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At the moment, I’m gearing up to promote my latest title, His Perfect Bride? due for release, April 1st, 2015. here’s the gorgeous cover:


It’s an opposites attract story. Lula is unlike any woman Oliver has ever met before. She has umpteen colours in her hair, piercings, tattoos. She challenges herself to overcome her fears and appears to be the most confident woman he has ever met.

And yet….Lula appears to be confident and carefree, but she’s not. She believes she is fatally flawed and because of this, believes she has no worth. Oliver can see her worth, of course. He thinks she’s beautiful and eventually he falls in love, because to him, she is perfect, despite what she thinks.

And it got me thinking about how we see our own flaws. There’s always something we think about ourselves that could be better – we want longer eyelashes, less of a spare tyre round our middle, smaller ears. Something. Anything. We see our own flaws.

Yet to our significant others, to those that love us, we are beautiful. We are perfect.


Growing up, I was 3 stone underweight. I looked awful. My parents thought I was anorexic, the doctors, too, despite my protestations that I wasn’t and didn’t stand in front of a mirror thinking I was fat. No-one believed me. Until I met my husband. He believed me. He saw how I suffered when I ate food. He saw the weight plummeting off me, despite my attempts to put on weight. And despite all the things I thought were wrong with me, that made me ugly, or unattractive, he loved me. Unquestionably, to my surprise. Eventually, aged 35, I got diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease. All my life to that point, my gut had been unable to absorb nutrients and calories. Gluten free, I began to put weight on and now I’m healthy. But during that dark time, my husband still saw my beauty, still saw my worth, despite me hating myself and my ‘flaw’.

This video was interesting. watch the whole thing and see how the kids answer.

So it doesn’t matter what we think we have wrong with ourselves – our sticky-out ears, our too big feet, our spotty faces, whatever we think the flaw may be. If we are good people, if we are kind, if we are caring and loving…

……then we are perfect.


14 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. Louisa, what a beautiful post. You are so right, and we probably all know what you’ve said is right but choose to think the worst of ourselves.

  2. Thanks Sue. As Robin Williams says in Good Will Hunting, “I am not perfect, your partner is not perfect, but you are perfect for each other. It’s the imperfections where the true gold lies.”

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