meets ER surgeon Nick Rousseau—the same man she spent an unforgettable night with three years earlier!

Now returned from Afghanistan, ex-army medic Nick is struggling to come to terms with his time on the front line. Rekindling his romance with Jennifer reminds this brooding doctor that some things in life are still worth fighting for…


So stay warm everybody. Spring is coming …well for those of us in the northern hemisphere. I know my Aussie friend’s summer is winding down.









10 thoughts on “Winter Whine & Covers!”

  1. Amy, I’m a medical romance author…I want the flu story! Sorry you got it though. Summer pushes on here until mid March so lots of heat left to come. I love the German cover. I have a thing for red-headed babies as I had two of my own 🙂

    1. LOL! You asked for the long story. I got it from my MIL who made a large dinner and told us after we ate she’d been running a fever and was getting sicker. I was like Oh. My. God. My mother has cancer so she has no immune system and I take her to so many appointments. I couldn’t take her anywhere or be near her for 3 weeks. I was so ill. I had the flu shot, because I help my mother so much, but it was a second strain. I was not impressed. See, long story that still makes my teeth grind. I almost went to Emerg because my Dr. was concerned it was turning into pneumonia. It didn’t, thank goodness, but I couldn’t go outside for several really cold days and my hubby had to ferry the kids to school and back.

      Anyways, it’s all gone and I can help my Mom again. Thank goodness. She has chronic lymphocytic cancer and in the winter she’s in a lot of pain.
      I love our German cover. I was strawberry ginger baby. My kids were all born with dark hair and blue eyes and they ALL out grew it. They all have blonde hair and blue eyes. My ginger hair turned dark brown, almost black …so yeah they don’t get that from me. Hehehe.

        1. Thanks, Tina! Oh and I should say, I’m not upset at my MIL. She was a farmers wife, they tend to power through stuff. I was just annoyed I caught it and NO ONE ELSE DID. LOL

  2. lol Fiona – I didn’t even notice the baby on the German cover! Too busy checking out the dude 🙂
    I love foreign covers so much. The Julia ones are always great and that Polish one is absolutely divine! I can see why its a fav. Also love love love your Vegas cover!

    Still hot here for a couple more months as Fiona said, Amy, so I’m sending you some extra cyber degrees to help make your winter more bearable!

  3. I really love that Vegas cover (and that title rocks), Amy!

    The covers from other countries are so much fun to. I’m forever trying to figure out what the translations are for the titles.

    1. I’ve had to do that with my Dutch one because I didn’t know it was going to Holland and got a copy of it. It was fantastic too …drat I forgot to add that one. Anyways, I had to Google which one it was and I was so pleased it was in Holland. 🙂 I have Dutch on my father’s side.

      And I do love the title and cover for my Vegas one! I really wanted an Adam Levine look a like on the cover. LOL Wishful thinking.

  4. Amy,
    I’m not a big cold fan either but I do like it when there is a fire and a good book, snow and I have my skies on and with hot chocolate. Those are great times for it to be cold. I look forward to spring.

    1. I’m so looking forward to spring. I’m not much of a skier, but the hot chocolate, book and fire I’ll take! 😉

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