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Is Emily Forbes really a terrible mother?

A few years ago my brother asked all three of his sisters what they would like to do before they died (it wasn’t as morbid as it sounds 🙂 ). I, very quickly, replied, swim with the whale sharks which is something I’ve wanted to do for decades – probably since I realised I was never going to be a mermaid when I grew up! My sisters both replied with “See my children grow up to be happy adults” which of course made me feel like a bad mother. I had just assumed I would get to do that. But I didn’t feel bad enough to change my answer and next month my husband and I (minus the children – maybe I really am a bad mother) are heading 1200kms north of Perth to Coral Bay in Western Australia to swim with the whale sharks. I cannot wait. If you can forgive my mothering skills perhaps I’ll share some pictures with you when I return. (The one below is courtesy of Migration Media.)

whale sharks at Ninglaoo Reef, WA

Swimming with whale sharks isn’t on my bucket list per se as I don’t really have one. My list is more of a “Places I want to visit” list. I’ve been very fortunate to have seen and done a lot of incredible things but there are still some places left – NYC, China, Vietnam, Prague, the Dalmatian Coast and the Kimberleys in north-west Australia

One of the other places I’ve always wanted to visit is Antarctica but there are a few obstacles – it’s not easy to get to, I get seasick and I don’t really like being cold (I guess I would have been a tropical mermaid 🙂 ), so I decided to do my research and instead I wrote a book set in Antarctica.


“A Kiss To Melt Her Heart” is the story of Dr Sophie Thompson and station leader, Gabe Sullivan and is complete with the Southern Lights, the Aurora Australis, penguins, misadventures, wild storms and of course, love. It’s out now in ebook and print in the US and the UK and will hit the shelves tomorrow (May 1) in Australia and France.

Do you have a bucket list? What’s at the top of your list? Go on, make me feel guilty for being a bad mother,

I’m looking forward to hearing from you (as long as you don’t tell me I really AM a terrible mother, I think I’d rather live in denial!)


   A Kiss to Melt her Heart, USA May 2015


19 thoughts on “Is Emily Forbes really a terrible mother?”

    1. Hopefully I will live to tell the tale, Beck. Darling husband sees this as his second chance to feed me to a shark after his first (apparently accidental 🙂 ) attempt on our honeymoon. 18 years on I’m hoping that the whale sharks live up to their reputation as the ocean’s gentle giants.

  1. My eldest brother has swum with whale sharks and he came back from that trip with his mind blown. He says it’s an incredible experience swimming with those gentle giants, so enjoy it!

    1. I’m sure we will enjoy it, Louisa, there are plenty of whale sharks cruising up and down Ningaloo Reef this year so our chances of swimming with one (or two) seem pretty good. So excited!

  2. LOL, Kath on the terrible mother. Should I tell you that I swam with the whale sharks in 2011 not only with my husband and kids BUT I also took a French exchange student 😉 🙂 Enjoy the trip. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

    1. We did invite the boys to join us but they weren’t keen! Must say we didn’t try to persuade them too hard 🙂 I think they might be sorry later!

      1. They don’t realize what they are missing. That said, I admit, I wasn’t keen to do it but the boys including DH were and I wasn’t going to spend 8 hours on a boat and not do it so I did. Just like the things you have little expectation of, it turned into one of the top things I have done in my life 🙂 Wishing you calm seas and a whale shark that doesn’t dive. Fx

        1. It seems to be one of those experiences that everyone raves about. There are lots of whale sharks in the area at the moment – i was worried they might disappear with the recent cyclones and not return but hopefully we’ll be lucky. i’m keen to snorkel with manta rays too 🙂

  3. Hah, I must be a terrible mother too because my idea of a perfect vacation is anywhere without my kids 🙂 I love them dearly, but they’re two and six and they’really not good travelers! I’m visiting a friend about an hour away next weekend and spending the night. That’s most of my mother’s day present right there.

    I was trying to write a sort of bucket list recently and I really struggled to come up with anything. Nothing jumped out at me. But then I read about the seven continents club, where people run a marathon on all seven continents, yes including the Anartic. Now, I haven’t run even one marathon, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But I do like to run and I like to travel. I need to read your book to see how I feel about the South Pole. 🙂

    1. Wow, Jill, you certainly aim high! I guess running a marathon in Antarctica is one way to stay warm. I could have used that in my book 🙂
      My boys are actually good travellers but I can completely understand the appeal of holidays sans children 🙂 Enjoy your night away, you might even be able to squeeze in some reading!

  4. Emily,
    You are not a bad mother. Mothers are people too and have dreams. I want to walk on the Great Wall of China. Spend the night in a castle in Ireland. Have tea with the Queen and the list goes on. I look forward to seeing those pictures of you swimming with the sharks.

    1. Thanks, Susan 🙂 I’ll join you on the Great Wall but you might need to hurry to have tea with the Queen, she’s not getting any younger!

  5. Emily – your children are lucky to have a mother who wants to literally and figuratively dive into life’s biggest adventures. I couldn’t imagine NOT wanting to do things like that. Your children should count themselves lucky – and enjoy the swim!

    1. Thanks, Annie. I think my adventurous nature has rubbed off on at least one of my boys – he went bungee jumping and shark cage diving last year so I guess the downside of this invitation (for him) was that it involved a holiday with his parents 🙂 Not on a 16 year old’s bucket list obviously! And yes, he might be sorry when he wants to do this in the future and has to pay for it himself -VBG.

  6. I’m with Amy. Steering clear of sharks one and all (although I know that whale sharks are supposed to be very gentle). They’re just huge! And scary looking. But I’d love to see your pictures! Maybe they’ll change my mind! 🙂

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