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Music to my ears

Now I’m not a reality TV fan but lately we’ve been watching a lot of singing contests – Idol, NZ’s got talent, etc. I’m in awe of these people who can sing, even those who can only sort of sing. I’ve always wanted to have a voice, but I’m a writer instead and more than happy with that.

Not so when I was way younger. I used to sing all the time and probably drove the family crazy. It wasn’t until my piano teacher once asked me to sing the ‘C’ scale that I learned maybe I should look elsewhere for fame. Ballet had already taken a back seat after my dad called me the leaping heifer. (He wasn’t wrong) Anyway halfway through the scale – and there are only eight notes – my teacher shuddered and told me to stop.

But I was more resilient this time and continued to sing and even began writing songs. Thank goodness I kept these for home and the family and eventually conceded I might not be any good. Anyway I was getting interested in boys by then.

But I still liked to listen to music and hum or sing quietly along with songs on the radio when no one was around. Or so I thought. Once, many years later, I was out on a date and this guy and I were dancing. He told me I had a lovely voice and was really in tune. I figured he was trying to charm me into furthering the night because I know a fib when I hear one.

People who can really sing are so gifted and very lucky. And I stick to writing so ears are safe. I can still wish I had a great voice, can’t I? Do you have a secret desire to be great at something?


4 thoughts on “Music to my ears”

  1. Singing would be great! I sing in the car when I’m on my own and think I sound fab, matching my voice to the artist, but as soon as someone gets in the car with me, I can’t hit high notes, or my voice goes all weak. Weird.

    1. LOL Louisa. But there’s something about singing that’s fun and warming, If only it sounded all right when I did it.

  2. I don’t sing either but I sure do enjoy music. What I wish I could do is speak a number of languages. I understand that Princes Caroline of Monaco can speak 15. I wish I could just pick up one or two more but it doesn’t come natural to me.

    1. Fifteen? That’s amazing, Susan. Guess you’ve got a way to go then? 🙂 When I think about my dreadful French and how I have to think out a sentence before saying it I don’t understand how anyone could speak that many languages. But wouldn’t it be wonderful?

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