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Don’t you just hate them? The thing is, I don’t understand them and I’ve given up trying. If mine works it works. That’s good. If mine doesn’t, I call my handy dandy computer tech and tell him to come fix it. That’s good, too. But frustrating.

Personally, I think the more advanced they get the more complicated they’re becoming. Used to be my computer went on forever. I had a Dell which I loved and I used that thing until the lid fell off and couldn’t be fixed. Then I went to a Samsung which never gave me any satisfaction and now I’m on an Asus, which seems OK but it’s heavy compared to everything out there now. And the keyboard seems a touch too large for my hands. But I’ll stick with it a year or two until I see something I like better, then out with the old, in with the new.

In my home we operate off a server because we run a business and have two other computers going at any given time of the day. We’re anticipating having another computer built sometime later this year to expand our productivity with photography. I understand it’s going to be a whopper of a package by the time it’s finished. And all I’m saying is it’s one more complication to add to our already computer-complicated lives. But it’s not mine to complain about and I’ll probably never even use it.

Back in the days when I started using computers you had a floppy disk with one program on it and another floppy disk onto which that program transferred data. The computer didn’t store everything no data, no pictures, no movies. You didn’t watch TV on it, you didn’t get pretty colors on the screen, and you couldn’t talk into a magic program and let it do all your typing. It was simple then. I loved it and I still have a few of those floppy disks in storage just in case.

Oh, I know the good old simple days will never come back and I must admit I watch TV and do some of those fancy things on my computers because I have a good tech who’s patient enough to teach me. But with three operating computers and three operating back-ups in our house he’s there at least once a week juggling this or tweaking that. And I’ve never been curious enough to see what he’s doing lest I have to duplicate it someday.

So for me, as long as I turn it on and it works, I’m happy. Confused half the time, but still happy. And I often wonder if I’d even be a writer if not for the modern technology that governs my life. I’ve never typed but can you imagine using a typewriter to get your book out? I sure can’t. So woe or not, I’m glad I took up writing in a day when the technical end of it is relatively easy and good computer techs are the real heros and heroines of our books.

Wishing you Health & Happiness & Working computers IMG_1450

PS. My next release in March is Tortured by her Touch, a duet in the Army Docs series with Amy Ruttan.


4 thoughts on “COMPUTER WOES”

  1. Oh Dianne, I know what you mean about them becoming more complicated! When they work, they’re brilliant, but when they don’t it’s hell! They’re supposed to be time saving, but I seem to waste an awful lot of time on mine- I think I’d be far better with an old fashioned typewriter!

  2. Dianne,
    I feel your pain. Give me a deadline and my computer will die. My husband calls me the Typhoid Mary on the laptop. They are like my car, I want them to run when I need them.

  3. Diane ~ I don’t like it when our computer acts up and I just use it to visit blogs. I love sticking with the familiar so new things take a while to grow on me.

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