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Got Your Groove On?

To be fair – they weren’t openly snickering. The counter staff at the coffee shop where I’d parked myself and my laptop were – ermmm – openly interested in watching me type. Which seemed a bit peculiar….until…..I figured out I was making faces to accompany everything my hero and heroine were going through. And kind of swaying a bit. Occasionally hunching my shoulders and letting a slow breath pass between my lips at the thought of the hero taking his —— EEEEK! Thank goodness it wasn’t a lusty, beneath the sheets fest of …. or was it? Did I pant? (Not that heroine would pant – as if!) I can’t remember. All I recall was sheepishly folding my laptop in two, tucking it into my tote and hightailing it to the next coffee shop along the way where I did the exact same thing. Turns out – when I’ve got my writing groove on – it infects all of me. Head to toe writing mojo dancing through me like a whirlwind – or was that just the third cup of coffee having its wicked way with me?

While it would be very nice to think I look like deeply romantic, a curl of hair brushing against my softly flushed cheek as I emotionally transfer my deepest (and finest) writing efforts onto the page – I probably looked like someone trying to write a schizophrenic Dear John letter. Or a zany job application (too hopeful that my quirky outlook would get me the post).


Whatever they thought – it didn’t matter – because at   that cafe, on that day, with that particularly fine flat white (and croissant that we will pretend I didn’t eat because I’m on diet 412)…produced thousands of words. It was an ideas factory and I was loving it. I had my groove on.

What kind of places do you write well in? At home I almost need it library quiet. I can work in coffee shops – but not all…depends upon the music, how many people have head colds in the vicinity, how good the snacks are (I’ve obviously cracked that diet thing). I haven’t tried the library yet but thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m now just a wee bit addicted to having Brief Encounters with my laptop at the Waterstones flagship store in London on my infrequent trips up there. I love the idea of leaning against a tree and scrivening away – but am not entirely sure the rural idyll would work for me and my laptop…then again…who knows? Anyone tried it? Typing in the nook of a treetop? Floating in a boat?

C’mon…I told you mine….where do you get your groove on?


17 thoughts on “Got Your Groove On?”

  1. Haha! I pull faces and gesture and wave my hands and do all sorts of bizarre things when I’m writing. Usually I’m at home, where it’s safe – but every second week, I do a day at the library where it’s a little trickier.

    1. I hear you Avril. I am definitely prone to a few indignant ‘Ha!’s when I’ve set something right. And the number of times I’ve pursed my lips at the screen and shaken my head in an ‘mmmm-mmmm told you so’ face just isn’t really worth mentioning.

  2. I pull faces too! And talk to myself. And, yes, let’s be honest here, have arguments with myself. I’m afraid if I did any of that in a public place, I’d soon be wearing a rather fetching, wrap around white jacket with chrome buckles and be residing in a bijou room with matching white, padded walls….
    I write at home. In silence. With my Yankee candle burning and copious cups of tea. That way, my madness remains private. (Except I seem to have shared it now……oh bother!)

  3. Louisa – just know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Must add Yankee Candle into the mix. On second mug of tea today – usually I’m a coffee gal – but today just seemed right for some tea (am working on The Dark Moment – my personal weakness!)

  4. Ha! I don’t think I rock from side to side while writing, Annie, but make faces and exclaim sometimes? Yes. Once I was deep in thought at a coffee shop and when I came to, saw I was staring straight at this person at the next table facing me, clearing worrying him!

    Sometimes I’m so in the zone on a book, I can write anywhere. While I was finishing my debut book before I sold, I was out of town at a wedding and we were staying in this old, rambling hotel with a huge suite and the whole family was in there. Two of my nephews and my son were making paper airplanes and zinging them around the room, occasionally bonking me in the head, and when my sister-in-law came in, she asked how I could possibly work like that. I just kept typing and said “It’s not bothering me!”

    Other times, when I’m not in the zone (which is, sadly, much more often than the prior state) I can be like Goldilocks, trying to find the right spot, chair, place that will make the muse happy. Last book I literally kept getting up after ten minutes or so to move somewhere else in the house until my husband asked what in the world was wrong with me. To which I never have an answer. 🙂

  5. I love to write with my feet propped up on a bench on the pier at our place on the lake. I also like to do the same but on the deck. I can produce more words there than anywhere. At home, I go out on the deck and get with nature to do good and fast writing.

  6. This is a great topic, since I’m trying to get back into the writing habit after some time away. I love writing in coffee shops, especially if I’m not hooked up to the internet. 😉 I don’t know if I sway, but if I’m editing, sometimes I read aloud softly to myself. I’m very quiet, sometimes just moving my lips, but I’m sure it’s a strange look for everyone else! And yeah, no reading love scenes in the coffee shop!

    At home I tend to crash on a couch wherever with my laptop. I love writing on the Metro (subway) or outside, but I use paper notebooks for that. I’m paranoid about ruining my computer. (I have a bad history with this).

    1. That’s amazing that you can write on the Metro. I definitely don’t have that skill base. I once wrote on a train ride from NYC to Boston (a fleetingly glamorous trip) in the autumn and that was really productive. In fact – it was when I had to write the final chapter for my SYTYCW submission that actually got me the job in the first place! Hmmm…Note to self: get back on the train.

  7. I stare. I’ve “come to” more than once and found someone glancing over at me rather nervously. I touch type, so a lot of times thoughts and words are flying through my head and out of my fingers without my looking down at the keyboard. Worse, I also smile when my characters are on a roll and have some witty (hopefully) banter going on between the two of them. So yeah…staring and smiling. Not a good combination when I’m writing in public and the unwitting object of that wild-eyed stare is a stranger. 🙂 Writers…we’re a funny bunch, aren’t we?

  8. Tina – I think we’re each other’s doppelgängers. There’s definitely a lot of staring in my touch-typing world (Thank you grandma – for recommending typing classes!). I also chew on my lips a lot. I’m sure it’s just about the sexiest thing anyone’s ever seen (not!). Oh deary me – good times.

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