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Introvert, Extrovert or a little bit of both?

A couple of years ago, I left the Middle East, where I’d been working for three years, armed with a new motto: answer any opportunity that comes along with a ‘yes’ and move back from that position only if you have to. Which meant that when it came time to think about finding a new job, I was open to any and all suggestions.

There was only one thing that daunted me as I re-entered the job market: the personality test. The personality test, in a variety of permutations, had become so ubiquitous that every single opportunity that came my way required one, sometimes two, and sometimes even three tests. Now, I’m going on the record here to say that I detest personality tests, but in keeping with my new motto, I smiled and said yes, and yes, and yes, and yes.

A little snippet from one of the many personality tests I’ve taken

Why do I hate them so passionately?

Not because I fear I’ll be revealed as a psychopath. Not because I’ve found them to be highly ignorable when I’ve hired people (and I’ve hired plenty) over the years. Not even because of the enormous time suck they are.

Nope – it’s because I already know myself very, very well, and no personality test has ever uncovered any stunning insight into my psyche. I know all my flaws, foibles, strengths and oddities. Even the one great paradox that every test I’ve ever taken has confirmed: that I believe I’m an introvert, but nevertheless always exhibit as an extrovert.

I see this view of this particular sculpture when I’m in my writing nook, and it suits my introverted side.

Here’s the introvert bit: I shun most social situations if I have a choice; I need a lot of silence; I live mostly inside my own head; and I can be reserved to the point of others’ discomfort.

And the extrovert: I’m supremely comfortable in my own skin; I’m not intimidated when I find myself in large groups; I’m impulsive; I have a wide circle of friends; I’m opinionated; and I’ll take just about any bull by the horns and wrestle it into submission!

I’m not in the  job market any more, so I don’t think too much about this stuff – except when I find myself straying so far into introvert territory, I become a virtual recluse. This happens most often when I enter what I call Phase 3 of writing a book, which is when the characters consume me to the point where I can’t think of anything else, and actually don’t want to.

But when I go over to her, I see she’s looking out over a whole world and that suits my extroverted side

As a writer, it’s all too easy to nurture that side – working from home, keeping abreast of news and current affairs via the television and internet, and connecting with so many colleagues and friends on social media.

But I know I have to let the extrovert out for a run every now and then, because it’s when that happens, and I’m out amongst it all as either a participant or a voyeur, listening to the tenor and timbre and cadence of people from all walks of life and all ages as they communicate in real time…? Well, that’s when I get my freshest ideas.

I’m currently in a ‘Phase 3’ funk, almost a full-on recluse – but am already plotting and planning a few rip roaring days and nights out in the world the moment my latest book is put to bed.

Meanwhile, I have made a vow to myself: I will never again undertake any kind of personality test! Time for a new motto, methinks…

I’d love to hear which way you skew on the introvert/extrovert spectrum. No idea? Check yourself out by clicking here!

My latest book, Escaping Mr Right, which is jam packed with extroverted characters, is available for pre-order, but not out until September 30, and if you feel like taking a peek, here’s the blurb.

Sometimes Mr Right is Mr Wrong, and Mr Wrong is definitely Mr Right . . .

Television reporter Chloe Masters is a woman of cool control . . . except when Casanova rugby league player Nick Savage is around. Then cool control goes out the window. Her boyfriend, Marcus, is everything she ever wanted – but it’s getting harder to deny her body’s reaction to Nick . . .

Escaping Mr Right hi res coverNick Savage has been head-over-heels since he first laid eyes on Chloe – just a moment too late to stop her connecting with his team mate, Marcus. But when the goalposts shift and he and Chloe are thrown together on a week away, Nick dares her to get physical in whatever way she wants – with a kiss, a punch or anything in between. And if Chloe claims to feel nothing, he’ll leave her alone for good.

How can Chloe say no to a week of mindless passion with the man she hasn’t been able to get out of her head?

Trouble is, a lot can go wrong (or right) in a week . . .

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22 thoughts on “Introvert, Extrovert or a little bit of both?”

