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What to blog about

On Friday I said to my husband that I had to blog on Monday and had absolutely no idea what to say. He commented, ‘Don’t worry the family are coming, something’s sure to happen that you can use.” Very prophetic. We are currently looking after chooks, a dog and other animals for neighbours as well. great, feeding chooks is a fun thing to do with our grandson.

On the first day, before everyone had arrived, I fed the chooks one particularly stroppy ram bunted me hard in the backside. No problem, I thought. A hard smack on its nose and it moved away. Next day, accompanied with two year old grandson, daughter and a friend we went collecting eggs. As I moved from one shed to the next I was attacked by the ram. He bunted me at a run, sent me flying. Sprawled on the ground, I was yelling to get my grandson out of there while the ram got in two more hits . As he lined up for the fourth my daughter and friend threw buckets at him while I scrambled to my feet. My grandson might’ve learned a new word at that moment, though all he said was Granny had a boo boo on her arm from the sheep.

So then I visited  A and E where I was x-rayed for broken ribs and a broken arm. When I told the doctor not to laugh at why I was there he very seriously told me, ‘No way. Rams are notorious for breaking people’s bones.’ Thanks a lot, I thought. I grew up on a sheep farm, used to piggy back the rams, took them to calf club day at school, and today I can only think the best place for them is in the roasting pan.

The good news is – no broken bones, only seriously bruised ones. And I have first hand  experience of an A and E department to use in a book sometime. Will I be asking my husband for ideas to blog again? No way. But he did a great babysitting job while we were at the hospital.

Has anyone else had a run in with an animal?



17 thoughts on “What to blog about”

  1. Sue, I just snorted coffee all over the keyboard! So sorry to hear about your run in with the ram but at the same time I wish there was a photo! Glad you have a scene for a future book. Fx

    1. LOL thinking about your keyboard, Fiona. And thank goodness there were no photos. I looked very ungainly in a heap with that **** ram bearing down on me. Cheers, Sue x

  2. Blimey! He sounds like a charm offensive (not!). We had a cockerel – Stanley Casanova V and he went to the same decorum school as your ram. Stanley was incredibly protective of his ladies and took to some rather spirited displays if you dared approach them. He had regular goes at our apprentice farmer who took to carrying a long stick with him – but he had yet to go for me. Until….one day I locked myself out of the house (not unusual) and I was perusing the patio to see if there were any open windows I could climb in when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Stanley sidling towards me all nonchalantly. If he could’ve whistled I’m sure he would’ve been tunelessly whistling a dee-dah-dee-dah-dumm-nothing-to-see-here tune… until all of the sudden he turned on me, wings spread wide and started attacking me. He got in a few good scrapes and one fine puncture on my shin. I only had on flip flops so giving him a thump was tricky so I ran around until I found a croquet mallet and gave him a whack and then ran up to the barnyard and hung out with the cows until my husband came home. We had another cockerel, Stanley Casanova VI…who, after Stan the Jerk got his tail feathers removed by a fox one day, took over and ultimately, I was (a bit) sad when Mr. Fox had Stan for a midnight snack. He was a jerk – but he was handsome. A Mills & Boon Alpha Hero??? (Maybe not this time). Enjoy your shepherd’s pie!

    1. Wow, Annie, there are a few maniac creatures out there then. Love that you hid out with the cows. Mind you, I remember a calf kicking me once. the joys of farming, eh?

  3. Oh, my goodness, Sue! This is the kind of story that is horrifying but you can’t help but laugh at, too (after knowing there were no broken bones!). Sounds scary and painful!

    I was kicked in the hip and sent flying by a horse when I was about twelve, but not being a horsey person, I’m sure it was my fault. And a Canadian goose went after my niece when she was just a toddler, but just before he got to her my brother-in-law gave it a boot and sent it flying.

    Does my cat biting my ankles every morning to be fed as I’m trying to get the coffee going count as a ‘run-in’? 😉

    Hope your bruises are feeling better now!

    1. Yes Robin, it is getting funnier by the day. though my ribs still feel broken. I’d hate it to be for real. I guess it looks funny too when my husband goes armed with a steel rod to collect the eggs and feed the chooks with me.

  4. Wow, Sue! What a start to your day. I’m glad you didn’t have any broken bones but I hope your neighbours return soon and reclaim their ram. Maybe he is a bit more amenable with them!

    1. We are going to be asking that question when the neighbours get home, Jennifer. Especially as they knew I’d be taking my grandson down there.

  5. OMG Sue….is that ram in the roasting dish yet? Something obviously got on his goat 😉

    I was attacked by a dog once as a kid – a German Shepherd – ripped a huge hole in my brownie uniform and scared the bejesus out of me. Still to this day I never trust dogs I dont know….

    1. Working on it, Amy. He was ready to take on the guys too when they did the feeding round the next day. Probably taste chewy just to spit us.

  6. Wow. Sue, that is pretty scary! The only run in I’ve had has been with my eldest daughter’s cat. And that’s only if you dare to try to lift him off your lap before he’s ready to go. Other than that (and a fall or two off a horse) I’ve been pretty lucky. (crossing rams off my list of animals to own)

    1. In defence of rams, Tina, I grew up with them and this is the first nasty I’ve struck. Oops, sorry, that’s struck me. Like the sound of your cat. They’re quite determined to have their own way, aren’t they?

  7. You poor, poor thing. So glad that nothing was broken- rest up, though- sore ribs are painful. That ram is definitely sounding better with a little mint sauce and gravy.

    Like Amy I was once chased by a German Shepherd and bitten on my back (I was about 10 at the time)- hence I’ve never owned a dog…apparently it was his first offence, and the owners were stunned, but I was lucky, it could have been a lot worse.

    1. Oh, Louisa, that would’ve been awful, and something you’d never forget. Not that I’m likely to forget this ram in a while, in the paddock or on the plate. Big wuss that I am, I tossed the chook feed in the gate today and haven’t collected the eggs. Will wait until I’ve got back up.

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