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Special Days Bring Mixed Emotions

As I IMG_1688[2]write this, it’s Mothers’ Day in a vareity of places around the world. In Australia, it was  yesterday but due to the time difference, it’s still MD in the USA, Italy and Mexico. The UK celebrate Mothering Day in March and for some reason, in France, it’s not until May 31st. According to Google, Oman has THREE Mothers’ Days in the year so I guess around the world mothers are covered at some point across the year.

My definition of motherhood is very loose on this day and I like to think it acknowledges all adult women, because  most women are “mothering” aka caring in some way for someone.

I have absolutely NO expectations on Mothers’ Day and I learned fast that the best mothers’ days are the ones I stage manage. 😉 That way there is absolutely NO room for disappointment 😉 Yesterday, as a mother, I was required to attend a school jazz lunch and listen to talented students playing jazz.  I was served champagne, the food was yummy, I didn’t have to wash up and the music was great. When I got home, I decamped for the couch, where in very unusual circumstances, I had total control over the television and I sobbed my way through an episode of Call the Midwife. Bliss!

I know Mothers’ day can be very fraught for many women and my only advice is to own the day and make it yours. Celebrate it the way you want; be selfish for once! Do what you need to do so the day doesn’t drag you down.

If you celebrated Mothers’ Day, what did you do?

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10 thoughts on “Special Days Bring Mixed Emotions”

  1. Hapy Mother’s Day to you Fiona!

    Mother’s day is bittersweet for me having lost my Mum and few years ago. It’s funny you know, when Mum was alive and since becoming a mum myself I often forgot about getting something for her while I, as you so aptly put it, stage manged my own mother’s day so the kids would feel good about themselves (what the, talk about mother guilt!!??). Normally I remembered at the last moment and I’d make an eleventh hour phone call to the local florist which was fine because A) I did remember and B) my mum adored flowers. In reality all she really wanted was to hear my voice and as a mother of 4 herself she understood how crazy it was with little kids so the regular Mother’s Day phone call always sufficed.

    This year hubby was away so my daughter and son got me breakfast (my daughter really…) and gave me my pressies in bed after a lovely sleep in and I essentally stayed in bed for most of the day and read. I did get out for a few hours with the intention of writing but my book was calling so I gave in to the whisper in my head – go on, its mother’s day! – and went back to bed 🙂

    Can’t wait for Montana to land on my iPad! I think this is my favourite of your covers!

  2. My mum is still alive and although we are geograhically separated I always send a card and call her and we catch up around the date and sometimes on the day as it’s dad’s birthday on the 13th. This year was hard because of the obligatory school event!~ When the kids were really little, I felt like I had to see DH’s mother and my mother and that me as a mum got lost. See, fraught day! Over the years I have become very ZEN about the whole day and like you say, it’s all about hearing the voice. Now that The Lad is in Hobart, it was the Facetime chat with him that made my day….along wiht the champagne of course! 😉 Glad you got a day in bed. I always say I only want TIME for Mothers’ Day. Thanks for the cover love and the preorder, I love it too! Hugs.
    Fiona x

  3. Love those covers, Fiona!!

    My mom has passed and so the day itself is a bit bittersweet, but I have some good memories and photos that I treasure.

    As far as what I did, my husband and son took me to see a production of Wicked. It was awesome! I absolutely love live performances.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. WICKED! I love me a muscial as well. Last week we saw a local production of Legally Blonde! Glad you had a lovely day, Tina and that you have lovely memories to treasure.

  4. Mothers Day growing up was always hard in our family as my mum’s mum died on Mothers Day after a stroke. We never quite knew afterwards whether to celebrate it or not. Our cards always made mum cry.
    Nowadays, we’re separated by geography, but we talk on the phone an awful lot (they haven’t quite worked out how Skype works their end!) and we put the world to rights every single time.
    My kids are always sweet on Mother’s Day. I’m guaranteed to get the day off of the housework and I can usually get them to make me a cup of tea whenever I ask!

  5. I had a lovely day, but I agree it can be fraught and everyone should celebrate it how they feel best.

    I spent some time overnight at a friend’s house. Bliss to have time to chat and then sleep in a bit. There was a card waiting for me when I get home.

    My husband made me homemade cheesecake, which was delicious. For Mother’s Day, I usually try to pick one very specific, manageable thing as my present 🙂 My husband loves to bake and cook, even challenging things, so it’s fun to think up things I wouldn’t want to make! I’ve also been known to buy something online and say “this is my present.”

    Then we went to a Mother’s day bbq. We actually left the kids at home with a baby Sitter 🙂 All the other kids at the bbq where going to be little bitty ones, so we figured my six and three year old would get bored and antsy!
    Fun day.

  6. Fiona,
    My kids, all grown, got together and fixed me dinner a week before Mother’s Day because I would be traveling out of town to the actual day. It was great. The only downside was that I had to do all the cleanup but I didn’t care. We had all been together. Oh, they gave me a wrought iron chaise lounge. Now I’ll be able to put my feet up and write away outside on my deck. It was a good day.

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