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Planning on a good time!

IMG_2014At the end of this week I’m setting off on a very exciting trip- a week in San Francisco with my hubby, then a week in New York with my writing pals! Colour me very excited! I’ve never been to either places so I’m armed with guidebooks and lists and….ahem…a timetable of things to do.

I used to be the kind of ‘see how it goes’ traveller, arriving at a place and following my nose but since I’ve had kids and we’ve taken them on more convoluted trips I’ve learnt to plan ahead (also, we’ve been on a few Intrepid Holidays trips and they have strict timetable we follow to travel around a country/area and we saw that it worked so we adopted this approach). So the last few days hubby and I have been creating a timetable so we don’t miss anything out, and get to see/do everything in the short time we have. The timetable is fairly flexible, but it ensures we don’t spend too much time lazing over breakfast and then suddenly lunchtime appears and we haven’t budged from our hotel.

IMG_2013We’ve booked a few trips- to Alcatraz and Napa Valley, we’re going to see a baseball game and cycle over the Golden Gate bridge. We have time booked in for mooching, the Modern Art Gallery, a walk down the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s wharf…and have a day or so at the end to revisit anywhere we particularly loved. We’ve also booked some restaurants we’ve had recommended too. I can’t wait!

So a few questions: are you the kind of ‘suck it and see traveller’ who arrives in a place and follows your nose? Or do you plan everything in advance like me? AND- is it too much to have a clothing plan too (I have to pack for a holiday and a conference and have limited space so I’m making my clothes do double duty-I actually have a timetable for what I’m wearing each day- Too Much? LOL)

Anything in SF I’ve missed that is a MUST SEE?


12 thoughts on “Planning on a good time!”

  1. LOL Louisa – love your calendar. I usually have some kind of plan like this when we’re going away – not walk times and wardrobe but just places to be on which day etc especially if they’re tours etc. I must admit to not booking restaurants in advance though….probably only time I’ve done that is for tea at the Ritz in London which had to be booked months ahead.

    Your SF time looks well planned and am very jelly of you going to Nappa. We had the kids with us when we did out US trip in 2008 so we went to Disneyland instead but if they hadn’t been with us, we would have nipped away from SF and spent those few days in Nappa!

    My only suggestion is to try and be flexible about your bike ride over the bridge. We’d planned to do that as a family but the arvo we planned it (and the only time we could because of other plans), the fog had rolled in (which can happen at the drop of a hat in SF even a day that’s been perfectly sunny!!) and we didn’t see the point in cycling up there when we wouldn’t have been able to see anything from the bridge, even the bridge itself!

    1. Oh, AA I am SO excited about going to Napa!! We get picked up at 8.30 in the morning- great time to start drinking wine, I say! And thanks for the tip re the cycle over the bridge- I guess we should nab the first best day we get and do it!
      Oh- and see you in just over a week!!!!!!!!

  2. I always overpack. Every time I’ve underpacked has been a disaster – including an overnight trip to London that turned into five days in the Iceland volcano ash crisis, during which I time I was without enough underwear, had no running gear, and not enough blood pressure medication! I am more of a suck it and see type and the only thing I make sure of is that I have my first night booked. San Fran is my second favourite city in the US (after New York). I usually shop like crazy there. They have one of the most fabulous perfume stores – Jacqueline’s Perfumery – where they are incredibly knowledgeable about even impossible-to-get perfumes. I also always go to the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel (tiki themed umbrella drinks and it rains every 15 minutes indoors – a slight dag factor that I adore!) and if you get a chance, a ferry trip to Sausalito is fun! As you can see, I love giving travel advice.

      1. And those cocktails – talk about knock you on your backside! America- land of the free pour and I love it so much.

        1. Great stuff, Avril!! I’m writing all these down! I love the idea of inside rain! LOL (and free pour cocktails!)
          Being stuck without enough medication sounds like a nightmare! I’ll make sure I take enough of mine in case there’s a volcano crisis (or the San Andreas fault gets frisky ;-))

  3. Ooooo!!!!! LOVE San Fran. It’s such a great town. If you fancy a delish lunch or dinner down on the Embarcadero – try Coqueta. It is GREAT and they do wonderful margaritas. It is Tapas-y kind of food – absolutely wonderful. Napa will be great. Who am I kidding? It will all be great! xx A

  4. I’m a planner but I don’t do a time table. I like to know where we are going and what we are doing each day though. I read guide books and try not to waste any time. I find that holidays and places not being closed on Sunday are the hardest to work around. Be sure to take time to ride a cable car in San Fran. Super fun.

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