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The Outback and The Reef and a new release by Fiona Lowe

P1030846I’m just back from 17 days in western Queensland. We explored the Savannah country, cattle country, dinosaur country, rainforest and the biggest marine park in the world; the Great Barrier Reef. We canoed on the Lawn Hill creek past sleeping freshwater crocs, we hiked rugged gorges carved out by millions of years of rushing water, we followed the path trod by dinosaurs and shallow seas swum by the terrifyingly huge Kronosaurus, camped under a full moon as Bettongs visited, rafted the rapids on the Tully river through world heritage rain forest and we snorkelled on the outer reef with Nemo and friends and gave thanks reef sharks are so little.  It was a fantastic trip but I’ll let the photos tell the story 🙂

Have you had a holiday/vacation recently? Where did you go?

A blue wren
A Galah
Galahs at sunset
Termite mounds
The cheeky Kookaburra who stole my banana!
Thirsty kangaroo
There’s a lot of nothing out there
The Gregory River Gulf Country QLD
Water lillies at Boodjamulla National Park, Lawn Hill Creek, on the NT/QLD border
Lawn Hill Gorge where we canoed
Ghost gums grow in the most amazing places!
Lawn Hill Creek where we swam and kept an eye out for Freshwater crocodiles
Sunset at Lawn Hill
Gibber plain and fossils
It’s a red country
Mt Isa underground hospital built during WW2
No traffic jams out here unless you count the grey nomads
Camp life
Sleeping under a full moon was like sleeping with the lights on.
A cold morning. Me in my PJs making brekkie with a penny! Had to keep my one polarfleece kinda clean #analretentivetendencies
Pyramid Rock in Porcupine Gorge National Park
Charters Towers, World Theatre
Townsville: back on the coast
1920s pub
Between Port Douglas and Cairns
Green Island, Low Isles, The Great Barrier Reef
Gouldian Finch
Koalas sleep 19 hours a day…bit like cats!
Eclectus Parrot
Salt water crocodile….the scariest thing on the planet.

DSCF4202And while I was away, Truly Madly MontanaTheres a released 🙂 It’s book 2 in my Medicine River

series and it’s currently got a 4.5* average on Amazon and Goodreads :-). As one reader said, “An Aussie doctor in scrubs? Nom!” You get two romances in one book! The blurb says, “Summer in Montana brings heat with a chance of romance in the new Medicine River Romance from the award-winning author of Montana Actually

Sexy and charming Australian doctor Will Bartlett will do anything to help out a friend, even if it means moving to Bear Paw for the summer. Some small-town hospitality, and the uncomplicated friendship of his co-worker, Millie, is just the ticket to shake off the restlessness that’s been gripping him lately.
Fiona Lowe ARRA ad
Millie Switkowski, RN and medical student, is home for her clinical rotation, and she’s determined to make this summer so much better than last. She’s got a year of medical school under her belt, her diabetes is under control and she’s kicked her crazy crush for Will Bartlett, who only ever treated her as “one of the guys.”

But when Will turns out to be Millie’s supervising physician, without warning the summer gets a whole lot hotter than either of them anticipated. With both of them holding onto thorny secrets, can they walk away with their hearts intact?”

You can buy it where all print and eBooks are sold and for ALL buy links, click here.

Happy Reading!

Fiona x


14 thoughts on “The Outback and The Reef and a new release by Fiona Lowe”

  1. Great pics, Fiona! YOu must be exhausted though and I can only imagine the washing! I have Montana on my iPad. Now I just need some spare time :-/

    Off to New York in 8 days!! So excited 🙂

    1. Oh NYC in July; hot and humid 🙂 will be wonderful though. I will live vicariously through you. Thanks for the book buy…I too have a few books of yours on my Kindle. The boys read a lot on this trip but I did a lot of driving and found audio books on my phone easier in the dust and dirt!

  2. Amazing pics! You look like you had a great time exploring. I’m so jealous! Especially liked the ones of the galahs, because I never knew what they actually looked like.

  3. The photos look amazing! I like the gallahs and the moon pic the best – absolutely lovely. Oh – and the parrots. And you in a pinny and jimjams. Fab! Looking forward to your next book – I really enjoyed the last one. xx A

  4. Fiona,
    I so want to be a member of your family. I love the tent camping, canoeing, the outdoors. Great way to make family memories. You trip had to have been wonderful. So jealous. The book sounds like a great read.

  5. I always love your travel pictures, Fiona. I have to say, I think cassowaries are pretty scary creatures as well. They had one at a bird park in Brazil. It looked pretty fierce, and evidently has a reputation to match!

    Hope you had fun on your adventure!

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