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A while back on Twitter, there was the hashtag #officedogs for writers to post pictures of their dogs that helped ‘supervise’ them whilst they were writing.

It was a fun tag, but I suddenly wanted to start one called #officecats because thats usually the kind get! This is Badger and he’s a year old and he’s huge weighing just over 8 pounds.


And he’s the biggest softie there is. There’s nothing he likes better than sitting next to me whilst I work, watching my fingers race across the keyboard and if I happen to slow down, or pause to think for a moment, he will ‘helpfully’ reach out and paw me into adding more.

Then there’s Cookie, his brother, who is smaller, a mere six pounds, who ‘supervises’ from a distance on the bed.


He chirrups and purrs and miaows when he feels I’ve been working long enough and really ought to take a break to come over to the bed and rub his belly.

Occasionally, the cat supervisors take a break from all this hard work and send in Daisy, the golden retriever.


She will sit and stare at me for a while and if I don’t notice her, she’ll start whining until I give her a look and say, ‘Hi”. Then her ears will drop, her tail will wag and she will walk to the door and look back, her signal for ‘take me for a walk now, human!’.

It usually works. All my animals can guilt me into taking a break, but that’s the joy of having furry family. Then there’s Misty (Badger and Cookie’s mum) a tortoiseshell cat, Magic, a black moggy or Joey, a brown tabby who’s the patriarch of the whole lot. Oh, and Mango, my daughter’s Yorkshire terrier (yes, we have a zoo, i won’t even mention the rabbits and pet rats)

So who are your #officedogs or #officecats? Or do you have an #officebird or #officereptile? I’d love to hear about them!

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6 thoughts on “Supervisors”

  1. Thanks Amy! Mine used to be animal free, but they would constantly scratch at the door to be let in and I couldn’t be doing with that constant, ‘scratch, scratch, scratch’. So now they come in and ‘help’.

  2. Ha! Louisa I think you’ve seen my office “foot warmer” – a nice and tiny Bernese Mountain Dog – there is also the office chocolate lab. He is very skilled at coming up beside me if it’s near his tea time and making a persistent and committed Haaaaaerrrrrrrrrmmmmmmghhhhhhhh sort of chewbacca style sigh until I relent and feed him. Good times!

  3. Loved your pictures, Louisa! I have a grandkitty who stretches out on my legs, which are in turn propped on a stool when I’m writing. And I have a pug who also likes to snuggle up next to my hip. It’s a delicate balance between comfort and claustrophobia. 😉

  4. Great pictures, Lousia. I love the idea of having so many creatures in the house, but I’m not sure that I’d get any work done. Even if I shut them out, I’d be wondering what they were getting up to without me 🙂 I do miss my old black cat though, who used to snooze in her basket while I worked.

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