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I love shoes ….

Almost as impressive as my book collection, is my collection of shoes.  My husband’s friends often offer him sympathy when they see happen to look into my dressing room and see them.  And yes, I have a dressing room. It is actually eldest daughter’s bedroom but since she has flown the coop to live in the US, I have claimed the room.  That is, until she returns home to spend time with the family when I very happily relinquish my claim on said room and it becomes hers again. But she must live with my shoes…


My shoes bring me joy.  When I am having a bad day, and my favorite skirt is a little tight or my jeans don’t fit, my shoes always do!  They never let me down and somehow they manage to lift my spirits.   I have them on display in my dressing room, not unlike some people display their fine bone china.  And just like any collection, they have been gathered on my travels and I can remember the joyous feeling of slipping my foot into each pair, falling in love instantly and claiming them for my own.


Men do it with cars and spend a lot more money than women do on shoes but they tell us that a car is an investment.  Well so are shoes … an investment in happiness and very occasionally in comfort.


And shoes don’t take up anywhere near the room a car collection would.

Do you have something you like to collect?


15 thoughts on “I love shoes ….”

  1. You don’t rival Imelda Marcos yet, but you’re working on it! 😉 You have some lovely shoes and I know my daughters would be jealous!

  2. LOL Susanne, your impassioned blog about shoes reminds me of the Toni Collette character in In Her Shoes – have you seen that movie? It’s one of my favs. Are the individual pics in the blog your shoes too because they are gorgeous!

    Not a shoe fan, not a shopping fan really…Cover your ears but I usally have one or two pairs of shoes I wear to death and then replace when needed and I am done with wearing stilletos that make my feet feel like their being squished in a vice.

    I like to haunt antique shops and collect china. I’m not in it to find a bargain or accidentally uncover some dish that’s really worth 20k. I just look for pretty things that make me happy. A bit like you and your shoes really 🙂

    1. I think anything shopping for little things that lift your spirits is a healthy hobby … china or shoes ….it’s all pretty harmless. I have seen In Her Shoes… loved it …actually bought it! 🙂

  3. Susanne, I am not a very good shopper and after I left all my possessions in Australia and lived very successfully without them using gear we bought from garage sales i decided I had too much stuff! Yes, occassionally I missed not having matching glasses but i came home and threw a lot of stuff out. I am still doing that. I am trying not to collect anything more than what I need to be comfortable. My “collecting” is travelling 🙂

  4. Susanne,
    Those red shoes with the roses on them are to die for! I love good looking shoes but I can’t wear the heels like I used to. I’m often jealous when I see someone in them.
    I collect apples. My kitchen is full of them. I have wooden ones, bowls of them and pictures that include them on the walls.

  5. OMG what an amazing collection, Susanne. Love that red pair. I collect earrings wherever I travel. Bought back a beautiful pair of glass ones from Venice eighteen months ago, and lost them last year. Will have to return to get some more!

    1. Great excuse to return to Venice, Sue! I do love earrings too…. I have quite a lovely collection and my family and friends know birthdays and Christmas they can’t go wrong if they give me earrings. You can never have too many and one size fits all!

  6. Gorgeous collection – you’re like the shoe fairy! I am a wellington and flip flop wearer. You clearly have much more savour faire and balance than I do…lucky minx! I collect olde children’s books. I absolutely adore – when I’m blue – pouring myself into a musty old book along the lines of Little Lord Fauntleroy, Swiss Family Robinson – all of ’em. They’re so hilarious to re-read as an adult. And much easier not to fall down in. Although, I do have a slight problem with spilling…. 🙂

    1. I love olde books too. I have found a charity store that sells second hand books. Not as interesting as your collection of classics but I have picked up a few Sidney Sheldon books recently … I love to read something very different from what I write and at the same time the money goes to a good cause. 🙂

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