  1. Great post Avril. I feel much the same about the Personality tests. Anything can be skewed to fit the psychologist’s viewpoint . . . it is all dependent on their current reading material and their theories I do not fit into society’s boxes either. I am a Virgo and have some OCD tendencies, but I am not virginal, uptight or a prude. I am over 50 but do not feel it, and have friends of all ages, in all walks of life. Age is but a number to me. Heaven forbid what they would think if they ever had access into my brain on any given day. My stories range from sweet romance to erotica to paranormal to Sci Fi Some are so far out there, I have been told they would make great Sci-Fi movies. Writers are a breed all their own. Interesting blurb.

    1. It sounds like you have a lot to play with as a writer! Being able to write across so many sub-genres would be fabulous.

  2. I’m an introvert through and through, Avril. I only wish I exhibited as an extrovert, lol. My very extroverted husband is probably the only thing that keeps me from locking my doors and ordering takeout for the rest of my life. My personality tests never vary in that aspect. And yet I find I do enjoy venturing out now and again…but I’m always ready to draw my head and legs back into my shell when the night is done (I think I was a turtle in another life).

    1. My husband is not only an extrovert, he is a complete social butterfly. He finds it very trying when I get into Phase 3, I can tell you.

  3. I’m the piggy in the middle….I love people and having my fabbaroo friends and every now and again a big event…but mostly – I love people watching and then hanging out lone wolf style. And then have a huge need for a dinner party. With spontaneous dancing before pudding. After pudding! While I’m cooking! And then just as the party really gets going I wish everyone would go home and we could all have a lovely quiet night…erp. Great post and deeee-lightful quiz.

    1. Now you see, I can see you spontaneously dancing. And to be honest, I’ve been know to indulge in that myself on many an occasion in my extrovert phases! I like the lone wolf idea best though – it’s quite romantic.

  4. I did the quick test you linked to here and scored 70 – Extrovert with Ambivert (that’s a new word to me!) qualities. Probably about right. Savannah’s comment describes me perfectly – Virgo with OCD tendencies, but not virginal or or uptight, etc. Also over 50 with friends from 17 to 77 from all walks of life.
    I love company, don’t mind being the centre of attention, but don’t crave it (I can be just as happy as the quiet observer), but can be equally happy being alone for extended periods. My God – I’M PERFECT!!! Hahaha!

    1. You sound just about perfect! They do say that most people are a mix of both, but will generally skew in one way. I just always skew a way that is opposite to what I feel, deep down, I am. Maybe I’m fooling myself!

  5. I’m an introvert through and through. People wear me out. Even my own family who I love dearly, I have to take regular breaks from. I don’t mind these tests, but I don’t like the inkblot Rorshach tests as those always paint me as a psychopath with murderous tendencies.

    I’m not. Honest.

    1. I wish at least one of those tests had suggested I was a psychopath – that would have given them something to interview me about!

  6. Great post Avril! Glad I stopped by. AND I took the silly test. People are shocked to learn I’m an introvert. 😀 I got a 32 which is introvert with Ambivert tendencies. Whatever the heck that means…

  7. I’m not a fan of test either. I can tell you well who I am and what I’m good or not good at. I enjoyed your post. Love your new book cover.

    1. The best thing about being out of the job market is never having to do another one. I just keep wondering why they make people do it. I’ve never known it to really matter when decision time came. I’m glad you like my new cover – it’s my favourite out of all of my books.

  8. I scored 62. That makes me extrovert with ambivert tendencies which sounds about right to me. But honestly, some of the questions I just wish there was an I Dont Care button 🙂

    1. I was about ready to shoot myself in the midst of all those tests I was taking. In one case, I did three tests, and then had to spend an hour talking to a guy in America on the phone for an hour. Un.Believable.

        1. Nothing quite that fabulous. It was a job based in Singapore for an American company. In addition to an interview in Singapore, I was also flown to Dubai for an interview. In the end, they didn’t hire ANY of the contenders, and simply restructured instead (which I have a feeling may have resulted from one of my own suggestions). As I said to my husband after that experience, if I were the CEO of that company I’d be having a talk to that dept about costs.

  9. I scored 49 – so I guess that puts me pretty firmly in the middle. I’d add a ‘Well that depends on rather a lot of things’ button to Amy’s ‘Don’t Care’ one 🙂 And I have to admit to raising my eyebrows when I saw William Shakespeare on the list of ‘Famous Ambiverts’. However would they know?

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