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Training to be a hero . . .

This morning I went to do bloods. This is nothing unusual. I  have my blood tested on a weekly basis. No, what was different today was that the phlebotomist was a young man. When I mentioned that it was a surprise to have a man taking my blood, he explained that he was a medical student. He had just completed his first year at university and was hoping to become a surgeon eventually.

He had decided that it would help enormously if he gained some experience of all the routine procedures now rather than wait until he qualified to learn how to take bloods etc. He was good looking, charming, personable and obviously dedicated to his future career; in other words he was a hero in training. (He was also very good at taking blood as I hardly felt a thing!)

As I drove home from the clinic I found myself dreaming up a story for him in the future. Why was he so determined to do well? What obstacles would he have to overcome? Would he put his personal life on hold for the sake of achieving his dream? By the time I let myself into my house, I had his story more or less straight in my head. Now I just need to find a heroine, a woman who will be his equal . . .

So what fires your imagination? A book? A song? A chance meeting like this? I would be interested to know.



A photo to brighten your day. It’s of my granddaughter, Isobel, and no, it hasn’t anything to do with my post, but I make no apologies for sharing it. It makes me smile!



8 thoughts on “Training to be a hero . . .”

  1. I love the picture. I’m glad you did share. As for story ideas I get them just as you did from everyday life. I ask a lot of “what ifs” then come up with characters. I watch a TV show and say what if this character did this. I speak to a person and ask them questions that then get me to thinking. Imagination is a wonderful thing it can take you anywhere.

    1. Susan, I am with you on the asking questions front. I always question anyone within my range about their life and work. It leads to some very interesting scenarios! Plus it’s a wonderful excuse for being nosey!

  2. I went with a friend who has a brain tumour to see her specialist the other day. We met two young and gorgeous doctors who were so kind but had different personalities. The first one was very sweet and gentle and the second was a bit more…shall we say alpha…but very kind to the patient all the same. My friend and I discussed putting them in a romance novel on the way home.

    1. Obviously we all do it! Write a story for the people we meet even if it’s only in our heads. I hope your friend is able to be treated for her tumour.

    1. Good idea, Fiona! I am searching for the ideal heroine and your young nurse could fit the bill :>

  3. Airports and shopping centres 🙂 Anywhere there’s a crowd really. I’m a terrible eavesdropper 🙂

    Isobel is amazing!

  4. Amy, I think eavesdropping is a sin we all commit. I’ve written a couple of books based on snippets of conversations I’ve overheard!
    Isobel really seems to love riding. Mind you, with a mum who is horse mad, she was bound to take it up :>

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