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Things Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews


Valentine’s Day.Finger Hug on Valentine's day theme

It was great looking at everyone’s FB posts and twitter messages about what their valentines did for them. My true love gave me a gorgeous bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed.


And the lovely Harlequin Australia office gave all its authors this beautiful tea cup!



But the thing that me happiest, that made me smile and laugh and even cry a little on the great world wide day of love was the ultimate expression of that – my lovely godson and his wife welcoming their second baby, a gorgeous little girl calledLillian Lillian May Nellie Grice.









New Book Covers

Two new covers landed in my inbox this week. Ask me Nicely is my Brazen that’s coming out on 3rd March. No, it’s not a medical but its set in a vet practice. There are animals inlcuding a foul-mouthed galah and an obese labrador with a tick. It is a little bit…saucy (dirty) but if you’re into that kind of thing….

In May I have a crazy/different/new/excitinAMN_500g/scary project coming to fruition. The book is called Limbo. It’s still me but with ghosts and a PI and I really love the cover!


Also I’m putting this cover up even though its a couple of months old now because it’s a medical and I just adore it. I think it’s one of my best medical covers yet!



Puppies and babies. What’s not to love?


What’s making you happy lately and how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


22 thoughts on “Things Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews”

  1. Hi Amy, I love all of your covers and can see why they make you happy along with roses, breakfast in bed and puppies. I think you have all of my favorites up there …except for chocolate. Chocolate makes me very happy! Valentine’s day for me included roses and the most delicious dinner at a lovely restaurant. Feeling special and happy!

    1. Oh yes, I think chocolate makes a lot of people happy. I’m actually not overly fussed on it – maybe if I was thin it’d be different….I mean I like it but I dont eat it very often and if the world ran out overnight it wouldn’t bother me. Now wine on the other hand….. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Dinner at a lovely restaurant sounds perfect!

  2. That medical cover is amazing, Amy, and I’m so jealous.
    Making me happy? The previous week celebrating my DB’s 60th birthday, a friend’s 40th and a wedding anniversary (not ours). You can’t beat time with close family and special friends.

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I had one also.

    My husband helped me shop for some jeans on Friday and bought me two new pairs. The joy of new jeans that fit comfortably is immense.

    On Valentine’s Day we made a huge beef stew. It’s cold here and we haven’t had a beef stew for quite some time. We had leftovers today and still have enough left for a few more days. I just love leftover stew and you just have to warm it up. We opened a really good bottle of Malbec to go with the stew. We had a few chocolates for dessert.

    I happen to have six Phalaenopsis orchids flowering right now. They were all gifts in the past and have bloomed again. They make me really happy as well.

    I also happened to read a Medical which made me laugh out loud which woke up my husband. Does MOUNTAIN CLIMBING sound familiar? Seriously Amy I loved both your cover and the story. Gareth and Billie were such a great couple.

    1. Aww, thanks Kaelee! Super thrilled you loved it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Love jeans that fit right and beef stew (especially the next day ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, Amy, you’ve got bucket loads to be happy about. I’m totally intrigued by LIMBO. Sounds like something I’d love.
    My current thing to be happy about is tomorrow my second book in the Home in Heartlandia trilogy for Harlequin Special Edition, will hit stores in North America. Yippeee! clicking heels and grinning.

  5. Lots of wonderful things to be happy about for sure, Amy! Beautiful baby and beautiful covers, among all the other great things!

    We’re always fairly low-key about Valentine’s Day – exchange of cards, hubby got me beautiful flowers and I bought him chocolates. This year we did go out to dinner with three other couples, which was fun but doesn’t qualify as very romantic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Awww, gorgeous baby, gorgeous covers!

    We didn’t have a romantic valentine’s day, but it was pretty emotional- we took our eldest boy to uni for the very first time, settled him into his hall of residence, waved farewell and flew home (2 hr flight)…no tears but a huge lump in my throat. I’m happy and ultra proud of who he is, but a wee bit sad too at him flying the nest.

  7. I spent Valentine’s Day with almost my entire family snow skiing. That makes me real happy. My husband brought me flowers. I do love fresh flowers.

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