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Happy days…

Things that are making me smile today…

A new royal baby! Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana… I’m not particularly a royalist, to be honest, but I do love a new baby. She’s quite the sweetie (and…okay, how did Kate manage to look like that after giving birth? I didn’t change out of my pyjamas for weeks…coiffured hair? Don’t make me laugh, I didn’t wash mine for days…)  What do we think about the name…and the lovely tribute to Diana?

This video of a man reconnecting with a gorilla he hadn’t seen for years…made me cry happy tears:  

I have a new release out! Tempted By Her Italian Surgeon is my first Italian hero- and I fell in total LOVE with him. This is very definitely a story of modern love- it’s all about social media! But it’s fun and there’s a wager and he’s just gorgeous. Did I say already, I love him?

tempted cover

Here’s the blurb:When a deliciously naughty photo of paediatric transplant surgeon Matteo Finelli goes viral, social media expert Ivy Leigh is called in to discipline him. It will be a challenge… especially as Ivy is far from immune to Matteo’s charismatic charm herself! The chemistry between them is sizzling, but can Matteo persuade ever-cautious Ivy to give in to an irresistible temptation?

What’s making you smile today?



16 thoughts on “Happy days…”

  1. When my daughter had Annabella (on the bathroom floor because she hadn’t realised she was that far ahead!) she was up, showered and dressed an hour or so later, sitting downstairs with Annabella in her arms, drinking tea and chatting to the midwives who rocked up after the event. And OK, this was her third, but with her second she was in hospital for 19 minutes before he arrived, and home again 4 hours later looking calm, happy, relaxed – some women just do childbirth WELL! And Kate is clearly no exception. Delighted for them all, and yes, I love a new baby, Louisa, because there’s so much hope and joy and love wrapped up in the start of a new life.
    What’s making me happy today? I have all 3 of the little darlings while my daughter goes to the dentist (her sister!), so I’m really blessed with both girls so close and the joy we get from our grandchildren is something you just can’t match in any other relationship. Happy, happy days…

    Caroline x

    1. Oh, Caroline what a happy day for you to be with family!

      And yes, you’re right, some women do pregnancy and labour well! I had a friend who had a baby at 6 in the morning and was at tots music with newborn and toddler by 10, happy as anything, completely in control, showered and dressed and smiling. (Sadly, that was not me ;-))

  2. Oh, my goodness, I cried at the gorilla video, too! How touching and incredible! I bet the guides thought the man was crazy 🙂

    The new royal is just beautiful, isn’t she? You’re right, there’s nothing like a baby to make us smile. I wonder if William is a modern, involved father–any of you in the UK know?

    I’m smiling at the beautiful spring flowers, the perfect temperatures and sunshine we’ve had the past few days, then the smell and sound of rain last night. Congrats on your new release, Louisa – love your hunky Italian surgeon!

    1. Robin, I think the guides must have thought he was nuts, after the gorilla had attacked a few people in the past. I just couldn’t stop the tears when the gorilla wouldn’t let go…..

      It sounds as if William is quite the hands-on dad-apparently he’s cut his hours to be at home more *sigh*

      And gosh, yes, I do love spring! xx

  3. Louisa,
    You made me smile today. I love your new book cover and blurb. Sounds like a fun book. As a royal watcher in America I’m tickled with a little girl and the name. I’m glad they include Diana. Every grandmother should have a grandchild named after them.

    1. I’m glad they included Diana too, what a lovely tribute to her. It’s a lovely idea to have a grand-daughter named after you (unfortunately I only had boys so couldn’t honour my Mum) – I will start suggesting this to my boys as soon as babies are on the horizon (hopefully not for a while yet!)

  4. Loved Charlotte’s full name … loved the video (despite my tears) … hope to love your book, LOL!

  5. Louisa George!!!! I really must STOP reading your blogs! I think the last few have reduced me to tears……

    Love a royal baby, love an animal video, love a sexy Italian 🙂

    What’s making me happy? Watching my brother on TV this morning – smiled for two and a half hours 🙂

    1. I don’t feel my blog has served its full purpose unless it has brought you to tears, AA! LOL

      I saw your photo of your brother on fb – you must be so proud! What a fabulous family you have! xxx

  6. Loved that video, Louisa. (Yes, a few tears were shed). And I, too, love that the new royal baby has Diana in her name. Yummy cover and I can’t wait to read what kind of picture of him went viral. Very intriguing!

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