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Spring Flowers and the Pug of Doom

I love spring. I love kneeling in the sun and digging in the warm soil. I love planting flowers. Oh how I love those flowers.

We have a pug who loves the very same things as I do.

Measuring our planters
Measuring our planters

Only we call him the Pug of Doom. Because with him around, those flowers don’t stand a chance. It’s not that he has a black thumb (if dogs had thumbs), rather that everything he…erm…“touches” will soon wilt and die. We’ve tried everything. We planted hardier flowers. They succumbed within weeks. We put up a cute little wire fence to protect them. The Pug of Doom hopped right over it. But now…yes, now (insert evil laugh), we think we’ve finally outsmarted him.

Looks about right...
Looks about right…

As you can see from the pictures, we decided to build some planter boxes out of concrete

Nope, can't reach from here...
Nope, can’t reach from here…

stepping stones, carefully measuring to make sure the flowers would be higher than he could reach. And it seems we may have succeeded. We think. Except, you can almost see the wheels in his head turning. Can I reach them from here?

What is the formula for trajectory again?
What is the formula for trajectory again?

How about here? What was that formula for trajectory anyway? Must go do some calculations.

I’ll let you know who wins this latest battle. But for now, the flowers appear safe, sound, and happy. All is right with the world.

Did I mention that I love spring? I do!

Do you have any pets? If so, do you ever have to outsmart them?

And because this is the Harlequin Medical authors’ blog, here’s the book I have out this month: The Soldier She could Never Forget

8 thoughts on “Spring Flowers and the Pug of Doom”

  1. Tina, I love seeing flowers in my garden, too, but I don’t have pugs of doom, I have rabbits. We let them out to roam most days and they tend to nibble at most things and if the rabbits don’t kill the plants, I tend to.

    I’m not green fingered at all!

    Louisa (who can often be found gazing at her neighbour’s pristine gardens and sighing)

    1. Ahhhh…bunny rabbits. So cute, and yet they nibble at everything in sight. I’m not the most green-thumbed person around either, but I do try. And in years past, I blamed all that wilting and death on the Pug of Doom. This year, it looks like I won’t be able to use him as an excuse. 😉

  2. LOL, Tina. Your pug is gorgeous. Our pest living here in the bush is a Weka, an NZ native bird similar in shape and size to a Kiwi but far more cheeky, even come inside, and as for the vegetable garden – it’s been put there for them.

    1. Oh, interesting, Sue, I’ve never heard of the Weka! Of course the vegetable garden was put there for them. Was there any doubt? (Just like those flowers were surely put there for our pug). Off to Google this bird who likes to come inside. 🙂

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