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Beautiful Bath Just In Time For Spring

bath 2by Susan May

A few months ago I shared with you the upheaval in my home. Things are some better now. At least I have a beautiful new bathroom with an amazing shower. My bedroom is livable again. I have a new window in there. One you can see out of. I am slowly working my way through the house a room at a time fixing and cleaning what has been long over due for attention. I have moved pictures around. Taken a chair out here put another in there. And gotten rid of a lot of stuff. It is amazing what you collect over years of living that you don’t need or use.bath3

Are you doing any Spring cleaning?


12 thoughts on “Beautiful Bath Just In Time For Spring”

  1. Susan, I’m glad that you are getting you home straight. There’s nothing worse than the house being in a muddle but it’s obviously been worth the upheaval for you. I am not doing any spring cleaning this year. As I only moved into my new home at the end of last September I have given myself a special dispensation and plan not to do a thing! I can just enjoy Spring and not have to worry.

    1. Jennifer,
      It sounds like you have the right plan. We’ve been in our 25 years and the kids have moved out so it is time for stuff to move out also.

  2. Susan, sounds like you’re through the major construction and are heading toward getting things organized! We’re getting ready to put a powder room in what was once a closet under our stairs. We’ve gotten it cleared out and hubby is preparing to do lay plumbing. But boy do those projects make a lot of mess. I just have to cover my eyes when I go through that part of the house and pretend it doesn’t exist right now.

    I can’t wait for the organization part, because that means we’re winding things up. Of course, we live in a 100 year old house, so there’s always something that needs fixing. I think our windows are the next project, although I’ll be really sad to see the old weighted pulley system go. But I don’t think my husband wants to tackle pulling every window apart and trying to restore them. 😦

    Enjoy your almost-new surroundings!!

    1. Tina,
      The only advice I would insist on is to take everything you can down and put it away. The dust is awful to recover from. It has taken me months to clean the drapes and bedding and every pictures. But I do have a great bath for the trouble.

  3. Love the pics, Susan! Isn’t it great when a project gets completed?

    How house is 12 years old now so its needing things like an inside paint job and there are some yard projects I’d like to do. But time and money…..one day hopefully!

  4. Looking good, Susan. It’s always good when a project is finished. I’m working on my bedroom furniture, sanding back to the bare wood and varnishing, but it’s taking forever. Hopefully over winter I’ll find the time.

  5. That is indeed a beautiful bathroom, and well deserved. I long for a bathroom like that, Susan. Maybe one day it will come to pass. Glad to know your long project has come to an end.

  6. I’m a sucker for a nice bathroom. I have an increasingly intense longing for a bathroom renovation that will include a Japanese-style hot tub. One day!

  7. Congrats on it finally being done, Susan! Remodeling is pretty painful, but worth it in the end. I’m sure you’re loving using it.

    I need to spring clean, and also need to get rid of things we’ve accumulated over the years we no longer use. Not sure when it will happen though – might become winter cleaning instead 😉

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